LeFevers Makes a Clean Sweep!

Jesse LeFevers takes home the hardware for both of the 50-lap features for the Bojangles Late Models.

By: Nick Payne


HICKORY, N.C. (April 30, 2011)  Jesse LeFevers found his way back to victory lane after a lengthy winless streak, by leading all 100 laps of the evening's twin 50-lap features for the Bojangles Late Models .  Race day started with qualifying for all divisions followed by twin 50-lap features for the Bojangles Late Models.  The evening also included appearances by the Limited Late Models, Super Trucks, Street Stocks and the Red Baron Renegades.  LeFevers was joined in victory lane by Mark McIntosh in the Limited Late Models, Jason Crouse in the Super Trucks, Marshall Sutton in the Street Stocks and Greg Austin in the Red Baron Renegades.

The Bojangles Late Models took to the track for the first of two 50-lap features with the No. 43 of Jesse LeFevers pacing the field.  LeFevers and the No. 66 of Steven Wallace took a demanding lead over the 18 car field during the early laps.  Wallace did all he could to gain ground on LeFevers, but his car slowly fell off the pace.  The top-five created an intense battled behind LeFevers, until a late race caution that sent Wallace spinning in turn four.  The No. 3 of Jessica Brunelli and the No. 92 of Candace Muzny ran each other hard throughout the race until they made contact bringing out the third caution of the night.  As the field went back to green Grant Wimbush in the No.57 restarted alongside LeFevers in hopes of taking over the lead, LeFevers pulled ahead leaving Wimbish in the dust.  A late race caution gave Wimbish one last chance at LeFevers during the green-white-checkered finish.  Thanks to a good restart, LeFevers pulled away from Wimbish and took the checkered flag leaving Wimbish, McDaniel, Wright and Bumgarner to round out the top-five. 

LeFevers brought the field to the green during the second Bojangles Late Models feature event.  LeFevers set sail and pulled away from the pack, leaving Wimbish in his wake. The No.88 of Josh Wright and Wimbish battled side by side for several laps, Wimbish wasn't able to hold off the hard charging Wright leaving him to settle into the second position. The No.19 of Kyle Moon also made his way around Wimbish as Wimbish pulled into the pits with engine issues. Trouble in the middle of the race sent Muzny into the inside wall, ending her night with significant damage.  Brunelli slowly climbed her way through the pack up to second and slowly closed in on LeFevers.  LeFevers pressed on to grab the checkers, holding off Brunelli at the finish.   Wright, Moon, and Wimbish completed the top-five.

The Limited Late Model race started with the No. 8 of Mark McIntosh in the lead.  McIntosh pulled into a multiple car length lead over the 20 car field that would come to an end by an early caution.  The No. 12 of Annabeth Barnes took away the top spot after a bad restart by McIntosh.  McIntosh stole the spot back a few laps later and set sail with a huge lead. The No.72 of Jason Cochran moved into the second spot passing Barnes along the way.  A four car crash brought out a caution leading to the green-white-checkered finish that gave Cochran one last chance at McIntosh.  McIntosh followed through to a hard fought victory, followed by Cochran, Barnes, the No. 21 of Monty Cox and the No. 15 of Sheflon Clay.

The Super Truck division took to the track after the No.16 of Clint Fields set the fast time, for the 35-lap race. Fields wasn't able to hold on long as the No. 28 of Jason Crouse took over the lead. The No.6 of Brandon Setzer continued to climb through the field all the way from his last starting position, passing Fields taking over second. With a late race restart, Crouse held off the charging Setzer and Fields taking home the checkered, followed by Setzer, Fields, Marlow and Dennie to complete the top-five.

The Street Stock division came to the green with the No.21 of Roger Pitts in the pole position.  Pitts created a few car lead over the No.64 of Marshall Sutton just a few laps after the green flag was dropped.  Pitts and Sutton battled through the race.  Pitts was better on the long runs, but a few late race cautions allowed Sutton to take the lead from Pitts. The No.03 of Kevin Eby approached Sutton's rear bumper with only a few laps remaining.  Sutton edged out Eby to take the win of the 30-lap race, followed by Eby, the No. 21 of Dan Moore, Pitts and the No. 5 of Mike Newton to complete the top-five.

