Hickory Motor Speedway Rules Addendums 2022

2021 Addendum Rules Addendum

September 26 th , 2022

Beginning October 1st, 2022

Any driver that has won in a NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series Late Model event will be allowed to compete in the Paramount Auto Group Limited Late Model events with the exception of our season ending Fall Brawl.

The Fall Brawl is a 100 lap special event with sticker tires for our Paramount Auto Group Limited Late Model drivers, and should remain a unique event for the Limited competitors.


Addendum: August 1st, 2022

Super Trucks

Any openings in the hood, must be covered and sealed with sheet metal.


Addendum: May 18 th , 2022

Renegade Claim Rule

Renegade Engine Claiming Rule Fee for claiming is $3000.00 cash and exchange of your engine. Claiming must be within 20 minutes of the checkered flag and be accompanied by a claiming request in writing and $1500 cash. Only the winner's engine may be claimed. Claimer must finish within 3 positions of the winner to claim engine. Refusal to accept claim, defacing and/or damaging any exchange components could result in $500 fine, and/or loss of points and/or purse and/or suspension for next 2 events. The engine must be removed from each competing car and exchanged within 2 hours of the claiming request unless otherwise approved by Head Tech Director. Once an engine is involved in a claim it cannot be claimed again for 3 events. Each driver may use the claiming rule only once per season


Addendum 4-1-2022

Limited Late Model 347 Sr engine:

As per 2022 NASCAR rulebook Carburetor allowed will be the Holley 500 HP Series part #080583-1 or the Holley 500CFM Ultra HP and XP 2BBL aluminum body carburetor part numbers 4412HB, 4412HBX, 4412BK and 4412BKX.

These carburetors must remain as manufactured. The only changes allowed will be to change jets, power valve, screw in air bleeds in the main body, and screw in emulsion bleeds in the metering block.

See NASCAR rulebook.