Pressley Rolls into Victory Lane Once Again…

Story By: Jill Frischmann
Photos by: Legacy Video & Photography
May 10, 2008

(Newton, NC) It was a beautiful night at the World's Most Famous Short Track as the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series took to the track for a night of fast paced racing action. It was the first night of the season when race fans and racing action wasn't threatened by rain. However, the warm weather made for slick track conditions which proved to be a challenge for some and an advantage to others who to the track at Hickory Motor Speedway.

Coleman Pressley showed that track conditions were to his liking as he sailed his way to the checkers during the 50 lap Bojangles Late Model feature. From his WynnCom pole position the #59 of Coleman Pressley jumped out to the front of the field the moment the green flag waved, taking the third place car of #7 Shane Huffman with him. Within the first ten laps Coleman had gained a three car lead on Huffman, who had a four car lead over the field. The field was starting to stretch out by lap 15 when the first and only caution flew as the the #57 of Grant Wimbish got pinched in tight traffic and spun on the front stretch.

Huffman used the restart as an opportunity to grab the lead from Pressley, but his attempt was unsuccessful and Pressley would hold onto his first place position for the remaining laps of the race. “We're on a roll!” Pressley exclaimed during a post race interview. After the restart, Huffman found himself being slowly overtaken by the field as started to fight an ill handling race car. Only lap 20 the #89 of David Latour Jr. used Huffman's misfortune to his advantage as he took second place from Huffman, which is where he would stay the remainder of the race, by lap 21 Huffman had fallen into to fifth place. The #61 of Chase Austin showed that a slick race track was working to his advantage as well, as he moved into the fifth position on lap 28.

It just wasn't Huffman's night as he continued to lose track position. With eleven laps to go Huffman, the #43 of Jesse LeFevers and the #31 of Kyle Grissom were three wide heading out of turn four, when Huffman was squeezed out leaving him with a ninth place finish. The #10 of Andy Mercer, Austin and the #42 of Todd Goble completed the top five.

A warm slick track was the key for the #97 of Keith Bumgarner who drove his way into victory circle during the Advance Auto Parts Super Truck 35 lap feature. Bumgarner jumped to the lead from his second place starting position as soon as the green flag waved. The excitement at the beginning of the race was brought on by the #59 of Rock Harris who spent several laps going three wide with the #16 of Mack Little III and the #94 of Ben Ebeling as he tried to pry his way into the top five, with no luck. The first caution of the feature flew on lap six as the #4 of Jon Fleming, who was black flagged, slowed on the back stretch.

Bumgarner jumped back to the point at the restart and managed to gain a two car lead over the field. “I pretty much like a slick race track,” Bumgarner later stated in Victory Lane. A slick track was not friendly to the #7 of Joseph Boyer as he wobbled coming out of turn four on lap 11. Boyer was able to hold on and save his truck from serious damage as he straightened out his ride coming down the front stretch. That wasn't the story for the #10 of Barry Williams on lap 22, when he found himself extremely loose coming out of turn four. Williams fishtailed down the front stretch and finally spun out heading into turn one, bringing out the second caution of the event. With only ten laps to go, Little made his move on the WynnCom pole sitter of #69 Trevor Hignutt for second place. Hignutt showed no mercy as he blocked Little who would ultimately finish third. Ebeling and Harris would round out the top five.

The Hickory Street Stocks provide race fans with excitement like no other during the 30 lap feature. The #03 of Kevin Eby shook things up on the first lap when he wobbled coming off of turn three as he was making a move for first. Eby was able to hold onto his ride and settled back into the second place position as he exited turn four. On lap four the WynnCom pole sitter of #21 Monty Cox pulled off the track with mechanical issues that would park him for the remaining laps of the event. With Cox out of the running, Eby was able to move into the lead and take the field for a ride.

The first and only caution of the event was brought out on lap 16 as the #89 of Jennifer Crossman got loose coming out of turn four, sending her into a spin putting the back end of her ride into the wall. After running a few caution laps Crossman pulled off for the remaining laps. From the restart Eby took the field out for a game of follow the leader. The #64 of Marshall Sutton, #5 of Mike Newton, #71 of Robert Divanna and the #39 of Don Crate complete the top five respectively.

The Hickory Pro 4's put on another spectacular show as the field took to the track for the 25 lap feature. It was a clean start for the field when the green flag waved. By lap six the action had begun as the #09 of Randy Canipe battled the #57 of Josh Wimbish for the third place position. Wimbish was able to hold onto his position, but would later pull off the track with mechanical issues. The first caution of the event was brought out as the #21 of Todd Harrington spun coming out of turn four, putting him in the back of the pack for the restart. Harrington managed to maneuver his way back through the field during the remaining laps of the feature.

