By Garland Coley


The best way to overcome disappointment in racing is to win your next race. One week removed from the still controversial last lap tangle he had with #07 Chrissy Wallace, Andy Loden put his #29 Chevrolet on the pole then led the final 46 laps, driving away to a convincing three second victory in the BOJANGLES LATE MODEL STOCKS portion of BLUE RIDGE HARLEY DAVIDSON NIGHT AT THE RACES.  Loden's victory set him back on course in track, state, and national points races. However the initial start of the 50-lap feature did not show how easy this would be.

As the green flag was waved, #7 Ashley Huffman rocketed from his outside pole starting position into the lead and set sights on making it two wins in a row. These thoughts were over quickly as Loden dove back to his inside on lap 2 and took the lead for good two laps later. Loden then drove his car to the high line and made his win look easy. While " High Line" Loden was driving in the groove that made Tommy Houston and Harry Gant famous, most eyes were on Chrissy Wallace.

Wallace started her Chevrolet in 8th  position, and as soon as the green flag fell, it was obvious that her car was ill equipped for the outside lane. She free-falled in the first 5 laps to 15th place then, without the benefit of a single caution, began clawing her way back to 5th, passing two cars in a single lap at one point.

Sandwiched in between Loden and Wallace at the checkered flag was Huffman in 2nd. #16 Mack Little, who had missed two weeks of action, returned in style with a strong 3rd place showing, and 4th went to #31 Kyle Grissom.

BOJANGLES LATE MODEL STOCKS POINTS now find Loden with 468 points. Grissom is 2nd 40 points back, and #19 Kyle Moon is now 3rd 96 markers behind.

Jarit Johnson's #44 waged a spirited 13-lap battle with #55 Waylon Flynn to open the 35 lap Limited Late Model feature and, after completing the pass for the lead, pulled away to win his 5th race in row. Flynn, who grazed the
wall during the battle with Johnson, had to settle for 2nd, then all eyes turned to the former Dirt Modified ace Josh Wright #94 as he worked his from 6th to finish 3rd, his best asphalt showing to date. #99 Andrew Carlson was
4th and #39 Lee Queen rounded out the top five.

Johnson's win vaulted him into the points lead in Limited Late Models. He now has 408 points and leads Carlson by 6 markers. Flynn is 3rd, 16 points behind.

The night's wildest race was easily the Pro 4 feature. The race saw a lap 10 tangle between then leader #21 Todd Harrington and 2nd place #57Grant Wimbish. This collected 6 of the top 7 in the running order. This left #16 Randy Freeze as the leader but he pitted before the following green with engine woes. This left a beaten and battered field to contest the rest of the feature that was won by #09 Randy Canipe, a survivor of the lap 10 melee. Harrington rebounded for a 2nd place run followed by #98 Rob Lewis who had his best showing of the year in 3rd. 4th went to #55 Walter Hoke and Freeze returned to round out the top 5.

With his win, Canipe vaulted pasted Wimbish into the Pro 4 points lead with 370 points. Harrington also moved up to 2nd 2 points back, and Wimbish fell to 3rd only 6 markers behind.

Street Stocks action saw #82 Gary Ledbetter in a familiar place, Victory Lane, as he set fast time and led all 25 laps to claim the feature. #7 Jeff Sparks came home 2nd, 3rd went to #03 Kevin Eby, 4th was #42 Terrence Tucker and, #32 Jeremy Harrell rounded out the top 5.

With his win, Ledbetter broke the tie he had in points with Eby and now leads Eby by a count of 332-328. 3rd is Sparks 10 markers behind.

In the "what a difference a week makes" category, #5 Nikki Long, whose win was disallowed after tech inspection last week, crossed the finish line 2nd behind the #90 machine of Ronnie Sims. But Sim's car failed tech inspection
this week, and Long was declared the winner. Following her in the running order was #98 Wesley Sain in 2nd, 3rd went to #73 Ronald Dale McNeil, 4th was #07 Denver Jones and, #31Chase Maurer rounded out the top 5. Hobby Stocks points now find Jones with 324 points. Sain trails him by 22 points and Long now finds herself 3rd, 34 points back.

All of us here at Hickory Motor Speedway would like to thank you fans that helped make BLUE RIDGE HARLEY DAVIDSON NIGHT AT THE RACES a success, and we invite you back next week for BOJANGLES NIGHT AT THE RACES. A special 100-lap BOJANGLES LATE MODEL STOCKS feature will showcase the night.

Qualifying at 5pm and racing starts at 7pm at "The Birthplace of the NASCAR Stars".... Hickory Motor Speedway.

Hickory Motor Speedway

1. 29 Andy Loden  Pole
2. 7 Ashley Huffman
3. 16 Mack Little III
4. 31 Kyle Grissom
5. 07 Chrissy Wallace
6. 43 Jesse LeFevers
7. 89 David Latour Jr.
8. 19 Kyle Moon
9. 42 Todd Goble
10. 53 Duncan Molesworth
11. 44 Ben Ebeling
12. 47 Patrick Molesworth
13. 15 Jon Larkin
14. 38 Chase Maurer
15. 45 Justin Hill
16. 54 Kaleb Pressley
17. 29 DJ Copp

1. 44 Jarit Johnson
2. 55 Waylon Flynn          Pole
3. 94 Josh Wright
4. 99 Andrew Carlsen
5. 39 Lee Queen
6. 25 Nick Proffit
7. 22 Alli Owens
8. 5 Mario Hernandez
9. 75 Eric Evans
10. 13 Jon Vivo
11. 67 Amanda Harrell
12. 05 Danny Chafin

1. 82 Gary Ledbetter Jr.          Pole
2. 7 Jeff Sparks
3. 03 Kevin Eby
4. 42 Terrence Tucker
5. 32 Jeremy Harrell
6. 64 Marshall Sutton
7. 66 Scott Wallace
8. 5 Mike Newton
9. 51 Chris Allison
10. 71 Robert Divanna
11. 89 Shayne Izzo
12. 4 David Collins

1. 09 Randy Canipe
2. 21 Todd Harrington             Pole
3. 98 Rob Lewis
4. 55 Walter Hoke
5. 57 Grant Wimbish
6. 16 Randy Freeze
7. 17 Curtis Pardue

1. 5N Nikki Long
2. 98 Wesley Sain
3. 73 Ronald Dale McNeil
4. 07 Denver Jones           Pole
5. 31 Chase Maurer
6. 11 Jimmy Whisnant
7. 83 David Hasson
8. 90 Ronnie Sims         DQ

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