Andy Mercer takes the checkers after an intense battle with Candace Muzny during the Pepsi Fall Brawl presented by Steele Rubber Products Late Model 250

( Newton, NC - - October 10, 2010 )  It was the perfect weekend for stock car racing at America's Most Famous Short Track as Hickory Motor Speedway hosted the Pepsi Fall Brawl presented by Steele Rubber Products.  The two-day show began on Saturday, October 9 with practice and qualifying for all divisions along with 25-lap races for the Tarheel Vintage Cars and the East Coast Flatheads.

The show continued on Sunday, October 10 featuring 50-lap races for the Super Trucks and the Limited Late Models, a 25-lap race for the Speedway Champ Karts and the 250-lap feature event for the Late Model Stock Cars.  The No. 10 of 2010 NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Hickory Motor Speedway Track Champion, Andy Mercer started in the pole position for the feature event after posting a 15.127 second qualifying lap. 

The action was intense during the Pepsi Fall Brawl presented by Steele Rubber Products 250-lap Late Model Stock Car feature event, as the No. 10 of Andy Mercer led the thirteen car field to the green flag.  The No. 7 of Ashley Huffman inched his way into the lead on first lap riding out front until lap four when Mercer regained the lead bringing the No. 43 of Jesse LeFevers with him to follow behind in second.  The first caution fell on lap 13 for debris on the track.  A second caution waved on lap 26 when the No. 83 of Akinori Ogata and the No. 10 of Matt Kurzejewski connected in turn two, sending Ogata for a spin.  Caution number three came out on lap 32 after the No. 92 of Candace Muzny spun around in heading out of turn three. 

LeFevers and Huffman created an intense battle for second on lap 44 as they traded the position back and forth until lap 47 with Huffman the victor leaving LeFevers to ride around third.  A fourth caution fell on lap 76 when Ogata spun around heading into turn four.  The No. 57 of Grant Wimbish was on a mission breaking into the top three by lap 82.  On lap 84 Ogata spun again heading out of turn two, bringing out the fifth caution.  Muzny was on fire, working her way into the top five on lap 92, after falling to the back of the pack during the lap 32 caution.  Caution number six waved on lap 94 when the No. 28 of Ryan Glenski and Kurzejewski connected heading into turn two, sending Kurzejewski hard into the outside wall.  Muzny continued to work her way towards the front taking over the second place position on lap 121.  The drivers pulled into the pit after completing lap 125 for a ten minute break.  Mercer led the field at the break with Muzny, LeFevers, Wimbish and Huffman following behind second through fifth.

During the break teams were allowed to make minor adjustments to their cars, add fuel and change tires.  The field went back racing with Mercer bringing the field to the green.  Muzny moved into the lead on lap 127 leaving Mercer to follow behind her for a few laps.  A seventh caution fell on lap 128 after Glenski spun heading into turn one.  On lap 134 Ogata went for a spin in turn two after making contact with Glenski, putting Ogata in the spin cycle.  Mercer decided he was done running around second and regained the lead on lap 147, pushing Muzny back into the second place position. 

Caution number nine came out on lap 151 for debris on the track.  On lap 186 the tenth caution fell after the No. 47 of Patrick Molesworth's ride expired heading down the front stretch laying down a line of oil.  The eleventh caution fell on lap 195 during the restart when the No. 3 of Adam Long and Ogata stacked up and went for a spin on the front stretch, putting both cars out of the race bringing out the red flag for major track clean up.  The twelfth and final caution of the 250-lap event waved on lap 205 when Glenski spun down the back stretch.  The final 45 laps were smooth sailing with Mercer leading the way to the checkered flag.  Muzny would follow behind in second and Huffman in third.  The No. 87 of Tom Pistone laid back early in the race staying out of trouble, he rallied back in the later laps coming home in the fourth place position, with LeFevers earning a solid top five finish.   

The No. 12 of Austin McDaniel put on a clinic during the Limited Late Model Stock Car 50-lap race, leading every lap from the first green until the checkers.  It took two green flags to get the race started after the No. 18 of Justin Sorrow jumped out of line before coming across the starting line calling for the first yellow to fall.  The second start was flawless and McDaniel immediately began to pull away from the field.  The No. 11 of Matt Piercy slid into the top five on the second lap after going three wide with some of his fellow competitors coming out of turn four.  Piercy's ride up front wouldn't last long as the No. 97 of Dustin Turnage took over the fifth place spot on lap five.  The No. 26 of Joey Herques would break into the top five within the first fifteen laps.

By the mid-point of the race McDaniel had created a complete straight away lead over the field and began putting cars a lap down.  The second caution of the race fell on lap 24 after the No. 31 of Thomas Beane went for a spin coming out of turn four after he and Herques made contact.  Caution number three waved during the restart after the No. 28 of Mark Johnson jumped the restart.

The fourth and final caution fell on lap 26 when the Piercy and Turnage made contact coming out of turn two.  Piercy went for a spin while Turnage drove over the hood of Piercy's ride.  With 20 laps remaining Herques pulled into second with the No. 21 of Monty Cox and Sorrow battling for third.  McDaniel brought the field to the checkered flag with Herques coming home in second.  Sorrow, Turnage and Beane rounded out the top five.

