Wallace Dominates during the Bad Boy Mowers/Everything Attachments Bobby Isaac Memorial 200!

By: Jill Frischmann
Photos by: Legacy Video & Photography

(September 27, 2009 -- Newton, NC) It may have taken eight days and a flood of rain, but the skies cleared and Hickory Motor Speedway was able to put on the event of the season, the 33 rd Annual Bad Boy Mowers/Everything Attachments Bobby Isaac Memorial 200. This trade mark annual event was filled with fast paced racing action from the Tarheel Vintage Cars, the Limited Late Models and the Late Models the night was capped off with a spectacular fireworks show compliments of Little Caesars. Steve Wallace put on a clinic during the Bobby Isaac Memorial 200, after being penalized early in the race he powered his way back out front to take home the checkers.

The Late Models hit the asphalt for the 33 rd Annual Bad Boy Mower/Everything Attachments Bobby Isaac Memorial 200 with the #66 of Steve Wallace sitting on the pole. The competition was intense as 21 Late Models competed for the honors of winning this prestigious event, not to mention the $5,000 paycheck. The racing was fast and the action was clean during the first 100-lap segment as drivers battled for track position and bragging rights. The first caution was called by Race Officials on lap 28 for safety issues. Wallace found himself being black flagged as the field went back to green flag racing, due to jumping the restart. Wallace was brought in for a stop and go penalty, putting him in the back of the pack. With Wallace running in the back the #00 of Lucas Ransone found himself out front leading the pack, but the #59 of Coleman Pressley, the #43 of Jesse LeFevers and the #33 Roger Lee Newton were tight on Ransone's bumper looking for any opportunity to move around him.

A second caution was brought out on lap 45 for debris on the track. Wallace was on a mission to make his way back to the front of the field as he worked his way into the top ten by lap 63. On lap 65, Newton got loose exiting turn two falling off the pace. As the #57 of Grant Wimbish sailed under Newton the two made contact, they were both able to hold onto their hot rods and continue without incident. The third caution of the 200-lap feature fell on lap 71 for debris on the track in turn three. On lap 81 the #19 of Kyle Moon moved into the lead, as Ransone appeared to fall off the pace. LeFevers was also able to work his way around Ransone taking over the second place position. No one could stop Wallace as he wheeled his way into the top five by lap 85, he moved into third on lap 92 and took over second on lap 96. As the field came to the mid-race break, Moon was leading the pack with Wallace, Ransone, LeFevers and the #15 of Brandon Dean running in the top five.

The second segment didn't get quite as smooth of a start as the first as the #51 of Josh Wimbish caused the first caution of the segment and the fourth of the feature by spinning out as he headed into turn four. On lap 116 Wallace had worked his way back into the lead and began to run away from the field. The fifth and final caution fell on lap 118 as the #33 of James Goff went for a spin heading out of turn three. Twenty-five laps into the second segment (lap 125) Ransone had pulled up alongside Wallace and the two ran door to door for several laps trading the top spot back and forth. On lap 135 Ransone had pulled out front, but Wallace stayed glued to Ransone's bumper as the two pulled away from the field. On lap 144, the #92 of Candace Muzny got into the back of the #30 of Jordan McGregor heading out of turn four. McGregor bobbled coming out of the turn, but was able to hold on tight and keep his position in front of Muzny.

The #88 of Dexter Canipe Jr. was on fire during the second segment as he worked his way into the third place position by lap 150. At the same time Wallace was pulling back into the lead, where he would stay for the remainder of the feature. By lap 163 Canipe Jr. had reeled in Ransone and was looking for his opportunity to take over second, Canipe Jr. moved into the position on lap 175. With ten laps to go Pressley had moved up on Ransone and the two began to battle for position. Lap traffic allowed Ransone to pull away from Pressley, with five to go Pressley and Ransone were running door-to-door. The two ran side by side until the final lap, when the Ransone inched ahead leaving Pressley to settle for fourth. Grant Wimbish came home fifth.

The Limited Late Models had an action packed, caution filled event as they took on the Worlds' Most Famous Short Track for their 50-lap feature event. The first caution came out before a lap could be completed as the #74 of Thomas Beane spun out making contact with the outside wall in turn four, calling for a complete restart. The second caution waved on lap five when the #54 of JR Kessler spun around on the front stretch. The cautions just kept coming, as the field went green the #6 of Brandon Hudnall connected with Beane coming out of turn four sending both spinning around, bringing out the third caution. On lap 12 the #45 of Kenneth Pardue continued on his path to the front as he moved under the #7 of Jason Crouse looking to take over the fourth place position. Pardue grabbed the spot on lap 16 and began to reel in the #2 of Travis McIntyre looking to take over third.

