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Story by:Jill Frischmann

Hickory Motor Speedway News
Apr 25, 2009
Photos by: Legacy Video & Photography

(Newton, NC – April 25, 2009) Fans experienced a fantastic show as the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series took to the track at the Birthplace of the NASCAR Stars, Hickory Motor Speedway. The Bojangles Late Models, Advance Auto Parts Limiteds, Bad Boy Mowers Super Trucks, the Hickory Street Stocks and the Hickory 4 Cylinders put on a show like no other during USG Night at the Races. The #10 of Late Model driver Andy Mercer put on a clinic as he once again found his way to victory lane during the 50-lap feature.

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The Bojangles Late Models put on an amazing show as the 16 car field hit the track on during their 50-lap feature. It didn't take long for the first caution to fly; on lap five the #12 of Caitlin Shaw, the #92 of Candice Munzy, and the #47 of Patrick Molesworth made contact as they came out of turn three sending Muzny and Molesworth hard into the outside wall. At the restart the #43 of Jesse LeFevers was tight on the back end of Mercer looking for a chance to take over the top spot. At lap 16 the #88 of Dexter Canipe Jr. found his way hard into the outside wall of turn two, bringing out the second caution of the feature. Shaw was having a hard time keeping things going on the track as she brought out caution number three when she spun out on the backstretch.

The caution filled event continued when the #6 of Cole Miktuk and the #7 of Ashley Huffman connected coming out of turn two sending Miktuk for a wild spin down the backstretch. With ten laps to go the #33 of James Goff began working on Huffman trying to capture the third position, Huffman proved too much to tame leaving Goff to settle for fourth. Only three laps remained when the fifth and final caution flew as the #20 of Ryan Glenski went for a spin as he entered turn one. Mercer managed to hold onto his pole position throughout the feature, leaving LeFevers, Huffman, Goff and the #25 of David Wilson to complete the top five.

The Advance Auto Parts Limiteds kept the action going as they hit the asphalt for their 35-lap event. The #49 of Josh Wright was quick to jump to the point, stealing the lead from pole sitter, #17, Kyle Mansch. Just as Wright was making his move the #25 of Nick Proffitt brought out the first caution as he went spinning heading out of turn four. At the restart Mansch stayed tight on the bumper of Wright as the two pulled away from the field. On lap 20 Mansch made his move on Wright and regained the lead. On lap 22 the #54 of J.R. Kessler lost it heading into turn two bringing the second caution of the event. With ten to go the #24 of Taylor Doggett went around in turn two bringing out the third and final caution. With five laps remaining the #14 of Brandon Cox squeezed by the #2 of Travis McIntosh taking over the third position, leaving McIntosh to settle for fourth. The #21 of Monty Cox rounded out the top five.

The Bad Boy Mowers Super Trucks hit the track in true “bad boy” fashion, as the #15 of Jen Crossman brought out the first caution on lap one of the 30-lap event, when she went for a spin heading out of turn one. It didn't take long for the #69 of pole sitter Trevor Hignutt to pull away from the field. As Hignutt was growing his lead, the #6 of Brandon Setzer stayed glued to the back bumper of the #25 of Mark Johnson looking for his chance to strike and take over second place. As Setzer was trying to make his move on Johnson, the #44 of Ron Hall was sneaking up on Setzer. Hall was ready to sail past Setzer on the outside, when Crossman went spinning for a second time on the backstretch bringing out the second and final caution. On the restart Setzer didn't quit working on Johnson, running the low side, Setzer made his move and captured the second place position with eight laps to go. In the final laps Hall tried to make a move on Johnson for third, but time ran out leaving Hall to settle for fourth. The #88 of Tyler Baird rounded out the top five respectively.

