Mercer Continues On A Roll…

By: Jill Frischmann
Hickory Motor Speedway News
June 6th , 2009
Photos by: Legacy Video & Photography

(June 6, 2009 -- Newton, NC) It couldn't have been a more beautiful night for racing as the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series drivers took to the track for Steele Rubber Products Night at the races. The night featured appearances by the Bojangles Late Models, Advance Auto Parts Limiteds, Bad Boy Mowers Super Trucks, Hickory Street Stocks, Red Baron Race Parts Hobby Stocks and the Ford Focus Midgets. The night had an all too familiar component - the #10, Bojangles Late Model driver, Andy Mercer headed back to victory lane after the 50 feature event.

The Bojangles Late Models put on quite a show for the fans during their 50 lap feature event. It was a familiar start as the #10 of pole sitter, Andy Mercer, led the field around the track. During the first portion of the race it looked as though the #7 of Ashley Huffman had brought the car that could beat Mercer, but Huffman spent a good portion of the race in third place trying to maneuver around the #25 of David Wilson. On lap 23 Huffman jumped to the inside of Wilson and set his sights for Mercer. Mercer was able to hold onto his lead, but Huffman was gaining on him. On lap 31 the first caution of the event flew for debris on the front stretch.

It didn't take long for the second caution to come out as the #92 of Candace Muzny got into the back of the #16 of Sean Brierley as they headed out of turn four, sending Brierly for a spin down the front stretch where he collected the #44 of Ryan Rust. With 12 laps remaining Muzny went for a spin on the back stretch after making contact with the #51 of Josh Wimbish, bringing out the third and final caution of the feature. From the restart it looked as though Huffman might have a shot at Mercer, but Mercer was too much to catch leaving Huffman to settle for a second place finish. The #57 of Grant Wimbish spent the last few laps running side by side with the #6 of Cole Miktuk as they battled for the fourth place position. The two connected causing Grant Wimbish to lose momentum and surrender the spot to Miktuk. Miktuk went on to battle Wilson for third and fought until the bitter end, but he just didn't have enough to move ahead of Wilson, allowing Wilson to finish third. Miktuk and Grant Wimbish completed the top five.

The Advance Auto Parts Limiteds kept the action going as they hit the asphalt during their 35 lap event. It didn't take long for the field to stretch with pole sitter, the #17 of Kyle Mansch, leading the pack. The #49 of Josh Wright spent much of the first portion of the event attached to the bumper of Mansch looking for the opportunity to strike and move into the lead, but Mansch powered on leaving Wright in his wake. The first caution of the event was waved on lap 22 when the #69 of Trevor Hignutt and the #33 of Cory Joyce made contact as the field headed out of turn two, sending Hignutt into a spin down the back stretch. It wasn't long before caution number two came out as the #83 of David Hasson spun around heading into turn two.

At the restart the #5 of Dexter Canipe Jr. pulled up alongside Wright. The two ran door to door until lap 27 when Canipe Jr. slid past Wright as they came down the front stretch and took over second place. The third and final caution flew on lap 31 when Hasson spun out again, this time down the back stretch. During the final laps Wright began to battle Joyce for third. The two raced door to door as they came to the finish line where Joyce inched ahead of Wright taking the spot, leaving Wright to settle for fourth. The #07 of Tyler Church rounded out the top five.

It didn't take long for the Bad Boy Mowers Super Trucks to create excitement as the #44 of Ron Hall lost control heading into turn one on the first lap bringing out the first caution during the 35 lap race. On lap four the #25 of Mark Johnson found his way into the top spot and led the field around the track for the remaining 31 laps. A second caution was called due to debris on the track. The back of the field bunched up at the restart and looked as though they were going to cause quite a commotion, but the drivers held on tight and brought their trucks around without incident. On lap 28 the third and final caution came out when Hall spun out for a second time. Johnson led the flock to the checkers leaving the #11 of Thomas Beane, the #5 of Johnny James, the #13 of Matt Johnson and the #88 of Tyler Baird to complete the top five respectively.

The #15 of Waylon Flynn put on a clinic during the 30 lap event for the Hickory Street Stocks. The only caution of the race was brought out on lap seven for debris on the track. From the restart Flynn continued on his wave of dominance leading the field around the track not letting anything get in his way, not even lap traffic. With five laps to go the #00 of Ronnie Buckner got up alongside the #32 of Jeremy Harrell, looking to move into the fourth place position. Buckner was able to inch by Harrell at the finish line leaving Harrell to settle for a fifth place finish. The #88 of Josh Burchette and the #64 of Marshall Sutton came home with a second and third place finish.

The Red Baron Race Parts Hobby Stocks were a sight to see during the 20 lap event. The #90 of Ronnie Sims was quick to jump to the point from his second place starting position, bringing the #82 of Bradley Hasson with him for the ride. On lap six the #1 of James Flynn began to battle the #01 of Paul Wyatt for third. The two were running door to door trading the spot back and forth as they raced down the back stretch. On the last lap it looked as though the spot was Flynn's, until the two connected in turn one sending Flynn spinning around. No caution was called as Flynn was able to move out of harm's way before the leader (Sims) came around to take the checkers. Hasson, Wyatt, the #9 of Scott Bumgarner and Flynn completed the top five.