The fourth caution was quick to follow as the #63 of Christian Pahud slid up into Crouse coming out of turn four, sending Crouse spinning onto the front stretch on lap 17. The fifth caution came out on lap 21 as the #8 of Mark McIntosh lost control heading out of turn four sending his ride spinning down the front stretch collecting the #32 of Jeremy Harrell, the #07 of Tyler Church, Hudnall, the #37 of Walter Hoke and the #5 of Todd Bradburry. As the field went back to green flag racing the #21 of Monty Cox pulled under McIntyre looking to move into the third place position. The two raced side by side until lap 36 when Cox captured the position. With fifteen laps to go, Hoke wobbled coming out of turn two and headed into the outside wall, at the same time the #51 of Ryan Vasconellos spun around in between turns three and four. The seventh and final caution came out during the restart as Crouse and the #32 of Jerry Miracle connected heading out of turn two.

With three laps to go things really got exciting as the #28 of Chris Chapman pulled up alongside the #17 of pole sitter Kyle Mansch and began his battle for the lead. The two raced door to door as the two sailed out of turn four on the final lap with Mansch bringing the field to the checkers. Chapman, Cox, McIntyre and Church completed the top five.

The Tarheel Vintage cars got things started as they headed out onto the track for a 20-lap race. It was an impressive and clean race as the #12 of Johnny Gregory grabbed the top spot from pole sitter, the #16 of Bill Webb as the field cleared turn three on the first lap. As the field of vintage cars made their way around the track they began to spread out leaving Gregory and Webb to run out front. On lap five the #90 of Dennis Hinkle pulled off the track as smoke trailed behind this ride. Webb had enough of running around in second and pulled up along-side Gregory on lap 12. On lap 13 the two were running down the back stretch side by side as Webb moved back out front to take the checkers, leaving Gregory, the #77 of Ken Webb, the #21 of Steve Gourley and the #35 of Steve Penson to round out the top five.

Up Coming Events:

Join us next Saturday, October 3 rd for Parts Plus Night of Thunder featuring the USCS Sprint Cars, the USAC Ford Focus Midgets, the Hickory Super Trucks, the Hickory 4 Cylinders and the Open Wheeled Modifieds. Gates open at 5 PM with racing at 7:30 PM. Please visit www.uscsracing.com for more information about the event and ticket prices.

Fans won't want to miss the 2009 Fall Brawl presented by Pepsi. This spectacular two-day event will run on Saturday and Sunday, October 10 th and 11 th . Fans can catch qualifying for the Late Models, Limited Late Models along with racing action for the Hickory 4 Cylinders, Renegades and Vintage Cars on Saturday. Grandstands open at 4:30PM with qualifying immediately following. Feature racing action begins at 7 PM. Saturday tickets are only $5 for adults with kids ages 12 and under FREE.

On Sunday, fans will witness some of the best racing action in the country during the 250-lap Late Model feature, the 50-lap Limited Late Model feature and the 50-lap Hickory Super Truck feature. Grandstands open at 12 PM with an On Track Autograph Session taking place at 2 PM and racing action beginning at 3 PM. Sunday tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for teens and seniors, $7 for kid's ages 12-7 with kids 6 and under FREE.

Visit www.hickorymotorspeedway.com for more information about the show and how you can become the next Miss Hickory Motor Speedway.

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Pole Award Winners

Late Models: 66 Stephen Wallace 15.318 seconds

Limited Late Models: 17 Kyle Mansch 15.917 seconds

Tarheel Vintage Cars:16 Bill Webb 16.606 seconds

Hickory Motor Speedway

NASCAR Whelen All-American Series


LATE MODEL STOCKS •  66 Steve Wallace •  88 Dexter Canipe Jr. •  00 Lucas Ransome •  59 Coleman Pressley •  57 Grant Wimbish •  15 Brandon Dean •  51 Chris Lawson •  30 Jordan McGregor •  5 Brennan Poole •  92 Candace Muzny •  33 James Goff •  36 Anthony Anders 13. 54 Kaleb Pressley 14. 38 Roger Newton 15. 82 Justin Sorrow 16. 9 Jason Payne 17. 19 Kyle Moon 18. 43 Jesse LeFevers 19. 21 Roger Powell 20. 51 Josh Wimbish 21. 32 Kyle Grissom

LIMITED LATE MODEL •  17 Kyle Mansch •  28 Chris Chapman •  21 Monty Cox •  2 Travis McIntyre •  07 Tyler Church •  28 Mark Johnson •  51 Ryan Vasconellos •  55 Zach Bruenger •  6 Brandon Hudnall •  7 Jason Crouse •  32 Jeremy Harrell •  32 Jerry Miracle •  37 Walter Hoke •  63 Christian Pahud •  45 Kenneth Pardue •  8 Mark McIntosh •  5 Todd Bradburry •  54 JR Kessler •  74 Thomas Beane •  66 Travis Byrd

TARHEEL VINTAGE 1. 16 Bill Webb 2. 12 Jonny Gregory 3. 77 Ken Webb 4. 21 Steve Gourley 5. 35 Steve Penson 6. 97 Matt Reilly




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