What's It Takes To Field A Late Model Stock Car?

by Chris Lewis


Late Model Stock Car racing has become very competitive over the years. NASCAR NEXTEL Cup race teams have also entered the NASCAR DODGE Weekly Series within the past few years' to give young drivers the opportunity to prove themselves and move up through the ranks.

Every year it seems like it takes more and more resources to field a competitive NASCAR DODGE Weekly Series Late Modle Stock Car, pushing the average racer to the wayside and increasing the sight of multi-car teams and hundred thousand dollar racing budgets. Average racers with the dream and drive to make it to racing top divisions have hit a roadblock, having to devote thousands and thousands of dollars to compete weekly at short tracks across the country.

A single Goodyear racing tire cost nearly $130.00 and a gallon of racing fuel sets you back $5.50. The average racer has to dig deep into his pockets, often limiting the number of races they can attend; do the rising cost and despite their talent level.

Sherry H. Clifton has tried to help the aveage nine to five racer who has the dream of making it to racings professional level. Hickory Motor Speedway limits tire purchases to just two tires for a 50 lap event, which can be the difference from making it to the track or watching the from the race stands.

A team can spend $50,000+ to build a new Late Model Stock Car and often it's money right from their weekly paycheck. Local sponsors provide some support, but most racers feel the numbers crunching beneath the all while trying to chase the checkered flag. Money isn't the only investment needed to field a Late Model Stock Car; time has also become thin.

While most weekly races work during the day it can take 35 to 45+ man-hours to prepare for a single race. Luckily most teams rely on thehelp of family, friends and volunteers to make sure their racecar is ready for action on Saturday night.

So next time you see a racecar out on the track, whether they are in first or last, somebody has spent a lot of their time and even more of their money to help put on a great racing event at the local track.

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