“Mason Diaz and Annabeth Barnes-Crum split HMS Twin 40s”

6/6/20 - The unmistakable sound of high horsepower engines roared through the Catawba Valley once again on Saturday night with the running of the MTP Tire 220 at Hickory Motor Speedway. This would mark the third straight event without fans in attendance, but with a worldwide audience and pay per view on Speed51.

Leading off the night's events would be 40 laps in race one of doubleheader on the night for the Late Model Stock Cars. Mason Diaz in the #24 would set fast time in qualifying and start from the pole position with Chris Hudspeth in the #28 to his outside. Row two would see Annabeth Barnes-Crum in the #12 and Mason Ludwig in the #12 side by side for the start. The green flag would see Diaz and Hudspeth door to door jockeying for the top spot until lap 3 when Diaz would nose ahead for the lead. Hudspeth would tuck in close in tow with Ludwig running third and Barnes-Crum in fourth. The caution would fly on lap 7 as the #81 of Sam Butler would come to a stop in turn three with what appeared to be engine problems. After a visit to pit road Butler would rejoin the field. The restart would see Diaz and Hudspeth door to door once again for the green flag. Diaz would move back to the top spot with Hudspeth close behind. The caution would quickly fly on lap 10 as Vince Midas in the #14 would come to a stop in turn four. Midas would rejoin the race after a quick pit stop. Diaz and Hudspeth would do battle for the lead once again on the restart. Diaz would move back to the top spot while Hudspeth would face a challenge from Matt Leicht in the #2 for second. Leicht would take the position on lap 13. Butler would be moving quickly through the field and work his way all the up to second. But as he was coming through the field the car would develop a telltale puff of smoke as he would accelerate. Lap 34 would see Butler's race come to an end when he would slow and come to pit road. Diaz would drive on to the win, his first at Hickory Motor Speedway. Leicht and Barnes-Cruz would have a close battle, but Leicht would finish 2nd and Barnes-Crum finishing 3rd. Thomas Beane in the #31 would finish 4th and Hudspeth would come home in 5th.

Next up would see the high revving 4 Cylinders hit the track for their 25 lap feature. Brian Mundy in the #6 would take top spot after time trials with Curtis Pardue in the #17 starting to his outside. As the green flags would wave Mundy would pull to the lead with Pardue close behind. Cody Combs in the #9 would give challenge to Pardue for second position on lap 9. Lap 15 would see Combs make the pass for second and give chase to the leader. Mundy would prove too tough on the night and take the win. Combs would finish 2nd with Ashton Trivette in the #21 finishing 3rd. Pardue would fall back with mechanical issues and finish 4th and Robert Trivette in the #11 would bounce back to finish 5th after major mechanical issues in practice during the afternoon.

The Super Trucks would be next up for a match race between Zach Hale and Joey Shuryan. Shuryan in the #30 would top the charts in qualifying and start from the point with Zach Hale in the #97 to his outside. Shuryan would experience mechanical issues on the pace laps and be forced to the pits for repairs. After several extra pace laps, a broken trailing arm would be the culprit that would sideline Shuryan and take away his wishes for his first win at America's Most Famous Short Track. Hale would take the green flag and drive to the lead. Hale would be the first to take the checkered flag and his first Hickory Motor Speedway victory.

The Paramount Auto Group Limited Late Models would hit the track next for 50 laps in the Paramount Kia “BIG 10” Racing Challenge. Mitch Walker in the #15 would set the fast time in qualifying and start from the pole position with Josh Kossek in the #44 to his outside. Last week's winner Chase Janes in the #47 and Todd Midas in the #50 would make up row two for the start. The green flag would see an early duel between Walker and Kossek for the top spot. Kossek would use the high line to take the spot on lap 3. Walker would move back under Kossek on lap 7 and they would race door to door until Walker would nose ahead on lap 10. Janes would follow Walker to the inside of Kossek and take second on lap 12. Janes would pull to Walker's rear bumper a few laps later and give a mirror full of the #47. Janes would move to the inside of Walker for the lead on lap 21. Both drivers would battle furiously for the spot but lap 25 would see Janes take the lead. Todd Midas in the #50 would pressure Kossek for the third spot for several laps. Janes would drive on to the win, his second Hickory Motor Speedway win and his second win in a row. Walker would finish 2nd with Kossek taking 3rd. Midas would finish 4th while Nathan Lineback in the #71 knocking off a top five finish with 5th.

The Street Stocks would roll off next for their 30 lap feature. Mark Whitten in the #77 would top qualifying and start from the point with Ethan Johnson in the #2 to his outside. Whitten and Johnson would enter turn one side by side with Johnson pulling ahead on the backstretch. Whitten would fall back to fourth after contact with Marshall Sutton in the #64 running second and Kevin Eby in the #03 in third. But by lap 6 Whitten had dialed in the #77 to the high groove and moved all the way back to second. Trey Buff in the #48 would pull in late for the race after a vicious wreck in his last appearance. Buff would move around Eby into fourth on lap 13. Whitten would catch Johnson and the pair would put on a thrilling side by side battle for the win with ten to go. Lap 26 would see Whitten compete the pass. Whitten would drive on to the win. Johnson would finish 2nd with Sutton grabbing 3rd. Buff would bounce back from a hard crash two weeks ago to finish 4th and Eby would finish 5th.

