“ Josh Berry and Ryan Millington On A Roll Split Twins 40 Again ”

July 25,2020 - The NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series returned to action Saturday night at Hickory Motor Speedway with the KSP Promotions 215.

First up on the evening's schedule would see the Renegades roll off for their 20 lap feature. Robbie Hollifield in the #51 would start from the pole position with Joseph Hodges in the #1 to his outside. The green flag would see the front row side by side until they came off of turn two when Hodges would motor ahead to the lead. Hollifield would stay glued to the leader's bumper in pursuit of the top spot. Lap 10 would see the caution fly as contact between Hollifield and Hodges would send Hodges spinning coming off of turn four. Both drivers would have to restart from the rear. However, under caution, Justin Austin in the #4, would make contact with Hollifield and that would end Austins night. Hollifield would be able to continue and rejoin the race. Zachary Mullins in the #72 and Robert DiVanna in the #71 would bring the field back to the green flag. Mullins would pull to the lead with Ben Campbell in the #27 moving to second. Mullins would drive on and take his first Hickory Motor Speedway victory. Campbell would grab 2nd. The battle for third would be determined in the final corner as Hollifield would move under Hodges and the two would make contact sending both spinning out of turn four. DiVanna would drive by both and take 3rd. Kyle Boice in the #73 would finish 4th and Hodges would beat Hollifield to the line for 5th.

Next up would see the NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Late Models pound the pavement for 40 laps in the first race of a doubleheader for the premier division. Josh Berry in the #88 would set fast time and start from the point with Ryan Millington in the #15 to his outside. Row two would see Kody Swanson in the #77 and Sam Butler in the #81 lined up side by side for the start. Berry and Millington would take up where they left off a week before as they would begin a new battle for the lead, but Berry would finally nose ahead to the top spot with Millington close in his tracks. Ten laps in would see Berry, Millington, Swanson, Butler, and Mason Ludwig in the #12 making up the top five. Butler would put constant pressure on Swanson for the third spot. Lap 22 would see Butler take the position from Swanson and move to third. With a good field of cars on hand Berry and Millington would have to navigate lapped traffic late in the run, each hoping to choose the right line and not get bottlenecked for the position. Berry would make all the right moves and take the win. Millington would finish 2nd with Butler taking 3rd. Swanson would finish 4th while Ludwig would finish 5th, holding off a challenge for the top five spot by AnnaBeth Barnes-Crum in the #12.

Next up would see the Super Trucks hit the track for 35 laps of door to door action. The #1 of Cup driver Garrett Smithley would set fast time in time trials and start from the top spot with Joey Shuryan in the #30 to his outside. After several attempts at an official start Smithley and Shuryan would put on a fierce battle for the top spot. Lap 3 would see the caution fly as Shuryan would spin in turn one. The restart would see Smithley drive back to the lead with Dennis Trivette in the #28 giving pressure for the top spot. Tanner Long in the #45 would move under Trivette to battle for the second position. Long would spin on lap 22 and bring out the caution. The restart would see Smithley and Trivette leading the field to the green flag. Smithley would pull back to the lead after a valiant charge from Trivette for the top spot. Shuryan would look under Trivette as the pair would battle for second. Smithley would drive on to the win. Shuryan would finish 2nd with Long finishing 3rd. Trivette would come home in 4th and Ricky Dennie in the #22 would finish 5th.

The Paramount Auto Group Limited Late Models would be up next for 50 laps in Round #6 of the Paramount Kia ‘BIG 10' Racing Challenge. Landon Huffman in the #71 would take the pole position and start from the front with Will Cox in the #3 to his outside. Zack Clifton in the #81 and Todd Midas in the #50 would make up row two. Huffman would get the best of the restart and lead the field down the backstretch. The caution would quickly fly before a lap was completed as the #43 of Kenneth Purdue would come to rest in turn three after getting into the backstretch wall. Purdue's night would end prematurely. Huffman and Cox would lead the field back to a complete restart. Huffman would drive to the top spot with Cox close behind. Andrew Grady in the #1 would move up to third getting by Clifton and Midas. Grady would continue his strong run as he would pressure Cox for the second spot. After a lengthy battle, lap 22 would see Grady make the pass on Cox to move up to second. The halfway point would see Huffman, Grady, Cox, Clifton, and Midas would be the top five. Grady would reel in the leader Huffman with twenty laps to go and set up another thrilling Hickory Motor Speedway finish. The caution would fly on lap 35 as the #47 of Chase Janes would come to a stop at the end of the front stretch. Huffman and Grady would lead the field back to the restart. The front row would put on a great side by side battle for the top spot. The caution would fly on lap 39 as the #22 of Max Price would spin coming off turn four. Huffman and Grady would bring the field back to the green flag. Huffman would nose ahead on the restart but neither driver would be ready to give up. The caution would fly on lap 42 as a chain reaction would cause Josh Gobble in the #88, Nathan Linebeck in the #71, and Price to be involved in a wreck on the backstretch. Huffman and Grady would lead the field back to the green. After multiple attempts to re start, Grady would be penalized for jumping and sent to the rear. Huffman and Cox would lead the field to the green flag. Huffman would move back to the top spot. Lap 44 would see the caution fly as the #32 of Josh Stark would spin after contact while battling for third. Huffman would pull back to the lead. The caution would fly again on lap 47 as Midas would spin after contact in a three way battle for third. Huffman and Cox would lead the field to the restart. Huffman would move back to the lead, but the caution would quickly fly as Clifton would have a parts failure getting into turn three. Linebeck would receive some damage in the incident however he would continue, Clifton would have to park. The restart would see Huffman and Cox up front again. Grady worked his way back up to third but would break and pull into the pits with two to go. Huffman would drive on to the win. Cox would finish 2nd and Josh Kossek in the #44 would work his way back up to finish 3rd. Gobble would overcome his late race incident and finish 4th and Stark would battle back for a hard fought 5th place finish.

