Bumgarner and Moon win Sophie Women's Magazine Night!

By: Nick Payne

(Hickory, N.C. – May 7, 2011) It was a great night of racing at America's0 Most Famous Short Track. The afternoon started off with qualifying in all divisions. Your pole winners were Ashley Huffman for the first Bojangles' Late Model race, Kyle Moon for the second Bojangles' Late Model race, Tyler Church in the Limited Late Models, Todd Harrington in the WrenchRag 4-Cylinders, and Roger Pitts in the Street Stock division. Shortly after qualifying, the racing action began with the Bojangles' Late Models.

Ashley Huffman in the No. 7 paced the field to the green flag, after setting the fast time for race number one of the Bojangles' Late Models. Huffman took an early lead in the beginning few laps, but the No.97 of Keith Bumgarner quickly climbed through the top five, up to the bumper of Huffman. Half way through the race, Bumgarner took away the top spot from Huffman and set sail, leaving Huffman and the rest of the field in the dust.  With the laps winding down, the No.88 of Josh Wright took away the second spot from Huffman but could not catch Bumgarner as he held on to his straightaway lead, and took the checkered flag for his first victory of the season in the Bojangles' Late Model division. Wright took second, followed by Moon, Huffman, and LeFevers.

Kyle Moon in the No.19 set the pace of the field up to the green flag for second Bojangles' Late Model Race. Moon took a small lead as the No.97 of Bumgarner climbed into the second spot along side the No.43 of LeFevers.  Bumgarner set his sights on the leader to try to win his second race of the night. The No.12 of Austin McDaniel and the No.88 of Josh Wright battled through the race for the fourth position but could not keep up with the leaders. Bumgarner was no match to Moon's speed as Kyle Moon took his second victory of the season, followed by Bumgarner, LeFevers, and Wright edging out Cox to round out the top five.

The No.07 of Tyler Church was your pole winner in the Limited Late Model division as he paced the field to the green flag. Church took the early lead, but the No.72 of Jason Cochran got by the No.77 of Pietro Fittipaldi and got to Church's bumper. Cochran took the lead from Church but his lead was diminished as lap traffic would bunch the two back together.  The No.14 of Brandon Cox worked his way through the field to Church's bumper to battle for the second spot. A late race caution gave Church one last chance at Cochran on the inside. Church did not have enough for Cochran as he took his first win of the season in the Limited Late Model division, followed by Church, Kolb, Cox and Barnes.

The No.14 of Scott Hunter paced the field to the green flag in the Ford Focus Midget division. Hunter could not hold on long as the No.11 of Jarrett Andretti took the lead early in the race after the green flag. The No.9 of Chris Lamb climbed through the top five to pass Hunter for the second position. The No.11 of Andretti dominated throughout the race to take the victory in the Ford Focus Midgets, followed by Lamb. 

The WrenchRag 4-Cylinders began with the No.21 of Todd Harrington taking the green flag to start the race. Harrington paced the field and took a short lead from the rest of the field.  With few laps left, after a late race caution, Harrington did not get going on the restart and had to take his car into the pits. The No.18 of Devon Haun took the lead after Harrington had trouble, but Haun did not hold on long as the No.09 of Randy Canipe took the lead after another late race caution. The No.16 of Randy Freeze seen an opportunity to capitalize on with three cars left on the track, Freeze passed Haun to get to the bumper of Canipe on the last lap. Canipe held off Freeze's charge for a photo finish that was too close to call. The No.09 of Canipe took the victory, followed by the No.16 of Freeze, and the No.18 of Haun. 

The No.21 of Roger Pitts set the fast time in the Street Stock Division. Pitts led the field to the green flag. Pitts took a big lead very quickly over the No.22 of Dan Moore.  Pitts continued to lead the entire race taking home the win in the Street Stock division. Moore took home a hard fought second followed by Eby, Walker, and Smith.

The action continues next week at “The Birthplace of the NASCAR Stars” with USG Night presented by NuTex Concepts. The night will feature the Bojangles' Late Models, Limited Late Models, Street Stock, WrenchRag 4-Cylinders, Super Trucks and the Ford Focus Midgets.

Race Results for 5/7/11

Limited Late Models:

1 #72 Jason Cochran

2 #07 Tyler Church

3 #7 Brian Kolb

4 #14 Brandon Cox

5 #12 Annabeth Barnes

6 #9 Charlie Watson

7 #77 Pietro Fittipaldi

8 #21 Monty Cox

9 #31 Kenneth Pardue

10 #15 Sheflon Clay

11 #32 David Harrell

12 #18 Casey Pierce

Late Model Race #1:

1 #97 Keith Bumgarner

2 #88 Josh Wright

3 #19 Kyle Moon

4 #7 Ashley Huffman

5 #43 Jesse Lefevers

6 #57 Grant Wimbish

7 #12 Austin McDaniel

8 #28 Sammy Jasper

9 #94 Brad Cox

10 #15 Shawn Sharkey

Street Stocks:

1 #21 Roger Pitts

2 #22 Dan Moore

3  #03 Kevin Eby

4  #51 Dustin Walker

5  #16 Jonathon Smith

6  #64 Marshall Sutton

7  #5 Mike Newton

8  #71 Robert DiVanna

9  #84 Jared Broadbent

10  #69 Trey Buff

11  #14 Sam Thompson

12  #1 David Snyder

13  #55 Aaron Matthews

Wrench Rags 4 Cylinders:

1  #16 Randy Freeze

2  #18 Devon Haun

3  #52 Michael Isaac

4  #21 Todd Harrington

5  #14 Cameron Lowman

6  #51 Nathaniel Kanupp

7  #3 Donnie Harmon

8  #8 Chandler Levan

9  #6 Caleb Sisk

10  #1 Michael Tucker

11  #98 Rob Lewis

12  #09 Randy Canipe - DQ

Late Model Race #2:

1  #19 Kyle Moon

2  #97 Keith Bumgarner

3  #43 Jesse LeFevers

4  #88 Josh Wright

5  #94 Brad Cox

6  #12 Austin McDaniel

7  #28 Sammy Jasper

8  #7 Ashley Huffman

9  #57 Grant Wimbish

10  #15 Shawn Sharkey

Ford Focus Midgets:

1  #11 Jarrett Andretti

2  #9 Chris Lamb

3  #1 Steven Intravaia

4  #55 Nick Drake

5  #14 Scott Hunter

6  #12 Tyler Corriher

7  #96 Austin Prock

8  #22 Billy Gaulle

9  #44 Orry Hunter

10 #39 Nick Davidson