The Red Baron Renegades brought the evening to a close as Greg Austin and his No.4 hot rod led the division to the green flag for their 20-lap event. Austin set his sights on the checkered as he pulled away from the No.5 of Dillion Crouch and the rest of the field.  Austin led flag to flag capturing the win.  Crouch, the No. 75 of Trey Pitts, the No. 16 of Carroll McKinney and the No. 10 of Joseph Hodges concluded the top five.


The action at the Birthplace of the NASCAR Stars will continue next Saturday, May 7 as Sophie Woman's Magazine presents Ladies Night.  The night will feature the Limited Late Models, Street Stocks, the WrenchRag 4-cylinders, the Ford Focus Midgets and twin 50-lap features for the Bojangles Late Models and all ladies will get to take advantage of $5 general admission tickets.  Green flag is scheduled to wave at 7 p.m. EST. 


Official NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Race Results


Bojangles Late Model 50-lap Feature 1

1. (43) Jesse LeFevers

2. (57) Grant Wimbish

3. (12) Austin McDaniel

4. (88) Josh Wright

5. (97) Keith Bumgarner

6. (92) Candace Muzny

7. (19) Kyle Moon

8. (11) Josh Galle

9. (26) Nelson Canche

10. (94) Brad Cox

11. (7) Taylor Stricklin

12. (66) Steven Wallace

13. (3) Jessica Brunelli

14. (77) Jeremy Sorel

15. (2) Nick Waycaster

16. (7) Ashley Huffman

17. (5) Dexter Canipe Jr.

18. (15) Shawn Sharkey

Bojangles Late Model 50-lap Feature 2

1. (43) Jesse LeFevers

2. (88) Josh Wright

3. (19) Kyle Moon

4. (57) Grant Wimbish

5. (97) Keith Bumgarner

6. (94) Brad Cox

7. (12) Austin McDaniel

8. (11) Robert Johnson

9. (77) Jeremy Sorel

10. (7) Ashley Huffman

11. (92) Candace Muzny

12. (26) Nelson Canache

13. (15) Shwan Sharkey

14. (5) Dexter Canipe Jr.

15. (3) Jessica Brunelli *

*Disqualified after failure to pass post race technical inspection.


Limited Late Model 35-lap Feature

1. (8) Mark McIntosh

2. (72) Jason Cochron

3. (12) AnnaBeth Barnes

4. (21) Monty Cox

5. (15) Sheflon Clay

6. (9) Charlie Watson

7. (54) Jenn Crossman

8. (04) RJ West

9. (77) Pietro Fittapaldi

10. (88) Greg Burgess

11. (66) Travis Byrd

12. (11) Matt Piercy

13. (07B) Josh Bralley

14. (25) Nick Proffitt

15. (09) Trevor Hignutt

16. (71) Jason Smith

17. (00) Ronnie Buckner

18. (37) Chris Phipps

19. (25) Elliott Newton

20. (18) Casey Pierce

Super Truck 35-lap Feature

1. (28) Jason Crouse

2. (6) Brandon Setzer

3. (16) Clint Fields

4. (07) Jake Marlow

5. (29) Ricky Dennie

6. (09) Scott Wittaker

7. (33) Jeremy Birch

8. (09) Mark Johnson

9. (13) Cory Cavazos

10. (5) Tyler Hudson

Street Stock 30-lap Feature

1. (64) Marshall Sutton

2. (03) Kevin Eby

3. (22) Dan Moore

4. (21) Roger Pitts II

5. (5) Mike Newton

6. (51) Dustin Walker

7. (84) Jared Broadbent

8. (35) David Werner

9. (16) Jonathan Smith

10. (69) Trey Buff

11. (99) Roy Smith

12. (14) Sam Thompson

13. (8) McKinley Puckett

14. (1) David Snyder

15. (33) Larry Isenhour

Red Baron Renegades 20-lap Feature

1. (4) Greg Austin

2. (5) Dillion Crouch

3. (75) Trey Pitts

4. (16) Carroll McKinney

5. (10) Joseph Hodges

6. (14) Eddie Russ

7. (11) Time Childers

8. (68) Steve Griffith

9. (7) Brad Nelson

10. (17) Barney Arnette