(Hickory, N.C. – August 6, 2011) – It came down to less than a car length for Jesse LeFevers who took his seventh win in the Bojangles Late Model division after a last lap showdown with Kyle Moon. Mark McIntosh and Pietro Fittipaldi won in the Limited Late Model division with Dan Moore (Street Stocks), Todd Harrington (4-Cylinders) and Chad McKinney (Hobby Stocks) taking the win in their respective divisions.

The No. 43 of Jesse LeFevers won an exciting race after the No. 19 of Kyle Moon made a last lap surge to challenge for the lead. LeFevers started the race on the pole position, but was quickly challenged by the No. 12 of Austin McDaniel for first. The caution flag fell on lap 15 as the No. 35 of Devin Jones slowed on the track. On the restart the No. 4 of Ben Rhodes looked to the inside of the No. 28 of Sammy Jasper for fourth, finally making the pass on lap 30. Meanwhile, McDaniel continued to challenge LeFevers as the two drivers fought back-and-forth for the lead. McDaniel took the lead on lap 34 and slowly pulled away from the rest of the field. The No. 19 of Kyle Moon found himself in the tenth position at one point in the race, but battled back throughout the night working his was to fourth on lap 36. The final caution of the night fell on lap 67 due to the No. 94 of Brad Cox spinning out in turn three. After the restart, it was a three man show between LeFevers, Moon and McDaniel. LeFevers pressured McDaniel taking the lead on lap 82 as Moon used this to his advantage quickly taking the second spot. Using this momentum, Moon went on to challenge LeFevers during the final laps of the race. The fans were on their feet, watching as it came down to the finish line with LeFevers winning the race by less than a car length. Kyle Moon finished in a close second with Austin McDaniel in third.

Twin-25 races were featured for the Limited Late Model division with the No. 11 of Matt Piercy taking the pole for both races. The first race started off quickly with Piercy and the No. 8 of Mark McIntosh running side-by-side during the first few laps. McIntosh looked to the high side of Piercy, finally making the pass on lap four for the lead. On lap seven the first caution of the night flew as the No. 01 of Amber Colvin, the No. 55 of Zach Bruenger and the No. 07 of Josh Bralley were all involved. McIntosh had a good restart with Piercy following two car lengths behind in second. The battle was for the third position between the No. 90 of Pietro Fittipaldi and the No. 07 of Tyler Church. Fittipaldi was able to hold of Church who continued to fall back to fifth on lap 17. The second caution flew on lap 21 as the No. 7 of Justin Crider spun coming out of turn four. Using the restart to his advantage, Fittipaldi made the pass for second shortly before the final caution fell on lap 23. McIntosh led the field to the green-white-checkered finish, taking the win. Pietro Fittipaldi finished second and the No. 72 of Jason Cochran finished third after a last lap charge.

Piercy led the field to the green flag for a second time Saturday night with McIntosh following behind in second. On lap nine the first caution flag of the race flew as Casey Pierce spun on the backstretch. Just after the restart, the caution fell again with Byrd spinning in turn four after making contact with Church. Piercy took off on the restart with Fittipaldi taking second on lap 11 just as the caution fell with Amber Colvin in the wall. Fittipaldi went on to take the lead with Piercy falling back into third. By lap 15, Piercy recovered himself, retaking second. After a late caution on lap 18, Fittipaldi held off Piercy on the restart, taking his second win of the season. Matt Piercy finished second with Justin Crider in third.

The No. 21 of Roger Pitts II led the field to the green flag, starting the Street Stock race. Pitts ran into misfortune early-on, however, as he spun coming out of turn one due to a broken part in his car. The No. 22 of Dan Moore took over the top spot, leading the race without any challenges during the night. All eyes were on the battle for second between the No. 03 of Kevin Eby and the No. 64 of Marshall Sutton. Eby pressured Sutton throughout the night, finally making the pass on lap 23. Meanwhile, the No. 5 of Mike Newton and the No. 9 of Jeff Hagaman battled for the fourth position with Hagaman holding onto fourth and Newton in fifth. Dan Moore was the race winner with Kevin Eby in second and Marshall Sutton in third.

