“ Josh Berry Sweeps Twin 40s on MTP Tire Night at the Races”

August 29nd. 2020 - After morning showers from the remnants of Hurricane Laura rolled through the Catawba Valley the skies would clear and motors would fire at the Birthplace of the NASCAR Stars for MTP Tire Night at the Races on Saturday night.  

The NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series Late Models would hit the track first for race number one of their doubleheader. With national championship implications in play, the top two in the national standings and five out of the top twenty drivers would show up ready to give chase to the title. Josh Berry in the #88 would pace qualifying and start from the top spot with Jake Crum in the #01 to his outside. Row two would be made up of Sam Butler in the #81 and Ryan Millington in the #15 for the green flag. The green flag would see the front row dueling side by side for the lead. The battle would finally be settled when Crum would use the high line to nose ahead of Berry for the early lead. Millington would move around Butler for the third spot. Lap 10 would see Butler look under Millington for the third spot and take the position on lap 15. Lap 15 would see Berry dive under Crum for the top spot and complete the pass without incident. The halfway point would see Berry, Crum, Butler, Mitch Walker in the #29, and Ludwig as the top five. Butler would move around Crum for the second spot on lap 21 and look to catch Berry. Millington would have issues and drop to tenth on lap 28. Butler would be able to cut into the lead, but not quite catch the leader as Berry would drive on to the win. Butler would finish 2nd with Crum taking 3rd. The battle for fourth would last for the final ten laps with Walker and Trevor Ward in the #77 side by side for the remainder. Walker would take 4th by a couple feet over Ward who would finish 5th.

The Street Stocks would be the next to roll off for their 30 lap battle. Mark Whitten in the #77 would take the pole position with Kevin Eby in the #03 starting to his outside. Marshal Sutton in the #64 and Ethan Johnson in the #2 would make up row two. The start would see Eby use the high groove to get around Whitten and take the lead. Johnson would also use the high line to take third from Sutton. Sutton would drive back under Johnson and look to regain the third spot. As the third place battle would rage with Sutton and Johnson side by side they would move to the rear bumper of Whitten in second. Lap 12 would see Sutton take third and look under Whitten for second. Sutton would complete the pass for second on lap 15 and begin pressuring Eby for the lead. Lap 20 would see Sutton make the pass on Eby for the top spot. Eby and Whitten would battle for second with five laps to go. Sutton would drive on to take the win. Whitten would make the pass and take 2nd with Eby finishing 3rd. Johnson would finish 4th while Zach Hale in the #7 would grab a top five in 5th in his first Street Stock race.

The Paramount Auto Group Limited Late Models would roll off next for 50 laps in Round 8 of the Paramount Kia ‘BIG 10' Chase for the Championship. Landon Huffman in the #71 would top the charts in qualifying and take the top spot with Josh Kossek in the #44 to his outside. Row two would see Chase Janes in the #47 and Zack Miracle in the #32M side by side for the green flag. Landon Huffman would take the early lead with Kossek hot on his heels. Lap 10 would see Landon Huffman, Kossek, Janes, Miracle, and Max Price in the #22 as the top five. Josh Stark in the #32 would move around Price for fifth on lap 18. The racing would be furious throughout the field but the front duo of Landon Huffman and Kossek would set the pace up front. The caution would fly on lap 42 as Chris Huffman in the #51 would spin in turn four after making the pass for ninth position a couple laps before. The restart would see Landon Huffman and Kossek bringing the field to the green flag. Huffman would move back to the lead from the high side and lead the final eight laps to take the win. Kossek would take 2nd with Janes grabbing 3rd. Miracle would come home in 4th while Stark would finish 5th.

The NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Late Models would roll off next for the second of their 40 lap features. After the 9 car invert the front row would be made up of Ryan Vasconcellos in the #98 and Ryan Rackley in the #1. Row two would see Mason Ludwig in the #12 and Will Cox in the #3. Vasconcellos would take the early lead with Rackley and Ludwig giving chase. Lap 5 would see Josh Berry in the #88 work his way up to fourth. Berry would look under Ludwig and make the pass for third on lap 9. Trevor Ward in the #77 would move to fourth on lap 10. Berry would continue his charge to the front passing Rackley for second on lap 13. Lap 16 would see Berry make it back to the top spot after passing Vasconcellos. Ward would move around Rackley for third on lap 20 and bring Sam Butler in the #81 with him as he would complete the pass for fourth on lap 22. Lap 25 would see Butler move around Ward for third. With ten laps to go the top five would be Berry, Vasconcellos, Butler, Ward, and Millington. Lap 31 would see Butler spin on the backstretch. Berry and Vasconcellos would bring the field back to the green flag. Berry would move back to the lead with Ward and Millington giving chase after moving by Vasconcellos. Berry would drive on to the win completing a sweep of the two late model races on the night. Ward would take 2nd and Millington would finish 3rd. Vasconcellos would bring home 4th and Jake Crum in the #01 would finish 5th.