On lap 17, the #17 of Curtis Pardue cut a right front tire and got into the #66 of Scott Wallace as they headed into turn four, brining

out the second caution of the event. During the caution Wimbish pulled in for some help from his crew. As he made his was back onto the track for the restart he found himself struggling to get his hot rod moving and stalled in turn one, bringing out the third and final caution of the event. All the restarts put Harrington in the right position to regain his second place starting position by the end of the feature. WynnCom pole sitter #16 Randy Freeze was able to hold onto his position from the first lap of the feature, Canipe, Wallace and Pardue made up the top five.

The field keeps getting bigger and the action keeps getting better for the Red Baron Race Parts Hobby Stocks. The #8 of Terry Whitman was eager to move into the first place position as he made a move under the #83 of David Hasson on lap three. The move by Whitman caused Hasson to get loose coming out of turn one pushing Hasson into second place. The #01 of Paul Wyatt spent most of the 20 lap feature fighting an ill handling race car causing him to fall to the back of the pack.

The #82 of Jeremy Whitman was the man to beat as he worked his way through the field picking off cars one by one. On lap thirteen Jeremy Whitman worked his way under Terry Whitman going into turn four to capture second place. With four to go Jeremy Whitman passed the #85 of Jeff Weisner on the low groove of the back stretch to take the lead when the checkers waved. Weisner, Terry Whitman, Hasson and Sims rounded out the top five.

Hickory Motor Speedway will be taking next Saturday off, but be sure to join us Saturday, May 24, for Woodforest Bank Night at the Races featuring the eighth round of the NASCAR Whelen All American Series. The show will include appearances by the Bojangles Late Models with a special 100 lap feature, the Jewelry Exchange Limited Late Models, the Hickory Street Stocks and a special 50 lap feature for the Advanced Auto Part Super Trucks. It's sure to be another great night of high speed racing action. Grandstands open at 5 PM with qualifying immediately following and feature racing action beginning at 7 PM. Fans don't miss your chance to meet your favorite drivers of the Bojangles Late Models during the On Track Autograph session beginning at 6 PM.

Tickets are only $10 for adults, $8 for teens and seniors, $5 for kids 7-12 and kids 6 and under are free. Be sure to bring out the whole family for a night of family fun with exciting high speed racing action, family packs are only $25 and on sale NOW! For more information please visit our website at or by phone at 828-464-3655. We can't wait to see you at the races!

Hickory Motor Speedway is a .363 mile asphalt track. The track held its first event in June of 1951 posting Gwyn Staley as the event winner. Hickory Motor Speedway has supported series such as the now Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series. Currently the Speedway is sanctioned by NASCAR featuring the NASCAR Whelen All American Series. The Speedway also hosts a wide variety of touring series that travel throughout the country.

Hickory Motor Speedway runs Saturday nights, mid-March through October. Grandstands open at 5 PM with racing beginning at 7 PM.


BOJANGLES' LATE MODEL STOCKS 1. 59 Coleman Pressley Pole 2. 89 David Latour Jr. 3. 10 Andy Mercer 4. 61 Chase Austin 5. 42 Todd Goble 6. 31 Kyle Grissom 7. 43 Jesse LeFevers 8. 29 Andy Loden 9. 7 Shane Huffman 10. 33 James Goff 11. 70 Brit Anderson 12. 16 Mack Little III 13. 96 Jeremy Thompson 14. 57 Grant Wimbish 15. 47 Patrick Molesworth 16. 7 Jarit Johnson 17. 29X Tyler Church

ADVANCE AUTO PARTS SUPER TRUCKS 1. 97 Keith Bumgarner 2. 16 Mack Little III 3. 94 Ben Ebeling 4. 59 Rock Harris 5. 7 Joseph Boyer 6. 29 Ricky Dennie Jr. 7. 10 Barry Williams 8. 23 Danny Henning 9. 0 Jody Church 10. 4 Jonathan Jennings 11. 69 Trevor Hignutt DQ Pole

PRO-4'S 1. 16 Randy Freeze Pole 2. 21 Todd Harrington 3. 09 Randy Canipe 4. 66 Scott Wallace 5. 17 Curtis Pardue 6. 37 John Isaac 7. 57 Josh Wimbish

STREET STOCKS 1. 03 Kevin Eby 2. 64 Marshall Sutton 3. 5 Mike Newton 4. 71 Robert DiVanna 5. 39 Dan Crate 6. 98 Jason Crabtree 7. 43 Heather Bell 8. 89 Jennifer Crossman 9. 75 Jeff Sparks 10. 21 Monty Cox Pole

HOBBY STOCKS 1. 82 Jeremy Whitman 2. 85 Jeff Weisner 3. 8 Terry Whitman 4. 83 David Hasson 5. 90 Ronnie Sims 6. 88 Andy Towery 7. –1 Ronald Dale McNeil 8. 01 Paul Wyatt 9. 98 Wesley Sain 10. 3 Tim Reece

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