2008 Street Stocks Tire Program


In order to help control costs and even competition, Hickory Motor Speedway is implementing a new Tire Program for Street Stocks in 2008. Street Stocks will be racing on the used Goodyear 2602's.

  • On the first race of the season, competitors will draw for and purchase 5 tires for $150. This will allow you to choose four to race and one for a spare.
  • After your race, each competitor will bring 3 of the tires they purchased that night back to the Tire Barn to be marked and impounded until your next event.
  • Each of the next 4 races, each competitor will draw for and purchase 2 tires for $60 and retrieve the 3 tires that were left the week before. Each race you will return 3 of that night's tires to the Tire Barn for impound.
  • Every 5 th week, you will have the option to draw for and purchase 5 fresh tires for $150, to get back in sync with stagger, wear, etc. You will not be required to purchase five (you must purchase at least 2), however you will not be able to purchase 5 again until the next “5-tire” date.
  • First time racers who enter events in mid-season will draw & purchase 5 tires (first time only) in order to get in the program. MTP Tires will make every effort to keep those available tires as equal to other competitors' tires as possible.
  • Practice tires will be $125 for 4 tires.

After you have purchased your 5 tires, you must impound 3 tires and work with the guidelines set forth in this program. Do not forget to leave your 3 tires each week after your event.

All decisions of HMS Officials concerning this tire program will take precedence as special circumstances dictate.

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