Bumgarner wins the Woodforest National Bank Night at the Races

100 Lap Feature Event

NEWTON, N.C. (May 26, 2012) It was a beautiful evening at Hickory Motor Speedway where six divisions would race. The Sportsman Racing Classics were the first race of the night, with Bob Hapeman No. 8 taking the win in the 25-lap race, followed by the No. 16 of Bill Webb, No. 98 of Chuck Thorne, No. 71 of Bill Powell and the No. 4 of Robert Webb rounding out the top five.

The 4-Cylinder race was up next, with No.21 of Todd Harrington leading the field to the green flag. The first caution was on lap 16 when the No.51 of Nathaniel Kanupp spun and hit the backstretch wall. Harrington looked like he would drive away from the field until lap 18 when the No.6 of Caleb Sisk and the No.16 of Devon Haun made contact out of turn four to bring out the second caution of the night. Sisk's car suffered front-end damage and was done for the night. At the finish it was Harrington taking the win, followed by Haun, the No.3 of Donnie Harmon, the No.00 of Patrick Shiflett and the No.59 of Donn Wardo rounding out the top 5.

In the Parmount KIA Limited Late Model race 16 cars took the green flag with No.00 of Shane Lee on the pole. Action began early with the No.18 of Casey Pierce bringing out the first caution after contact with another car, but was able to continue. Two by two racing for the leaders ensued with the No.72 of Jason Cochran and the No.00 of Shane Lee battling for the lead.

The No.51 of Jeremy Pelfrey and the No.10 of Ryan Vasconcellos battled for third with racing throughout the field. Lee took the lead with Cochran following close behind. Pelfrey and Vasconcellos continued to run door to door until lap 16 when Vasconcellos took the spot. A host of others were bearing down on the third spot with the No.55 of Zach Bruenger, the No.71 of Nelson Canache, the No.7 of Travis Byrd and the No.9 of Charlie Watson.

The second caution flew on lap 22 from a spin down the front stretch with the No.8 of Greg Wise. When the green returned Lee assumed the lead with a field of hungry drivers in tow. Bruenger and Byrd battled for the fourth position with Lee holding a two-car length lead over Cochran. At the checker it was Lee taking the win, Cochran second, Byrd third, Pelfrey fourth and Bruenger rounding out the top five.

Marshall Sutton No.64 led the field to the green flag in the WrenchRags Street Stock Race. On lap five the No.5 of Mike Newton moved to the inside of Sutton and they battled for several laps with the No.03 of Kevin Eby closing quickly. Eby worked to the inside to take second from Eby on lap 12. When the caution fell for the No.17 of Baron Kuritkzy a battle ensued between Sutton, Newton, Eby and the No.15 of David Werner. Sutton assumed the lead on lap 16 followed by Eby, Newton, and Werner. Caution would come out with three to go with contact between the No.99 of Roy Smith and Werner. Kevin Eby would take the win, followed by Kuritkzy, Sutton, Newton and No.14 of Sam Thompson.

Josh Wimbish proved to be the fastest, sitting on his second pole of the season fro the Woodforest National Bank 100. A great field of NWAAS Bojangles Late Model Stock Cars would take the green with Wimbish taking the early lead followed by the No.97 of Keith Bumgarner.

A battle for third between the No.11 of Matt Piercy, the No.9 of Ben Rhodes, the No.19 of Kyle Moon and the No.77 of Jeremy Sorel. Rhodes would take the spot with Piercy fourth. It was a line of cars battling for position until lap 26 when Bumgarner closed to within one car length of Wimbish.

Lap 41 would bring out the first caution of the night when contact between the No.12 of Austin McDaniel and Piercy caused both cars to spin down the backstretch. Action would resume on lap 41 with Bumgarner taking the lead and Moon dropping to second, Wimbish to third.

Lap 47 brought out a caution for the spin on the front stretch involving the No.57 of Grant Wimbish. Lap 48 brought out the third caution of the night with a spin involving the No.8 of Chandler LeVan. On lap 53 Bumgarner pulled to a five car lead while Wimbish, Rhodes and the No.2 of Trey Gibson battle for 2nd, with the No.51 of Josh Wimbish taking the spot.

