Action returned to Hickory Motor Speedway Saturday night after two off-weeks for the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series, and offered fans 50 of the most exciting laps raced at the venerable old speedway all season.  

#29 Andy Loden found himself in victory lane for the 7th time.  Of all the Bojangles Late Model Stocks features Loden has won this season, this one had to be the sweetest. It was definitely the hardest fought.

The tempo of the race was established at the drop of the green flag as Loden and pole winner #7 Ashley Huffman battled side by side for the first three laps with Huffman gaining the edge and #43 Jessie Lefevers moving into 2nd place. Loden then began the task of retaking 2nd place, accomplishing that goal on lap 13. Then he stalked Huffman.

Loden made his run to the inside on lap 25, and for the next six laps, he and Huffman engaged in a torrid battle for the lead. Then on lap 31, Huffman spun his machine in turn two. Loden now had the race lead, but his battle was far from over.

While all this action had occurred at the point, #07 Chrissy Wallace had methodically worked her way from 7th starting spot to 3rd. During Huffman and Loden's battle, she sat poised to strike on their rear bumpers and even attempted to make it three wide on two occasions. Now with Huffman out of the way, she set her sights on the yellow #29 of Loden who stood between her and victory lane.

On lap 35, Loden performed an excellent restart and pulled off to a 5-car length lead. Wallace began inching up to his bumper and had caught him when a caution waved on lap 45. Wallace had learned she had to nail her restarts if she was to cull this feature away from Loden. So on the lap 45 and subsequent restart on lap 48, she was not fooled again....literally pushing Loden into turn 1 on each attempt and battling to his inside on several occasions. In the end, however, it was the current points leader and defending track champion Loden who took the checkered flag and the spoils of victory lane.

You might have thought after watching Loden win this hard earned battle that he'd be elated but that wasn't apparent in Victory Lane. Loden commented about his cars inability to turn in the corners. "We struggled all night." was the most direct comment he made about his victory.

Following Loden and Wallace across the finish line was #43 Jessie Lefevers in 3rd, 4th went to #31 Kyle Grissom and, #19 Kyle Moon rounded out the top 5.

Bojangles Late Model Stocks points now finds Loden with 550 points,  48 markers ahead of Grissom in 2nd, and Moon sets in 3rd 96 points back.

Advance Auto Parts Super Trucks action saw #3 Dexter Canipe Jr. win the pole and appear to be heading to a flag to flag victory, but on lap 30, as he entered heavy lap traffic in turns 3 and 4, his truck slipped out of gear. This was the opportunity #97 Keith Bumgarner needed and he took the lead with a thrilling three-wide pass to claim the 35-lap feature.

Canipe recovered to finish 2nd holding off a hard charging #01 J.R. Allen who claimed 3rd. 4th went to Mack Little III who made his first truck start this season and, #45 Kenneth Pardue rounded out the top five.

Advance Auto Parts Super Trucks points now show Bumgarner with a scant 342-338 points lead over Canipe. Allen is 3rd, 44 points back.

In Limited Late Models' action, #99 Andrew Carlsen crossed the finish line first but failed post-race technical inspection. The 35-lap feature win was then awarded to #07 Tyler Church, who earned his first win of the season.

#44 Jarit Johnson survived contact and hard racing to claim 2nd. His younger brother #15 Jessie Johnson made a strong first showing at the speedway clawing from 9th starting spot to finish 3rd. 4th went to Chris Chapman and #55 Waylon Flynn rounded out the top 5.

Limited Late Model points now finds Jarit Johnson back in the points lead with 506 markers. Flynn moved up to 2nd 24 points back, and Carlsen dropped to 3rd 46 points back.

Pro 4's action saw #57 Grant Wimbish claim the pole and the 25-lap feature in convincing fashion. 2nd went to #21 Todd Harrington, 3rd was #55 Walter Hoke, 4th went to #17 Curtis Pardue and, #7 Chris Allison rounded out the top 5.

Wimbish now leads Pro 4 points by a minuscule 466-462 margin over Harrington. 3rd is Hoke 38 points behind.

In exciting Street Stocks action, #82 Gary Ledbetter Jr. battled pole winner #7 Jeff Sparks for the first 14 laps of the 25-lap feature then claimed the checkered flag by only 3 car lengths. Sparks held on for 2nd, #03 Kevin Eby was 3rd, 4th went to #64 Marshall Sutton and, #32 Jeremy Harrell rounded out the top 5.

Street Stock points now show Eby with 420 points. That's 10 markers ahead of the tie for second between Ledbetter and Sparks.

Hickory Motor Speedway would like to thank all you wonderful fans that attended the races Saturday, and we cordially invite you and your friends back this Saturday night for our 13th race of the season. Bojangles Late Model Stocks will headline the action with Limited Late Models, Pro 4's, Street Stocks and the return of our Hobby Stock division.

Join us next Saturday July 21st at the only place to spend a Saturday night.

"The Birthplace of the NASCAR Stars."
Hickory Motor Speedway.

Hickory Motor Speedway

1. 29 Andy Loden
2. 07 Chrissy Wallace
3. 43 Jesse LeFevers
4. 31 Kyle Grissom
5. 19 Kyle Moon
6. 20 Branden Bonnett
7. 89 David Latour Jr.
8. 7 Ashley Huffman         P
9. 21 Monty Cox
10. 38 Chase Maurer
11. 33 Patrick McVay
12. 84 Josh Goble
13. 15 Jon Larkin
14. 81 Dallas Norman
15. 10 Jimmy Becht
16. 22 Bruce Hibbs Jr.
17. 42 Todd Goble
18. 88 Jimmy Simpson
19. 35 Chris Lewis
20. 29 DJ Copp

1. 07 Tyler Church
2. 44 Jarit Johnson
3. 15 Jessie Johnson
4. 41 Chris Chapman
5. 55 Waylon Flynn
6. 94 Josh Wright
7. 49 Kyle Bauknecht
8. 21 Chad Eades
9. 22 Alli Owens
10. 4 David Currier Jr.
11. 5 Mario Hernandez
12. 39 Lee Queen
13. 25 Nick Proffit
14. 75 Eric Evans
15. 13 Jon Vivo
16. 7 Jason Smith
17. 05 Danny Chafin
18. 67 Amanda Harrell
19. 14 Scott Shore
20. 99 Andrew Carlsen        DQ

1. 97 Keith Bumgarner
2. 3 Dexter Canipe Jr. P
3. 01 JR Allen
4. 16 Mack Little III
5. 45 Kenneth Pardue
6. 69 Trevor Hignutt
7. 09 Scott Whittaker
8. 9 Thomas Hartensveld
9. 23 Danny Henning
10. 25 Johnny James
11. 80 Danny Willard
12. 17 Tyler Taft

1. 82 Gary Ledbetter Jr.
2. 7 Jeff Sparks                P
3. 03 Kevin Eby
4. 64 Marshall Sutton
5. 32 Jeremy Harrell
6. 42 Terrence Tucker
7. 99 Jonanthan Smith
8. 5 Mike Newton
9. 66 Scott Wallace
10. 71 Robert Divanna
11. 39 Dan Crate
12. 16 Chris Kidd
13. 89 Chris Rico

1. 57 Grant Wimbish Pole
2. 21 Todd Harrington
3. 55 Walter Hoke
4. 17 Curtis Pardue
5. 7 Chris Allison
6. 75 Allen Huffman
7. 98 Rob Lewis


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