“ Painter and Hudspeth Add to Their Total Wins”
on Gaston Rentals Night at the Races

7/7/2019 - With the regular season winding down and division point battles in the balance Hickory Motor Speedway roared to life for Gaston Rentals Night at the Races on Saturday Night!

The NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Late Models would roll off first for 40 laps in race one of their doubleheader on the night. Ryan Repko in the #71 would post a blistering time in qualifying and take the top spot with Nolan Pope in the #1 to his outside. Gage Painter in the #12 and Connor Mosack in the #18 would make up row two. The front two rows would stay double file until lap three when Pope would use the high side to nose ahead for the lead. Repko would drop in behind and stay on his bumper waiting for a mistake while Painter would pull up close behind Repko. Charlie Watson in the #9 would move up to fourth and begin to pressure the top three. Lap 16 would see Painter make his move around Repko for second and set his sights on the lead. Painter would pressure Pope, until finally making the pass for the top spot on lap 23. Repko and Watson would swap the third position several times as neither driver was ready to give in. Lap 35 would see Watson and Repko both get by Pope and move to second and third. Painter’s lead would be insurmountable and the youngster would grab the checkered flag once more. Watson would finish 2nd and Repko 3rd in a thrilling battle between the two drivers. Mosack would finish 4th and Pope would finish 5th.

Next up would see the Street Stocks do battle for their 30 lap feature. Hickory Motor Speedway points leader Drew Cox in the #21 would start from the top spot after pacing qualifying with Jesse Clark in the #5 to his outside. Mark Whitten in the #77 and Gary Ledbetter Jr in the #48 would make up the second row. The green flag would see the front row side by side until they would come off of turn four to complete lap one when Cox would nose ahead for the lead. Ledbetter would work his way up to second by lap five and look to run down the leader. Spirited racing would be the order of the day throughout the field between Derek Fowler in the #31 and Kevin Eby in the #03 in a battle for fourth. Lap 24 would see Ledbetter pull to the pits with mechanical issues ending his run for the win. Cox would drive on to the win, his eighth on the season. Clark would finish 2nd and Fowler would finish 3rd. Eby would finish 4th and Whitten would round out the top five in 5th.

The Carolina Custom Golf Cart Super Trucks would hit the famed 3/8 mile oval next for their 35 lap event. Charlie Watson in the #6 would grab the pole position in qualifying with Joey Shuryan in the #30 second fast. Row two would be made up of Travis Baity in the #70 and Allen Huffman in the #51. Watson and Shuryan would take the green nose to nose, but by the time they got back around to complete lap one Watson would pull ahead for the top spot. Shuryan would settle into Watson’s tire tracks as Baity and Huffman would give chase to. Lap 9 would see Keith Norville in the #91 pull into the pits with mechanical issues. Baity would pressure Shuryan for the second spot for several laps. Baity and Shuryan would make contact on lap 25 with Shuryan spinning and this would collect Baity and Huffman, bringing out the caution. All three trucks would pit and make repairs, but return to the track. The green flag would see Watson and Dennis Trivette in the #28 on the front row. Watson would pull ahead on the restart. Baity would move around Trivette with four laps to go for second. Watson would drive on to the win. Baity would take 2nd and Trivette would finish 3rd. Huffman would finish 4th and Shuryan would finish 5th.

Pounding the pavement next would be the Paramount Auto Group Limited Late Models for 35 action packed laps. Josh Kossek in the #44 would take the top spot in qualifying with Cody DeMarmels in the #18 to his outside. Connor Jones in the #2 and Nathan Lineback in the #71 would make up row two. Kossek and DeMarmels would battle door to door until
Kossek would finally inch ahead for the lead on lap 3. Kossek, DeMarmels, Jones, and Lineback would be nose to tail through the first ten laps. Kosma Guznyakov in the #33, 3rd in Hickory Motor Speedway points, would pull to the pits with mechanical issues and retire from the race. At this point, Kossek and DeMarmels would look to battle it out between themselves for the win. Over the last 5 laps DeMarmels would look high, low and put the pressure on Kossek for the top spot, but Kossek would hang on and take the win. DeMarmels would finish 2nd and Jones would finish 3rd. Lineback would finish 4th and Ricky Bruce in the #42 would finish 5th.

Rolling off next would be the 4-Cylinders hitting the track for 25 laps. Brian Mundy in the #21 would take the top spot in qualifying with Robert Trivette in the #11 starting to his outside. Mundy and Robert Trivette would dive down into turn one side by side and continue down the backstretch, where Mundy would pull to the lead as he completed lap one. Mundy would slow on the track around lap 10 and begin losing positions until he would pit on lap 13. Robert Trivette would move to the lead with Curtis Pardue in the #17 in hot pursuit. The last lap would see Pardue make a final run through the corner for the win, but Robert Trivette would hang on and take the win. Pardue would finish 2nd with Cody Combs in the #9 finishing 3rd. Ashton Trivette in the #21 would finish 4th and Robbie Lewis in the #98 would come home in 5th.

The NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Late Models would close out the night’s festivities with the second 40 lap affair of their twin events. With the invert from the race one finishing order Evan Swilling in the #18 would start from the point and Thomas Beane in the #31 would start to the outside of row one. Row two would see Chris Hudspeth in the #28 and Nolan Pope in the #1 side by side. Swilling and Beane would duel to the green flag and into turn one. Swilling would get sideways in turn one and make a tremendous save down the backstretch and gather up the car. When the field would get back to turn one, Beane would be leading, Hudspeth running second, and Pope in third. Swilling would be running fourth but contact would upset the car. This time Swilling would not be able to make the save and he would collect the #18 of Bradley McCaskill and the winner of the first race, Gage Painter in the #12. McCaskill and Swilling would make repairs and rejoin the field, but Painters night would end on jackstands in the pits.

The restart would see Hudspeth on the point and Beane to his outside. Connor Mosack in the #18 would restart third and Pope would be fourth. The restart would see the front row battle side by side until Beane would pull ahead to the top spot. Lap 4 would see the caution fly as Charlie Watson in the #9 would spin after contact with Pope. Both cars would continue. The restart would see Beane and Hudspeth side by side for the top spot. After two hard laps Beane would pull ahead with Hudspeth in his tire tracks with Mosack joining the fray close behind the front duo. Lap 29 would see the caution fly as sparks would come rolling off the right front of the leader, Beane’s car. Beane would pull to the pits to attempt repairs as the field would shuffle him to the back. Watson would also pull to the pits for repairs as flames would be rolling out of the left front on his car. Ryan Vargas in the #25 would pull to the pits with his night coming to an end. The restart would see Hudspeth and Mosack side by side for the green flag. Hudspeth would get a great start and pull to the lead.

The caution would fly as Pope would spin, after contact with Beane. Pope would park for the night and Beane would make repairs and return for the restart. Hudspeth and Swilling would restart on the front row. Hudspeth would pull to the lead while Beane would pull to the pits for the night. Mosack would move around Swilling for second. Hudspeth would drive on to the win. Mosack would finish second with Repko coming back to finish 3rd after a thrilling race with Swilling to the checkers. Swilling would finish 4th and McCaskill would round out the top five in 5th.

Next week will see the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series ending their regular season on Napa Championship Night presented by Pull-A-Part with all divisions in action crowning their respective champions.

On October 5th the Tour of Destruction returns for a night of motorsports mayhem that’s guaranteed to please fans of all ages.

Hickory Motor Speedway Results 9/7/19 (Unofficial)

Late Model Race #1

1 #12 Gage Painter

2 #9 Charlie Watson

3  #71 Ryan Repko

4  #18 Connor Mosack ( r )

5  #1 Nolan Pope

6  #28H Chris Hudspeth

7  #31 Thomas Beane

8  #18S Evan Swilling

9  #18M Bradley McCaskill

10  #25V Ryan Vargas

11  #15 Mitch Walker

12  #21 Toni Breidinger

13  #71L Nathan Lineback

14  #28 Danny Chafin

15 #71C Monty Cox

Late Model Race #2

1  #28 H Chris Hudspeth

2 #18 Connor Mosack ( r )

3  #71 Ryan Repko

4  #18S Evan Swilling

5  #18M Bradley McCaskill

6  #9 Charlie Watson

7 #15 Mitch Walker

8 #21 Toni Breidinger

9  #1 Nolan Pope

10  #31 Thomas Beane

11 #25V Ryan Vargas

12  #71L Nathan Lineback

13  #28 Danny Chafin

14  #12 Gage Painter

15 #71C Monty Cox

Limited Late Model

1  #44K Josh Kossek

2  #18 D Cody DeMarmels

3  #2 Conner Jones

4  #71L Nathan Lineback

5  #42 Ricky Bruce

6 #33G Kosma Guznyakov ( r )

Street Stocks

1  #21C Drew Cox

2  #5 Jesse Clark

3  #31 Derek Fowler

4  #03 Kevin Eby

5  #77 Mark Whitten

6  #2 Ethan Johnson

7  #52 Don Machutta

8  #64 Marshall Sutton

9  #48 Gary Ledbetter

4 Cylinders

1  #11 Robert Trivette

2  #17 Curtis Pardue

3  #9 Cody Combs

4  #21 Ashton Trivette

5  #98 Robbie Lewis

6  #6 Brian Mundy

Super Trucks

1 #6 Charlie Watson

2  #70B Travis Baity

3  #28T Dennis Trivette

4  #51 Allen Huffman

5  #30 Joey Shuryan

6  #17A Terry Absher

7  #91 Keith Norville