The fans were in for a special treat as the Ford Focus Midgets hit the track during Steele Rubber Products Night at the Races for a 35 lap feature. The midgets feature was action packed as these mini hot rods whipped around the track. The #24 of Mike Sboro was on the move the moment the green flag waved. Sboro quickly slid into second from his third place starting position on lap one and then grabbed the lead coming off of turn four during the second lap. The #2 of Jeremy Frankoski was on a mission as he took over the second place position by lap five. The #44 of Eric Commes was quick to follow Frankoski and zipped into the third place position on lap nine.

Only ten laps into the caution free race Sboro and Frankoski had a gained a full straight away lead over the rest of the field. On lap 17 Commes and the #96 of Steven Intravaia made contact heading into turn two, causing them both to lose momentum allowing the #14 of Scott Hunter to sail past the two and take over the third place position. Frankoski was over riding around second, with ten laps remaining he jumped into the lead and pulled away from the field leaving Sboro, Hunter Intravaia and the #42 of Shane MacMillian to round out the top five.

Be sure to join us next Saturday, June 13 th for Church Appreciation Night at the Races presented by Bojangles. The night will include the high speed racing action of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series featuring the Bojangles Late Models, the Advance Auto Parts Limiteds, the Hickory Street Stocks, the Red Baron Race Parts Hobby Stocks and the Faster Pastor golf cart race. Tickets for the event are only $5 for members of participating Churches. Grandstands open at 4pm for a youth fellowship with food, music and a brief message. Qualifying begins at 5PM with an On Track Autograph Session at 6PM and feature racing action at 7PM. The first 500 fans to enter through the gates of the World's Most Famous Short Track will receive a Bojangles gift card worth anywhere from $1 to $100!

To get your church involved in the event please contact the speedway office at 828-464-3655.

Remember if you're not here you're missing out!

Pole Award Winners

Bojangles Late Models: 10 – Andy Mercer – 15.277 seconds

Advance Auto Parts Limiteds: 17 – Kyle Mansch – 15.993 seconds

Bad Boy Mowers Super Trucks:11 – Thomas Beane

Hickory Street Stocks: 15 – Waylon Flynn – 17.052 seconds

Ford Focus Midgets: 2 – Jeremy Frankoski – 14.987 seconds

Tommy Johnson's Performance Parts Warehouse Hard Charger Winners

Bojangles Late Models: 19 – Kyle Moon

Advance Auto Parts Limiteds: 10 – Bryan Weatherman

Bad Boy Mowers Super Trucks: 25 – Mark Johnson

Hickory Street Stocks: 00 – Ronnie Buckner

Red Baron Race Parts Hobby Stocks: 90 – Ronnie Sims

Hickory Motor Speedway

NASCAR Whelen All-American Series



1.           10               Andy Mercer
2.             7               Ashley Huffman
3.           25               David Wilson 
4.           6                 Cole Miktuk
5.           57               Grant Wimbish
6.           88               Dexter Canipe Jr.
7.           33               James Goff
8.           19               Kyle Moon
9.           43               Jesse Lefevers
10.        36               Neil Meredith
11.        51               Josh Wimbish
12.        12               Caitlin Shaw
13.        48               James Fox
14.        41               Brian Curry
15.        92               Candace Muzny
16.        44               Ryan Rust
17.        16               Sean Brierley
18.        38               David Ervin
1.           17               Kyle Mansch
2.             5               Dexter Canipe Jr.
3.           33               Cory Joyce
4.           49               Josh Wright
5.           07               Tyler Church
6.           24               Taylor Doggett
7.             8               Mark McIntosh
8.           14               Brandon Cox
9.        10               Bryan Weatherman
10.      42               Terrance Tucker
11.      69               Trevor Hignutt
12.      32               Justin Sorrow
13.        7               Jason Smith
14.        6               Brandon Hudnall
15.      83               David Hasson
16.      54               JR Kessler
17.      21               Bill Cassavaugh - DQ
1.           15               Waylon Flynn
2.           88               Josh Burchette
3.           64               Marshall Sutton
4.           00               Ronnie Buckner
5.           32               Jeremy Harrell
6.           03               Kevin Eby
7.             5               Mike Newton
8.           71               Robert Divanna
9.             7               Gary Ledbetter
10.        54               Michael Harris
11.          9               Charlie Watson
12.        23               Darrell Wright
13.          9               Jon Austin
       1.         25               Mark Johnson
       2.         11               Thomas Beane
       3.           5               Johnny James                                  
       4.         13               Matt Johnson
       5.         88               Tyler Baird
       6.           6               Brandon Setzer
       7.           0               Jody Church
       8.         10               Barry Williams
       9.         15               Jenn Crossman
     10.         44               Ron Hall
       1.         90               Ronnie Sims
       2.         82               Bradley Hasson
       3.         01               Paul Wyatt
       4.           9               Scott Bumgarner
       5.           1               James Flynn
       1.           2               Jeremy Frankoski
       2.         24               Mike Sboro
       3.         14               Scott Hunter
       4.         96               Steven Intravaia
       5.         43               Shane MacMillian
       6.         19               Chris Lamb
       7.         45               Rick Fedrizzi
       8.         17               Bryce Burden
       9.         22               Billy Gawle
     10.         00               Amanda Quinonones
     11.         16               Scott Gordon
     12.         44               Eric Coomes


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