2022 - Hickory Motor Speedway Campground Rules and Information



•  Reservations must be made by completing the registration form and emailing it to hickorymotor@bellsouth.net or faxing it to 828-465-5017 This form may be found under fan info/camping information.

•  Hickory Motor Speedway will call you if your space has been sold or if there are any questions.


Location of Campground

•  Located at lower entrance of the racetrack beside creek

•  Costs per spot $75 per weekend


Check-In Guidelines

•  Check-in and pay at the main speedway office upon arrival.

•  Do not set up any camping without the proper credentials.


Hickory Motor Speedway Campground Rules and Policies:

•  Individuals may rent private portable toilets for personal use in select areas.

•  Campers may reserve additional spots.

•  Only one vehicle pass per RV. All other vehicles must park in overflow area.

•  Only self-contained specialty vehicles allowed in reserved areas. NO TENTS in reserved areas.

•  Campers may have ATVs and golf carts.

•  Pets must be on a leash at all times.

•  Unauthorized sales, marketing, or corporate hospitality is not permitted on Hickory Motor Speedway Property.

•  Please be aware that in the event of severe weather, the campground may not provide adequate protections. Remember safety is your personal responsibility. Please have a plan.

•  Noise Level/Quiet Time: all internal and external sound systems must be maintained at a reasonable level and facing inward toward your camping spot. Quiet time will be enforced from Midnight-7:00 AM in designated areas. Speakers and generators must be turned off during Quiet Time. Noise levels determined to be a nuisance may result in expulsion from the campgrounds at the discretion of Hickory Motor Speedway.

•  Camping is permitted in designated campground spaces only. No overnight camping is permitted in open parking areas.

•  Photo ID must accompany camping credential and be presented when requested by Hickory Motor Speedway officials/employees.

•  Camping Pass and Car Passes: must be visible at all times affixed to windshield (during events) at all times. All vehicles must be approved at the office during check-in.

•  Damages: you will be held responsible for any damages to your campsite during your stay. This includes but is not limited to fences, pedestals, gravel, roadways, road signs, and picnic tables.

•  Towing: all campers must be able to tow their camping unit at any time.

•  Trash: trash must be placed in a receptacle or trash bag. Place your trash at the end of the campsite or in the dumpster located at the Turn 4 entrance at the exterior of the fence. A cleaning fee may apply for excessive trash left in and around your campsite at HMS discretion including cigarette butts, pet waste, etc. Campsites must maintain a tidy appearance and avoid any cluttered or messy appearance at HMS discretion.

•  No dumping of any grey or black water of any kind in camping area

•  Fires: are only allowed if contained in an approved above ground container. Embers may not be left on site upon departure.

•  “UAS” aka drones are prohibited on Hickory Motor Speedway property without expressed permission from Hickory Motor Speedway and Compliance with all rules and regulations state and federally applied to UASs

•  Respect other campers' privacy; do not walk through other campsites.

•  Firearms, dangerous weapons, or fireworks are strictly prohibited: as specified by local authorities. Failure to comply will result in expulsion from the campground without refund and possible prosecution.

•  Drink Responsibly.

•  Please remember to be careful! You are responsible for your own safety. Look out for natural hazards and dangers especially when you are in wooded areas. Swimming is not permitted in any of the ponds, streams, or rivers located on or near speedway property.

•  Camping is an outdoor experience; therefore, we do not give refunds due to discomforts of nature.