The Super Trucks took to the track for their 50-lap caution free event.  The No. 98 of Jody Measamer brought the fourteen car field to the checkers.  Within the first ten laps the No. 16 of the 2010 Everything Attachment Super Trucks Division Champion, Clint Fields had moved into sixth position and begin to battle the No. 68 of Michael Cooper to battle for the fifth place spot.  Fields would capture the position by lap 15.  The No. 25 of Mark Johnson and the No. 55 of Marty Griggs pulled into the pits on lap 22, bringing their day to an early end.  The No. 8 of Doug Setzer pulled into the pits on lap 32 also ending his day prematurely. 

By the midway point Measamer had created a full straight away lead over the field and began putting cars a lap down with roughly 20 laps remaining.  With only five laps to go the No. 00 of Jamie Weatherford came to a crawl on the back stretch, but was able to pull into the pits before the truck came to a full stop.  Measamer led the field to the checkers with the No. 6 of Brandon Setzer, the No. 09 of Kevin Leicht, Fields and the No. 28 of Danny Keaton in tow to round out the top five. 

About Hickory Motor Speedway:

Known as the Birthplace of the NASCAR Stars, Hickory Motor Speedway celebrates its 59 th season of stock car racing in 2010.  Opening the gates in 1951, Hickory Motor Speedway is the oldest professional sporting venue in Catawba County, and has been credited as the longest continually operating motor speedway in the country.  Producing drivers like Ned and Dale Jarrett, Bobby Isaac, Harry Gant, Ralph Earnhardt and Dennis Setzer, it's easy to see why Hickory Motor Speedway is filled with such rich stock car racing history and has earned the title of, Birthplace of the NASCAR Stars.


Upcoming Events:

The Southeast Limited Late Model Series invades Hickory Motor Speedway Saturday, October 16 th for the MTP Tire & Racing Center, LLC 150.   The event will feature a 150-lap race for the Limited Late Models, 20-lap race for the Renegades and a 30-lap race for the 4-Cylinders.  Grandstands open at 2 p.m. with qualifying taking place at 3 p.m.  An On-Track Autograph Session with begin at 4 p.m. with racing action beginning at 5 p.m.  Tickets are only $15 for adults, $10 for teens and seniors with kids 12 and under FREE!

Pole Award Winners:

Late Model Stocks: No. 10 Andy Mercer 15.127 seconds

Limited Late Models: No. 12 Austin McDaniel 15.740 seconds

Super Trucks: No. 98 Jody Measamer 16.032 seconds

Tarheel Vintage Cars: No. 91 Tommy Buxton 16.755 seconds

East Coast Flatheads: No. 99 Johnny Johnson 17.600 seconds

Unofficial Race Results: Late Model Stock Car 250:

  1. (10) Andy Mercer
  2. (92) Candace Muzny
  3. (7) Ashley Huffman
  4. (87) Tom Pistone
  5. (43) Jesse LeFevers
  6. (10) Matt Kurzejewski
  7. (57) Grant Wimbish
  8. (28) Ryan Glenski
  9. (14) Bobby Measmer Jr.
  10. (83) Akinori Ogata
  11. (3) Adam Long
  12. (47) Patrick Molesworth
  13. (2) Kevin Leicht


Limited Late Model 50:

  1. (12) Austin McDaniel
  2. (26) Joey Harques
  3. (18) Justin Sorrow
  4. (97) Dustin Turnage
  5. (31) Thomas Beane
  6. (21) Monty Cox
  7. (28) Mark Johnson
  8. (2) Nick Waycaster
  9. (66) Travis Byrd
  10. (13) Dakota Slagle
  11. (77) Pietro Fittapaldi
  12. (37) Landon Huffman
  13. (11) Matt Piercy

Super Trucks 50:

  1. (6) Brandon Setzer
  2. (09) Kevin Leicht
  3. (16) Clint Fields
  4. (28) Danny Keaton
  5. (68) Michael Cooper
  6. (29) Ricky Dennie
  7. (7) Justin Crider
  8. (0) Chris Womack
  9. (00) Jamie Weatherford
  10. (8) Doug Setzer
  11. (25) Mark Johnson
  12. (55) Marty Griggs
  13. (10) Andy Mercer
  14. (98) Jody Measamer *

* Disqualified for failure to pass post race technical inspection

Speedway Champ Karts 20:

  1. (35) Tyler Gauthior
  2. (17) Jonathan Hager
  3. (99) Camron Ray
  4. (0) Patrick Owen
  5. (37) Kenner Brown III
  6. (47) Wesley Gonzalez
  7. (30) William Smith
  8. (21) Justin Taylor
  9. (29) Travis Steele
  10. (57) BJ Gillespie
  11. (12) Bradley Hauser
  12. (15) Kory Jarrett
  13. (77) Phil Harp
  14. (46) Kenner Brown Jr.
  15. (31) Tony Rhinehart
  16. (20) Brandon Smith
  17. (55) Justin Fulmer


Tarheel Vintage Cars 25:

  1. (91) Tommy Buxton
  2. (16) Bill Webb
  3. (77) Ken Webb
  4. (3) Jeff Mecro
  5. (5) Ron Walker
  6. (97) Ed Ritchey
  7. (21) Steve Gourler

East Coast Flatheads 25:

  1. (99) Johnny Johnson
  2. (4) Kenneth Tuttle
  3. (6) Driver Unknown
  4. (6A) Rhonda McKnight
  5. (00) Jim Brock
  6. (31) Clayton Smith
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