Street Stock and Renegade Rules Clarification


Revised 1-30-2012

1. Only OEM cast iron intake manifolds are permitted.

2.  Cylinder heads minimum 72cc combustion chamber for each cylinder permitted.

3.  3 angle valve job per NASACAR Late Model Stock Car Rule Book.

4.  Aluminum or steel pulleys approved.

5.  Stock OEM or Aftermarket noses approved - must remain stock appearing. (no Late Model, etc)

6.  No fiberglass body parts or hoods.

7.  3.42 gear rule as per rulebook.

8.  Any brand OEM stock mounted hydraulic shock.

NO RACING SHOCKS, NO COATING of SHOCKS, shocks must remain as manufactured.

9.  Cooper Cobra P235/70 R15 to be purchased or approved at the track, No angle/camber cutting of tires


Street Stock:

Revised 1-30-2012

1.Stock Steering components only, NO altering of center link or adjustments/slugs for bump steer.

2. Spindles must remain stock as per rulebook (NO altering of spindles).

3.  Weight -

105" and longer coil springs 3200/1440

110" and longer leaf spring cars 3200/1440

101" coil spring cars 3250/1465

All other leaf spring cars 3250/1465

*Aftermarket bodies add 50lbs. to RS above and beyond total weight (Ex. 105" and longer coil spring 3250-1490)

*Cars with front screw jacks must add 50lbs. overall - 55%/45% split*

*For competitor equality cars with front screw jacks will not be allowed to make jack bolt wedge adjustments during the actual race. * (1 lap penalty will be enforced )

4. Sway bar mounting must be in stock location with maximum of 1/2 inch drop for bushing/spacer. Sway bar must solid mount to lower A-frame in stock location, helm joints approved. No Slappers.

5. Upper A-frame must maintain stock location, reinforcing of stock mounts approved.

6. Front shocks will be moved outboard for easy control and inspection.

7. Approved shock are the Pro WB Series in 7" or 9" stroke with valve numbers of 4s, 5s, 6s or 7s.

**Shocks must be marked Pro-Spec as sold by JM Motorsports - $75.00 each + tax**

John Michalowski at 704-201-8157

8. Shock claim rule - $300, including struts - $400.

9. Frames must remain completely stock. Any modifications must be approved by NASCAR Head Tech Official.

10. Exhaust Collector and exit pipe must not exceed 3" OD as in rule book.

11. 5" height rule for all cars, metric cars will be measured at sub-frame and leaf spring at rocker panel. All cars must maintain a roof height of 49".

12. Wheel Spacers - One spacer per wheel, no welding, magnetic steel. Billet aluminum is approved.

Must be equal left to right, front to rear do not have to agree.

13. Scuff tire program remains. Cost will be $25 each.


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