The Wrenchrag 4-Cylinders had a quiet race with the No. 21 of Todd Harrington leading the race from start to finish. The No. 8 of Chandler LeVan began to reel in Harrington during the final laps of the race, but was unable to make the pass. Todd Harrington took the win for the caution free race with Chandler LeVan second and Nathaniel Kanupp third.

The No. 95 of Chad McKinney was the pole sitter for the Hobby Stocks division, but quickly relinquished his lead on lap one to the No. 47 of Tyler McKinney. The caution was brought out on lap two after contact was made between Tyler McKinney and the No. 99 of Lewis Slagle who had moved into the second position. Chad McKinney led the field to the restart with the No. 28 of Michael Williams in second and the No. 03 of Russell Stillwell in third. Tyler McKinney made his way to the second position on lap 18 just as the third caution of the race fell as Williams hit the wall coming out of turn three. Just as the restart was made, the final caution of the race fell with the No. -1 of Ronald McNeill slowing in turn four. Chad McKinney went on to win the race with Tyler McKinney second and Russell Stillwell in third.

Racing action continues next week at “America's Most Famous Short Track” with Hickory Chamber Night at the Races. The event will feature the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series with appearances by the Bojangles Late Models, Limited Late Models, Street Stocks and Twin-25 races for the Super Trucks.


Unofficial NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Race Results


Bojangles Late Model 100-lap feature

  1. (43) Jesse LeFevers
  2. (19) Kyle Moon
  3. (12) Austin McDaniel
  4. (4) Ben Rhodes
  5. (57) Grant Wimbish
  6. (77) Jeremy Sorel
  7. (88) Josh Wright
  8. (35) Devin Jones
  9. (15) Shawn Sharkey
  10. (26) Nelson Canache
  11. (97) Keith Bumgarner
  12. (7) Taylor Stricklin
  13. (28) Sammy Jasper
  14. (94) Brad Cox

Limited Late Model 25-lap feature #1

  1. (8) Mark McIntosh
  2. (90) Pietro Fittipaldi
  3. (72) Jason Cochran
  4. (11) Matt Piercy
  5. (18) Casey Pierce
  6. (15) Sheflon Clay
  7. (6) Jonathan Fleming
  8. (01) Amber Colvin
  9. (07) Tyler Church
  10. (12) Annabeth Barnes
  11. (07B) Josh Bralley
  12. (7) Justin Crider
  13. (51) Travis Byrd
  14. (21) Monty Cox
  15. (55) Zach Bruenger

Limited Late Model 25-lap feature #2

  1. (90) Pietro Fittipaldi
  2. (11) Matt Piercy
  3. (7) Justin Crider
  4. (72) Jason Cochran
  5. (6) Jonathan Fleming
  6. (51) Travis Byrd
  7. (07) Tyler Church
  8. (15) Sheflon Clay
  9. (18) Casey Pierce
  10. (01) Amber Colvin
  11. (12) Annabeth Barnes
  12. (8) Mark McIntosh
  13. (21) Monty Cox

Street Stock 30-lap feature

  1. (22) Dan Moore
  2. (03) Kevin Eby
  3. (64) Marshall Sutton
  4. (9) Jeff Hagaman
  5. (5) Mike Newton
  6. (17) Baron Kuritzky
  7. (51) Dustin Walker
  8. (11) Cooper Faassen
  9. (16) Josh Burchette
  10. (84) Jared Broadbent
  11. (21) Roger Pitts II
  12. (99) Roy Smith

WrenchRag 4-Cylinder 25-lap feature

  1. (21) Todd Harrington
  2. (8) Chandler Levan
  3. (51) Nathaniel Kanupp
  4. (3) Donnie Harmon
  5. (6) Caleb Sisk
  6. (98) Rob Lewis

Hobby Stocks 20-lap feature

  1. (95) Chad McKinney
  2. (47) Tyler McKinney
  3. (03) Russell Stilwell
  4. (99) Lewis Slagle
  5. (31) Steven Willis
  6. (28) Michael Williams
  7. (-1) Ronald McNeill

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