Closing out the night's events would be another 40 laps in race two of the doubleheader for the Late Model Stock Cars. After the invert from the finishing order of race one Austin Powell in the #14 and Aaron Donnelly in the #31 would make up row one. Row two would see the #87 of Virginia hot shoe Mike Looney and the #14 of Connor Jones for the start. Powell would pull to the lead on lap one and bring Looney with him to second. Looney would challenge fot the lead and move under Powell on lap three. Shane Lee in the #00 would see an opening and move under Looney for the top spot on lap six and bring the #31 of Thomas Beane with him to second. Lap 10 would see the caution fly as the #28 would spin in turn four after contact. The restart would see the top five as: Lee, Beane, Looney, Donnelly, and Vince Midas in the #14 after starting in the rear of the field. Beane would use the high side to pull ahead of Lee on the restart. Contact between the leaders would see Beane spin on lap 11. Beane and Lee would both have to restart from the rear of the field. The top five in the restart would be: Looney, Donnelly, Midas, Matt Leicht in the #2, and race one winner Mason Diaz in the #24. Looney would get a great restart and move to the point. As the field would come back around to the start finish line Donnelly would spin down the front stretch and bring out the caution once more. Looney, Midas, Leicht, Diaz, and the #12 of Mason Ludwig would make up the top five for the restart. Looney would pull to the lead, but have Midas quickly challenging him for the spot. Midas would grab the lead on lap 15 and bring Diaz with him to second. Diaz would move under Midas for the lead when contact would send Midas spinning. Diaz and Midas would both move to restart in the rear. Ludwig and Looney would start from the front row at this point. Looney would ride the high line to the front and see Lee move outside to battle Ludwig for second. Lee would move around Ludwig and to the outside of Looney for the top spot. Lap 25 would see Ludwig, Lee and Looney three wide into turn one. As the cars would battle back around the track Lee would attempt a nice crossover inside, with Lee, Ludwig, and Looney three wide again. Lap 27 would see major carnage on the backstretch as Lee and Looney would make contact and collect the cars of Chris Hudspeth in the #28 and Jones. The cars of Lee, Looney, Hudspeth, and Jones would not finish the event. Ludwig and Annabeth Barnes-Crum in the #12B would start from row one. Barnes-Crum would grab the lead as Ludwig and Diaz would battle door to door for second. As the battle would rage for second Barnes-Crum would stretch her lead and set the pace. Diaz would make the pass for second on lap 38, but the lead would prove to be insurmountable as Barnes-Crum would go on to grab her first Hickory Motor Speedway Late Model Stock Car victory. Diaz would cap off a great night with 2nd after winning race one. Ludwig would hold on to finish 3rd. Leicht would grab 4th and Beane would finish 5th.

The Cars Racing Tour comes to town next weekend for a thrilling Late Model and Super Late Model twin bill at America's Most Famous Short Track.

In two weeks the NASCAR weekly racing series will return with a full slate of action.

Hickory Motor Speedway Results 6/6/20

Late Model – Twin Feature 1

1  #24 – Mason Diaz

2  #2 – Matt Leicht

3  #12B – Annabeth Barnes Crum

4  #31 – Thomas Beane

5  #28 – Chris Hudspeth

6  #00 – Shane Lee

7  #14J – Conner Jones

8  #87 – Mike Looney

9  #31D – Aaron Donnelly

10  #14P – Austin Powell

11  #66 – Kevin Dill

12  #81 – Sam Butler ( r )

13  #12L – Mason Ludwig ( r )

14  #77 – Logan Jones

15  #14 – Vince Midas

Late Model – Twin Feature 2

1  #12B – Annabeth Barnes Crum

2  #24 – Mason Diaz

3  #12L – Mason Ludwig ( r )

4  #2 – Matt Leicht

5  #31 – Thomas Beane

6  #14P – Austin Powell

7  #31D – Aaron Donnelly

8  #14 – Vince Midas

9  #87 – Mike Looney

10  #00 – Shane Lee

11  #28 – Chris Hudspeth

12  #66 – Kevin Dill

13  #14J – Conner Jones

14  #81 – Sam Butler ( r )

15  #77 – Logan Jones - DNS

Limited Late Model

1  #47 – Chase Janes

2  #15 – Mitch Walker

3  #44 – Josh Kossek

4  #50 – Todd Midas

5  #71L – Nathan Lineback

6  #5 – Will Cox III

7  #22 – Max Price ( r )

8  #38 – Alex Posey

9  #32 – Josh Stark

Street Stocks

1  #77 – Mark Whitten

2  #2 – Ethan Johnson

3  #64 – Marshall Sutton

4  #48 – Trey Buff

5  #03 – Kevin Eby

6  #3 – Kayla Eby

7  #9 – Jon Austin

Super Trucks

1  #97H – Zach Hale

2  #30 – Joey Shuryan

4 Cylinders

1  #6 – Brian Mundy

2  #9 – Cody Combs

3  #21 – Ashton Trivette

4  #17 – Curtis Pardue

5  #11 – Robert Trivette