Moon wins NASCAR Hall of Fame Night!

( Newton, NC March 26, 2011 ) A great day of racing at America's Most Famous Short Track. After a rainout on Saturday night, the racing would be moved to a hot Sunday afternoon. The afternoon began with the pole awards to all the winners, the No.07 of Tyler Church in Limited Late Models, No.09 of Randy Canipe in the Wrench Rag's 4-cylinders, No.09 of Mark Johnson in the Super Trucks, No.19 of Kyle Moon in the Bojangles' Late Models, No.5 of Mike Newton in Street Stocks, and the No.5 of Dillon Crouch in Renegades.

The Limited Late Models would be the first race of the night, and certainly one of the most exciting.  It all started on Lap 1 as No.09 of Trevor Hignutt took the lead from the No.07 of Tyler Church, but Hignutt did not hold it long as No.07 of Church quickly stole it back.  The top 5 battled for a majority of the race with the No.66 of Travis Byrd, the No.11 of Matt Piercy, and the No.77of Pietro Fittipaldi. The car to watch during the feature was  the No.11 of Matt Piercy as he slowly climbed through the top 5 to the bumper of Church. With few laps left, Piercy in the No.11 would pull his way to Church's door with one lap left.  Piercy appeared to have the position coming to the checkered, but drifted up the track pinching Church into the outside wall, but Church just didnt have enough as the No.11 of Matt Piercy would take his second win of the season, followed by the No.07 of Tyler Church, No.09 of Trevor Hignutt, No.71 of Jason Smith, and the No.12 of Annabeth Barnes.

The second race of the day was the Wrench Rag's 4-cylinders with your pole winner, the No.09 of Randy Canipe. As the green flag dropped, the No.09 of Randy Canipe did not hang on to the lead long, as the No.81 of Shane Canipe stole the lead on lap 2.  After a caution on lap 15, the No.81 of Shane Canipe fell back to 5th and the No.18 of Devon Haun took the lead. Haun in the No.18 would hold on to take the win in the Wrench Rag's 4-cylinders followed by the No.09 of Randy Canipe, No.86, No.8 of Chandler Levan, and No.3 of Donnie Harmon rounding out the top 5.

The Super Trucks were the next race of the afternoon. The No.09 of Mark Johnson took the green flag as your pole-sitter. The No.09 and No.16 of Clint Fields battled for many laps but Johnson did not have enough for Fields speed. The No.16 took the lead on lap 25 and set sail toward the checkered flag. The No.6 of Brandon Setzer started in third but continued to fall back throughout the race. The No.16 of Clint Fields would take the win followed by the No.09 of Mark Johnson, No.28 of Jason Crouse, No.33 of Jeremy Birch, and the No.5 of Tyler Hudson.

The Bojangles' Late Models were up next with the No.19 of Kyle Moon on the pole. As the green flag dropped, Moon could not hang on long to the No.57 of Grant Wimbish. Wimbish took over the top spot on lap 3 and had nothing but space to pull away. After a early race caution, the top 5 would continue to battle throughout the race. The No.43 of Jesse LeFevers would fall into the top 3 as the No.5 of Dexter Canipe Jr. continued to fall back through the field. The No.57 led 33 laps of the race, but the No.19 of Kyle Moon made sure to be the one to stop that as he passed Wimbish on the inside on lap 36. With few laps left, three cars would battle for the third spot but had no match for Moon. The No.19 of Kyle Moon held on to take the win in your Bojangles' Late Model division. After a long fought battle the No.57 of Grant Wimbish, No.28 of Sammy Jasper, No.2 of Nick Waycaster, No.12 of Austin McDaniel, and the No.43 of Jesse LeFevers would round out your top 5 in the Bojangles' Late Model division.

One of the last races of the day was the Street Stock division with the pole winner, the No.5 of Mike Newton taking the green flag.  Newton would not hang on long, as the No.21 of Roger Pitts took the lead on lap 5.  Pitts took a demanding lead and set sail to take the checkered flag in the Street Stock division.   The No.64 of Marshall Sutton, No.5 of Mike Newton , No.03 of Kevin Eby, and the No.99 of Roy Smith would be your top 5.

The last race of the day at America's Most Famous Short Track was the Renegade division with the No.5 of Dillon Crouch on the pole.  After a early race caution, the No.4 of Greg Austin took the lead on the restart. No.5 of Crouch would lose second to the No.16 of Carroll McKinney but neither of them had the power to keep up with Austin as he would sail across the line as your winner in the Renegade division. The top 5 was the No.4 of Greg Austin, No.16 of Carroll McKinney, No.5 of Dillon Crouch, No.10 of Joseph Hodges, and the No.75 of Trey Pitts. 

The NASCAR Whelen All-American Series will be back in action next Saturday April 16th with racing beginning at 7:00pm the night will feature Bojangles' Late Models, Limited Late Models, Super Trucks, Renegades, Street Stocks, and the Wrench Rag 4-cylinders!


Bojangles' Late Models:

1 #19 Kyle Moon

2 #57 Grant Wimbish

3 #28 Sammy Jasper

4 #2 Nick Waycaster

5 #12 Austin McDaniel

6 #43 Jesse LeFevers

7 #5 Dexter Canipe Jr.

8 #88 Josh Wright

9 #3 Tayla Orleans

10 #2 Jorge Arteaga

11 #77 Jeremy Sorel

12 #26 Nelson Canache

13 #15 Shawn Sharkey

14 #1 Jessica Brunnelli

15 #94 Brad Cox

Limited Late Models:

1 #11 Matt Piercy

2 #07 Tyler Church

3 #09 Trevor Hignutt

4 #71 Jason Smith

5 #12 Annabeth Barnes

6 #29 Brian Kolb

7 #21 Monty Cox

8 #07B Josh Bralley

9 #31 Kenneth Pardue

10 #15 Sheflon Clay

11 #77 Pietro Fittipaldi

12 #66 Travis Byrd

13 #18 Casey Pierce

Wrench Rag 4-Cylinders:

1 #18 Devon Haun

2 #09 Randy Canipe

3 #86 Randy Freeze

4 #8 Chandler Levan

5 #3 Donnie Harmon

6 #51 Nathaniel Kanupp

7 #98 Rob Lewis

8 #6 Caleb Sisk

9 #52 Mike Isaac

10 #18 Shane Canipe

Super Trucks:

1 #16 Clint Fields

2 #09 Mark Johnson

3 #28 Jason Crouse

4 #33 Jeremy Birch

5 #5 Tyler Hudson

6 #6 Brandon Setzer

7 #00 Curtis Helderman


1 #4 Greg Austin

2 #16 Carroll McKinney

3 #5 Dillon Crouch

4 #10 Joseph Hodges

5 #75 Trey Pitts

6 #8 Kenneth Roberts

Street Stocks:

1 #64 Marshall Sutton

2 #5 Mike Newton

3 #03 Kevin Eby

4 #99 Roy Smith

5 #69 Trey Buff

6 #14 Sam Thompson

7 #84 Jared Broadbent

8 #32 Chris Wills

DQ #21 Roger Pitts - failed post race inspection

All results are unofficial