Hickory Motor Speedway Rules Addendums 2018



NASCAR All American Series Late Model:

(For the 347SR Ford Crate and Harrinton Enforcer)

A one piece solid aluminum open hole carburetor spacer, a maximum 1" in thickness, may be used between the intake manifold an the carburetor. The spacer must be centered on the intake manifold with a single open hole which must be cut perpendicular with the base of the carburetor. Taper, bevels, or any other modifications will not be permited. A one piece paper gasket maximum .065" thickness that matches the exterior dimensions of the carburetor throttle base plate must be installed between the carburetor an the intake manifold as per NASCAR guidelines 20F - 5.10.2 section D


Street Stock Addendum 3-5-18  Changes in blue

1.  All weights are MINIMUM with driver after qualifying and the race.  When cars are weighed after the race, the only additional fluids that may be added to make weight will be enough water to top off the radiator, maximum of 2 quarts of motor oil in the engine and enough racing fuel to top off fuel cell at base of filler neck at bottom of vent hose. - as specified in HMS Race Procedures.

Hickory SS motor 3260 / 1467 (500 Holley)

MASS built motor 3260 / 1467 (350 Holley)

602 crate motor 3200 / 1440 (350 Holley)

 602 crate motor 3260 / 1467 (500 Holley)

*These are the only engine combinations approved for Hickory Motor Speedway in Street Stock*

1.  All cars must maintain a minimum of 45% right side weight at all times.

2.  For competitor equality cars with front screw jacks will not be allowed to make jack bolt wedge adjustments during the actual race. * (1 lap penalty will be enforced)

3.  All lead must be securely fastened and painted white with car number on it.

4. Claimed weight must be displayed on left rear corner of hood in minimum 1 ½ tall lettering.


Hickory Motor Speedway Management