Finishing out the night's racing action would be a Paramount Auto Group Limited Late Model special featuring only cars that hadn't previously won a race at Hickory Motor Speedway. Tony Consentino in the #30 and Ricky Parker in the #44 would make up the front row. Row two would see Chris Huffman in the #51 and Travis Powell in the #8. Consentino would take the early lead with Stark moving to second. Stark would move around Consentino on lap 6 for the lead and bring Powell to second. Toni Breidinger in the #80 would work her way up to third on lap 10. The caution would fly on lap 12 as Powell would spin off of turn four. The restart would see Stark and Breidinger bring the field to the green flag. Stark would move to the lead with Nathan Linebacker in the #71 pulling to second. Contact between Breidinger and Lineback would send them both spinning in turns one and two. The incident would also collect Jason Smith in the #71 and Consentino. Smith would be the only competitor unable to continue. Stark and Powell would lead the field back to green flag. Stark would take the early lead with Powell and Lineback giving chase.   Stark would pull away and drive on to the win. Lineback would win a fierce four way battle and finish 2nd with Powell taking 3rd. Consentino would take 4th and Chris Huffman grabbing 5th.

Next week will see the running of the prestigious Bobby Isaac Memorial presented by the Paramount Auto Group at America's Most Famous Short Track.

Hickory Motor Speedway Results 8/29/20

Late Model – Twin Feature 1

1  #88 – Josh Berry

2  #81 – Sam Butler ( r )

3  #01 – Jake Crum

4  #29 – Mitch Walker

5  #77 – Trevor Ward

6  #3 – Will Cox III

7  #12L – Mason Ludwig ( r )

8  #1R – Ryan Rackley

9  #98 – Ryan Vasconcellos

10 #12B – Annabeth Barnes Crum

11  #15 – Ryan Millington

12  #31 – Thomas Beane

13  #2 – Braden Rogers

14  #12M – Garin Mash

15  #26 – Joey Trent

16 #15M – Zach McDaniels

Late Model – Twin Feature 2

1  #88 – Josh Berry

2  #77 – Trevor Ward

3  #15 – Ryan Millington

4  #98 – Ryan Vasconcellos

5  #01 – Jake Crum

6  #3 – Will Cox III

7  #12B – Annabeth Barnes Crum

8  #12L – Mason Ludwig ( r )

9  #29 – Mitch Walker

10  #81 – Sam Butler ( r )

11  #31 – Thomas Beane

12  #12M – Garin Mash

13  #1R – Ryan Rackley

14  #2 – Braden Rogers

15  #26 – Joey Trent

16  #15M – Zach McDaniels

Limited Late Model

1  #71 – Landon Huffman

2  #44K – Josh Kossek

3  #47 – Chase Janes

4  #32M – Zack Miracle

5  #32 – Josh Stark

6  #22 – Max Price ( r )

7  #71L – Nathan Lineback

8  #80 – Toni Breidinger

9  #17 – Skyler Chaney ( r )

10  #51 – Chris Huffman

11  #30 – Tony Cosentino

12  #8 – Travis Powell

13  #44 – Ricky Parker

Street Stocks

1  #64 – Marshall Sutton

2  #77 – Mark Whitten

3  #03 – Kevin Eby

4  #2 – Ethan Johnson

5  #7 – Zach Hale

6  #3 – Kayla Eby

Special Limited Late Model Non-Winners Race

1  #32 – Josh Stark

2  #71 – Nathan Lineback

3  #8 – Travis Powell

4  #30 – Tony Cosentino

5  #51 – Chris Huffman

6  #80 – Toni Breidinger

7  #71 – Jason Smith

8  #44 – Ricky Parker – DNS

9  #22 – Max Price ( r ) – DNS

10 #17 – Skyler Chaney ( r ) - DNS