Press Release 12-13-13

With the unique characteristics of the Ford/Chevy crate motors, it becomes the responsibility of each track to make adjustments to their rules to create equality for the competitors. Therefore, Hickory Motor Speedway has decided to continue with its 2013 year-ending engine packages for the NWAAS Late Model Stock Cars in 2014. The complete Hickory Motor Speedway rulebook may be viewed online at

2014 Hickory Motor Speedway Engine Packages for NWAAS Late Model Stock will be as follows:

All cars will compete at 3100 lbs total weight and 1375 lbs right side with the exception of the ZZ4

part # 88958603 motor package which will compete at 3000 lbs total weight and 1350 lbs right side.

Chevrolet Crate part # 88958604 and part # 88958603 will compete with the Holley 650 HP Carburetor part # 0-80541-1 with NO spacer

Ford Crate part # D347SR will compete with the Holley 390 HP Carburetor part # 0-80507-I with a 1'' approved spacer

Chevrolet/Ford Built Motors will compete with the Holley 500 HP Carburetor part #080583-1.


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