Wimbish would begin to fade as Gibson made the pass for second and began to run down the leader. Rhodes would take third from Wimbish. On Lap 71, Bumgarner took the lead back from Gibson, with Wimbish, LeFevers and Rhodes following. LeVan was involved in another spin again in turn two on lap 78. Bumgarner resumed the lead with Gibson charging behind LeFevers and Josh Wimbish battle for third with Wimbish finally getting the position. Gibson mounted a late charge with 6 to go, pulling to the inside of Bumgarner. But Bumgarner would hold on for the win, with Gibson second,. Wimbish third, Rhodes fourth, and LeFevers rounding out the top five.

The Renegades came to the green flag under the No. 14 of Eddie Russ. The No. 4 of Greg Austin took the early lead followed by the No. 16 Carroll McKinney, the No. 64 of Darby Crouch and Russ. Crouch took second on lap six and began to close on Austin. Crouch took the lead on lap 6 and the No. 17 of Barney Arnette took third from Mckinney on lap 10. But at the checkered it was Crouch finishing first with Austin bringing home second. Arnette third, Eddie Russ was fourth and Carroll McKinney rounded out the top five.

Join us next Saturday night when Hickory Motor Speedway will host Sig's Tire Center Night with the NWAAS Bojangles Late Models running Twin 50's. Two 50-lap races for the price of one. Also on tap will be a Bigfoot Monster Truck Car Crush with support divisions of Paramount KIA Limited Late Models, WrenchRags Street Stocks and the Super Trucks. Adults - $10, Teens and Seniors - $8, Kids 12 and under Free.

Hickory Motor Speedway
Official Results
4Cylinders Feature
1 21 Todd Harrington
2 18 Devon Haun
3 3 Donnie Harmon
4 00 Patrick Shiflett
5 59 Donn Wardo
6 6 Caleb Sisk
7 51 Nathaniel Kanupp
8 98 Rob Lewis
Late Model - Feature
1 97 Keith Bumgarner
2 2 Trey Gibson
3 51 Josh Wimbish
4 9 Ben Rhodes
5 43 Jesse LeFevers
6 77 Jeremy Sorel
7 4 Mackena Bell
8 11 Matt Piercy
9 28 Tyler Hill
10 12 Austin McDaniel
11 1 Pietro Fittipaldi
12 19 Kyle Moon
13 8 Chandler LeVan
14 23Y Spencer Gallagher
15 57 Grant Wimbish
16 23X Roger Powell
17 22 Chad Reed
Limited Late Model - Feature
1 00 Shane Lee
2 72 Jason Cochran
3 7 Travis Byrd
4 51 Jeremy Pelfrey
5 55 Zachary Bruenger
6 10 Ryan Vasconcellos
7 71C Nelson Canache
8 21 Monty Cox
9 5 Christian Calvo
10 9 Charlie Watson
11 22X Kenneth Pardue
12 07X Joshua Bralley
13 22 Dan Moore
14 95 Michael Buckner
15 8 Greg Wise
16 18 Casey Pierce
Renegades - Feature
1 64 Darby Crouch
2 4 Gregory Austin
3 17 Barney Arnette
4 14 Eddie Russ
5 16 Carroll McKinney
6 7 Brad Nelson
7 71 Andrew Divanna
8 68 Steve Griffith
9 37 Kyle Barus
Street Stocks - Feature
1 03 Kevin Eby
2 17 Baron Kuritzky
3 64 Marshall Sutton
4 5 Mike Newton
5 14 Samuel Thompson
6 15 David Werner
7 51 John Jones IV
8 99 Roy Smith
9 77 Chris Cycak
Sportsman Racing Classics - Feature
1 8 Bob Hapeman
2 16 Bill Webb
3 98 Chuck Thorne
4 71 Bill Powell
5 4 Robert Webb
6 90 Dennis Hinkle
7 77 Ken Webb
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