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Jill Frischmann – Hickory Motor Speedway
Photos by: Legacy Video & Photography



(Newton, NC – April 4, 2009) The drivers were back in action at the World's Most Famous Short Track, Hickory Motor Speedway. After Hickory Motor Speedway took a weekend off, due to rain, the drivers were itching to get back on the track for some fast paced racing action. The second round of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series featured appearances by the Bojangles Late Models, the Advance Auto Parts Limiteds, the Bad Boy Mowers Super Trucks, the Hickory Street Stocks and the Hickory 4 Cylinders. Fans couldn't have asked for a better show during AT&T Real Yellow Pages Night at the Races, as hot shoe Andy Mercer (#10) muscled his way back into the top spot during the night's Bojangles Late Model feature performance.

The AT&T Real Yellow Pages Night at the Races was filled with clean, exciting racing. With only one caution in the Bojangles Late Model feature, the racing was smooth but the drivers put on a show that kept fans on the edge of their seats. On lap two the #12 of Caitlin Shaw found herself heading into the spin cycle as she headed into turn two, bringing out the first and only caution of the 50 lap feature. The #92 of Candace Muzny, showed off her driving skills on lap eight when the #47 of Patrick Molesworth got into the back end of Muzny's ride as the two headed out of turn four. Molesworth got Muzny loose, but she was able to hold onto the car without losing position on the track.

By the mid-point of the feature the #10 of Andy Mercer, the #43 of Jesse LeFevers and the #7 of Ashley Huffman were running nose to tail leading the field by five car lengths over the #88 of Dexter Canipe Jr. and the rest of the pack. It was Muzny's night to prove herself to her fellow competitors, on lap 29 Shaw got into the back end of Muzny coming out of turn four. Once again Muzny powered on holding onto the car and her track position.

Late in the feature Huffman was putting the pressure on LeFevers, as he was eager to take over the second place position. Huffman made the final pass and grabbed the spot on lap 36. With ten laps to go the #6 of Cole Miktuk was able to maneuver around Canipe Jr., taking over the fourth place position leaving Canipe Jr. to round out the top five. As Huffman was closing on Mercer, lap traffic allowed Huffman to move up to his rear bumper, but there just wasn't enough time for Huffman to make the pass as Mercer sailed into victory lane. “The car was pretty good all day, we faulted in qualifying…we needed to win!” Mercer proclaimed from victory lane.

A clean, caution free event was what entertained the fans as the Advance Auto Parts Limiteds took to the track for their 35 lap event. The #17 of pole sitter Kyle Mansch and the #49 of Josh Wright ran the first five laps side by side. It didn't take Mansch long to show his dominance over the field as he began putting cars a lap down within the first ten laps of the event. As the race continued Mansch picked cars off one by one, putting them a lap down. With four to go Mansch began to challenge the #14 of Brandon Cox and the #45 of Kenneth Pardue, shooting to put both cars one lap down before he took the checkered flag. Cox fell prey to Mansch, but Pardue was able to hold off the race dominator. The #25 of Nick Proffitt found himself going for a spin after making contact with a fellow competitor on the track heading into turn two, Mansch had already crossed the finish line, at the time of the wreck, causing no caution to fly. Wright, the #24 of Taylor Doggett, the #14 of Bobby Measmer and the #33 of Cory Joyce completed the top five.

It was safe to say that the Bad Boy Mower Super Trucks lived up to their name for a second week. With tough, clean competition on the track it was no wonder the 35 lap race came down to a photo finish. On lap one the #68 of Michael Cooper shot passed pole sitter the #25 of Mark Johnson to take over the lead. Johnson stayed on the bumper of Cooper for the first portion of the race, until lap 14 when the two were heading out of turn four when Johnson ducked under Cooper to regain the top spot. The #69 of Trevor Hignutt spent the first 25 laps ridding around, then with ten to go Hignutt began to make his move on Johnson and Cooper. With the help of lap traffic Hignutt was able to sail past Cooper for second. With three laps remaining, Hignutt squeezed his way into the top spot, but Johnson wasn't going to let the position go that easily as he jumped back out to the front.

On the last lap the #6 of Brandon Setzer, spun out backing his truck into the wall in turn three, bringing out the first and only caution of the event. It was a two lap shoot out with Johnson and Hignutt running side by side, both chasing the checkers. The two came out of turn four running door to door as they made their way to the finish line. It was literally a photo finish, as race officials turned to video and track photographer, Debra Slater-Manter for official tie breaking results. Johnson was the race winner, leaving Hignutt to settle for second. “It was a blast, I feel real good,” Johnson exclaimed in victory lane. Cooper, the #44 of Ron Hall and the #11 of Thomas Beane rounded out the top five respectively.