The Street Stocks would be next to do battle with their 30 lap feature. Ethan Johnson in the #2 would start from the point with Kirby Gobble in the #20 to his outside.   Gobble would use the high side and pull to the early lead. Marshall Sutton in the #64 would pressure Johnson for second. Lap 7 would see Gobble drop off the pace and surrender the lead to Johnson as he would have to bring his ride to pit road for repairs. The #77 of Mark Whitten would pressure Sutton for second position, however he would end up losing that spot and third as he would have some trouble navigating lap traffic. The #03 of Kevin Eby would move around Sutton for position. Whitten and Sutton would battle side by side for position when both would spin in turn four bringing out the caution on lap 19. The restart would see Johnson and Eby leading the field to the green flag. After a thrilling three way battle for the top spot with Trey Buff in the #48 and Eby, Johnson would resume the lead on lap 22. Johnson would drive on to the win, his first at Hickory Motor Speedway. Eby would finish 2nd with Whitten finishing 3rd. Sutton would come back to 4th and Buff would finish 5th.

The NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Late Models would finish out the evening's festivities with their second 40 lap feature. After the 9 car invert from the finishing order of race one Nolan Pope in the #1 and Thomas Beane in the #31 would make up the front row for the start. Row two would see Vince Midas in the #14 and AnnaBeth Barnes-Crum in the #12 side by side for the green flag. Pope and Beane would duel for the top spot, when several cars would get together and bring out the first caution. Connor Mosack in the #8M, Sam Butler in the #81, and Bob Saville in the #8 would all receive damage. Braden Rogers in the #4 would also pull to the pits for service. The complete restart would see Pope and Beane bring the field back to the green flag. The side by side battle would rage through the field until the caution would fly on lap 2 for Saville as his car would come to a stop in turn two. Pope and Beane would bring the field to the green. Pope would move back to the lead with Beane in his tracks. The caution would fly on lap 7 when Mitch Walker in the #29 would spin in turn three after a three way battle for position. Pope and Beane would be back at the front for the restart. Pope would move back to the lead after several laps of side by side racing with Beane. Lap 13 would see Ryan Millington in the #15 working by for the top spot and bring Josh Berry in the #88 to second. Beane would take the third position from Pope. Lap 24 would see Berry move under Millington for the top spot. Millington would nose back ahead as the duo would set a torrid pace. With ten laps to go Berry would make it a side by side battle once again with Millington. The battle up front would be a good one as both drivers would want the win. After an awesome battle Millington would take the win. Berry would finish a close 2nd and Beane would finish 3rd. Pope would finish 4th and Barnes-Crum would finish 5th.


The Cars Tour rolls back into America's Most Famous Short Track next week for an exciting evening of Late Model and Super Late Model action.

Hickory Motor Speedway Results 7/25/20


Late Model – Twin Feature 1

1  #88 – Josh Berry

2  #15 – Ryan Millington

3  #81 – Sam Butler ( r )

4  #77 – Kody Swanson

5  #12L – Mason Ludwig ( r )

6  #12B – Annabeth Barnes Crum

7  #14 – Vince Midas

8  #31 – Thomas Beane

9  #1P – Nolan Pope

10  #14J – Conner Jones

11  #29 – Mitch Walker

12  #55 – Isabella Robusto

13  #6 – Rajah Caruth

14  #57 – Justin Carroll

15  #2 – Austin Thaxton

16  #8M – Connor Mosack

17  #4 – Braden Rogers

18  #51 – Perry Patino

19 #8 – Bob Saville

Late Model – Twin Feature 2

1  #15 – Ryan Millington

2  #88 – Josh Berry

3  #31 – Thomas Beane

4  #1P – Nolan Pope

5  #12B – Annabeth Barnes Crum

6  #14 – Vince Midas

7  #77 – Kody Swanson

8  #6 – Rajah Curuth

9  #55 – Isabella Robusto

10  #51 – Perry Patino

11  #12L – Mason Ludwig ( r )

12  #14J – Conner Jones

13  #2 – Austin Thaxton

14  #8 – Bob Saville

15  #57 – Justin Carroll

16  #29 – Mitch Walker

17  #81 – Sam Butler ( r )

18  #8M – Connor Mosack

19 #4 – Braden Rogers

Limited Late Model

1 #71 – Landon Huffman

2  #3 – Will Cox III

3  #44 – Josh Kossek

4  #88 – Joshua Gobble

5  #32 – Josh Stark

6  #50 – Todd Midas

7  #71L – Nathan Lineback

8  #81 – Zack Clifton

9  #1G – Andrew Grady

10  #22 – Max Price ( r )

11  #47 – Chase Janes

12  #43P – Kenneth Pardue

Street Stocks

1  #2 – Ethan Johnson

2  #03 – Kevin Eby

3  #77 – Mark Whitten

4  #64 – Marshall Sutton

5  #48 – Trey Buff

6  #3 – Kayla Eby ( r )

7  #9 – Jon Austin

8  #20 – Kirby Gobble

9  #55 – John Larson

Super Trucks

1  #1 – Garrett Smithley

2  #30 – Joey Shuryan

3  #45 – Tanner Long

4  #28T – Dennis Trivette

5  #22 – Ricky Dennie


1  #72 – Zachary Mullins

2  #27 – Ben Campbell

3  #71 – Robert DiVanna

4  #73 – Kyle Boice ( r )

5  #1 – Joseph Hodges

6  #51 – Robbie Hollifield

7  #81 – Matthew Chambers

8  #8 – Gary Ledbetter – DNS

9  #4 – Justin Austin - DQ