The Hickory Street Stocks kept the fans on the edge of their seats during the 30-lap race. The #10 of Kevin Townsend held on tight to his pole position and wouldn't let anyone have an opportunity to touch it, as he took a commanding lead over the field early in the race. The first caution of the event waved on lap 22 when the #99 of Jonathan Smith spun out heading into turn three. On lap 23, the second and final caution fell, as the #5 of Mike Newton slammed hard into the turn one outside wall. After the restart Smith made an amazing comeback as he worked his way from the back of the pack up to the third place position. The #25 of Jeremy Pelfrey finished second, with the #03 of Kevin Eby and the #32 of Jeremy Harrell completing the top five.

The Hickory 4 Cylinders put on a show like no other during their 25-lap event. The #9 of Randy Canipe was quick to jump into the lead at the start. On lap two the first caution was brought out when the #99 of Matt Elledge spun out as the field headed into turn two. Elledge didn't let this misfortune get him down, as he rallied back making his way up front with only five laps to go. In the final laps the excitement was found in the front of the pack as Canipe and the #18 of Devon Haun fought hard for the top spot. Haun ran Canipe up the track as they headed into turn four. This move didn't quite pan out like Hawn would have liked, as he spun himself out causing the second and final caution. Canipe was able to hold on and keep his machine headed in the right direction. The #21 of Todd Harrington and the #28 of Kyle Pierce slammed on the brakes to avoid making contact with Haun, sending Pierce spinning along side Haun. The caution led to a green, white, checker finish. With Canipe holding strong at the restart he was able to finish in the top spot, leaving Harrington, Elledge, the #17 of Curtis Pardue and Haun to complete the top five.

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Pole Winners:

Bojangles Late Models: 10 – Andy Mercer – 15.258 seconds

Advance Auto Parts Limiteds: 17 – Kyle Mansch – 16.010 seconds

Bad Boy Mowers Super Trucks: 69 – Trevor Hignutt – 16.014 seconds

Hickory Street Stocks: 10 – Kevin Townsend – 17.028 seconds

Hickory 4 Cylinders: 21 – Todd Harrington – 16.647 seconds

Official Race Results:

Bojangles Late Model USG 50

1.           10               Andy Mercer
2.           43               Jesse LeFevers
3.             7               Ashley Huffman
4.           33               James Goff
5.           25               David Wilson
6.           51               Josh Wimbish
7.             6               Cole Miktuk
8.           28               Chris Chapman
9.           51               Chris Lawson
10.        36               Neil Meredith
11.        12               Caitlin Shaw
12.        57               Grant Wimbish
13.        20               Ryan Glenski
14.        47               Patrick Molesworth
15.        92               Candace Muzny
16.        88               Dexter Canipe Jr.
1.           17               Kyle Mansch
2.           49               Josh Wright
3.           14               Brandon Cox
4.             2               Travis McIntire
5.           21               Monty Cox
6.           32               Justin Sorrow
7.           33               Cory Joyce
 8.         8               Mark McIntosh
 9.       25               Nick Proffitt
10.      24               Taylor Doggett
11.        6               Brandon Hudnall
12.      83               David Hasson
13.      54               JR Kessler
1.            6                Brandon Setzer
2.           25               Mark Johnson
3.           44               Ron Hall 
4.           88               Tyler Baird
5.             4               Ernie Harris
6.           10               Barry Williams
7.             0               Jody Church
8.           15               Jen Crossman
9.           11               Thomas Beane
10.        69               Trevor Hignutt - DQ
1.           10               Kevin Townsend
2.           25               Jeremy Pelfrey
3.           99               Jonathan Smith
4.           03               Kevin Eby
5.           32               Jeremy Harrell
6.           64               Marshall Sutton
7.           88               Josh Burchette
8.             5               Mike Newton
9.           15               Waylon Flynn
10.          1               Taylor Stricklin
11.          4               Shane McKee
       1.           9               Randy Canipe
       2.         21               Todd Harrington
       3.         99               Matt Elledge                                   
       4.         17               Curtis Pardue
       5.         18               Devon Haun
       6.         48               Doug Setzer
       7.         07               Matt Laws
       8.         28               Kyle Pierce
       9.         81               Shane Canipe
     10.         66               Walter Hoke
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