The Hickory Street Stocks kept the action going as they took to the track for a 30 event. The #15 of pole sitter Waylon Flynn took a commanding lead over the field. Ten laps into the event Flynn had continued to grow his lead over the field, with the #25 of Jeremy Pelfrey running in a solid second place position. “This is the first race in this car, it seems to be a good one,” Flynn later stated from the winners circle. A battle for third was in play as the #03 of Kevin Eby stuck to the bumper of the #64 of Marshall Sutton trying to grab the spot. Sutton's ride proved to be too much to overcome leaving Eby to settle for fourth. The #88 of Josh Burchette had a solid run as he worked his way up to a top five finishing position after starting last in the pack.

Making their track debut, the Hickory 4 Cylinders showed fans, the best is always saved for last. The Hickory 4 Cylinders put on an exciting show during their 25 lap race. The #81 of Shane Canipe was able to take over the lead from pole sitter, the #21 of Todd Harrington, early in the race. The #4 of Adam Beaver fell back early, losing his fourth place starting position when the #9 of Randy Canipe and the #18 of Devon Hawn moved Beaver out of the way early in the race. Shane Canipe continued to grow his lead over the field using lap traffic as a pick. With five laps remaining Harrington had caught back up to Shane Canipe and was looking to take back the lead, but he just didn't have enough to overpower Canipe, leaving Harrington to settle for second. The #16 of Randy Freeze, Randy Canipe and Hawn rounded out the top five.

Be sure to join us next Saturday night, April 11 th , for the PASS Super Late Models Easter Bunny 150. That's right 150 laps of green flag high speed super late model racing! The night will also feature appearances by the Lucas Board Plumbing PASS Late Model Trucks with a 75 lap feature and the Allison Legacies with a 50 lap feature. Grandstands open at 4:00 PM with qualifying immediately following, racing action beginning at 6:00 PM, with the PASS Super Late Models taking to the track at 8:00 PM. Tickets are only $20 for adults, $10 for juniors 13 - 17, and kid 12 and under FREE!

The NASCAR Whelen All-American Series will be back for the third round of racing action on Saturday April 18 th . Whelen Night at the Races will feature the Advance Auto Parts Limited, The Hickory Street Stocks, the Red Baron Race Parts Hobby Stocks, the Ford Focus Midgets and a special 100 lap feature for the Bonjangles Late Models. Grandstands open at 5:00 PM with qualifying immediately following, an On Track Autograph Session at 6:00 PM, with feature racing action beginning at 7:00 PM. Tickets are only $10 for adults, $7 for Seniors and Teens, $4 for kids 7-12 with 6 and under FREE! Don't miss the great deals for the family, Family Packs ONLY $25 (2 adults and all of their children under 12). Visit for more information.

Pole Winners:

Bojangles Late Models: 43 – Jesse LeFevers – 15.130 seconds

Advance Auto Parts Limiteds:17 – Kyle Mansch – 15.709 seconds

Bad Boy Mowers Super Trucks:25 – Mark Johnson – 15.895 seconds

Hickory Street Stocks:15 – Waylon Flynn – 16.801 seconds

Hickory 4 Cylinders:21 – Todd Harrington

Unofficial Race Results:

1.  #10 Andy Mercer
2 .#7 Ashley Huffman
3. #43 Jesse LeFevers
4. # 6 Cole Miktuk
5. # 88 Dexter Canipe Jr.
6. #25 David Wilson
7.  #74 Jarit Johnson
8. # 51 Josh Wimbish
9.  #33 James Goff
10. # 57 Grant Wimbish
11.  #25  Ross Furr
12.  #8  Brennen Poole
13.  #33  Roger Newton
14. #47  Patrick Molesworth
15.  #92  Candance Muzny
16.  #12  Caitlin Shaw
1.  #17  Kyle Mansch
2.    #49 Josh Wright
3.  #24 Taylor Doggett
4.   #14  Bobby Measmer
5.  # 33  Cory Joyce
6. # 37  Keith Bumgarner
7.   #45   Kenneth Pardue
8. #32 Justin Sorrow
9.#25 Nick Proffitt
10. #14 Brandon Cox
11. #7 Jason Smith
12.#83 David Hasson
13. #6 Brandon Hudnall
14.#54 JR Kessler
1. # 25 Mark Johnson
2. #69 Trevor Hignutt
3. #68 Michael Cooper
4. #44  Ron Hall
5.  #11  Thomas Beane
6.  # 09  Scott Whitaker
7. #6 Brandon Setzer
8. # 0 Jody Church
9. #10  Barry Williams
10. # 15 Jen Crossman
1.  #15  Waylon Flynn
2.  # 25  Jeremy Pelfrey
3.  # 64 Marshall Sutton
4 # 03 Kevin Eby
5.# 88 Josh Burchette
6.  #32  Jeremy Harrell
7. # 1  Taylor Stricklin
8. #71 Robert Divanna
9.# 5  Mike Newton
10. #87  Jon Austin
    1. #21 Todd Harrington
    2. #16  Randy Freeze
    3. #9 Randy Canipe
    4. #18 Devon Haun
    5. #4 Adam Beaver
    6.#07  Matt Laws
    7.#28 Kyle Pierce
    8. #98 Rob Lewis
    9. #98 Wild Bill Lambert
       10.# 81 Shane Canipe - DQ                                                               


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