Pope Scores First Win, Hudspeth Repeats Split Twins 40's

7/13/2019 - After two of the most exciting nights of racing in the history of Hickory Motor Speedway and a quick week off for everyone to regroup, the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series rolled back into the Catawba Valley for a great action filled evening of racing on Coca-Cola Night at the Races.

Rolling off first would be the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Late Models in the first of their twin 40 lap features. Hickory Motor Speedway points leader Thomas Beane in the #31 would set fast time in qualifying and start from the point with Chris Hudspeth in the #28 to his outside. Row two would be made up of Connor Mosack in the #18 and Nolan Pope in the #1. Beane and Hudspeth would battle side by side for the early lead until Beane would finally nose ahead after several laps. Pope would take the third position away from Mosack and look to catch the lead duo. Several laps later Mosack would make the pass on Pope. Pope would bring his car to pit road with the crew making repairs for race two. After twenty laps Beane would have a sizable lead, but Hudspeth wasn’t ready to give up. Lap 30 would see Hudspeth on Beane’s rear bumper and making his move for the lead. After a hard fought battle Hudspeth would emerge with the lead. Hudspeth would drive on to the win. Beane would finish a close 2nd while Mosack would be closing on the leaders at the end finishing 3rd. Gracie Trotter in the #2 would finish 4th with Chris Honeycutt in the #83 finishing 5th.

The Carolina Custom Golf Cart Super Trucks would roll off next for their 35 laps feature. The #26 of Charlie Neill would take top spot in qualifying with Travis Baity in the #71 to his outside. Allen Huffman in the #51 and Joey Shuryan in the #30 would make up the second row for the start. Neill would take the early lead as Baity would be close behind. Huffman and Shuryan would have a spirited battle for third until Huffman would slow and pull to pit road on lap 25. Dennis Trivette in the #28 would move around Shuryan for third and bring Zach Hale in the #97 with him to fourth, both looking to catch the lead duo. The caution would fly with 6 laps to go. Neill would get the better of the restart and maintain the lead. Trivette would pressure Baity for second and make the move under him with two laps to go. Trivette would make the pass and Hale would once again follow his tracks around for third. Neill would drive on to the win. Trivette would finish 2nd with Hale taking home 3rd. Baity would finish 4th while Joe Simpson in the #86 would finish 5th.

Round 7 of the Paramount Kia ‘Big 10’ Racing Challenge and 50 laps would be next for the Paramount Auto Group Limited Late Models. Mitch Walker in the #43 would lead time trials and start from the top spot with the #18 of Cody DeMarmels to his outside. Row two would see Dexter Canipe Jr in the #5 and Josh Kossek in the #44 side by side for the start. Walker would take the early with a great start. DeMarmels would have to battle Canipe to maintain second place on the track. Stevie Johns Jr in the #91 would be the man on the move as he would move from his fifth place starting position to second place by lap five. Walker and Johns would be nose to tail for ten laps until Johns would make his move to the lead. Walker would keep Johns within striking distance until he would slow suddenly coming off of turn two on lap 40. The restart would see Johns and Canipe make up the front row. The restart would be a dead heat with Canipe

nosing slightly ahead. But Johns wasn’t ready to give up the lead and kept the inside line in a great 10 lap, side by side battle for the win. Canipe would hang on to the top spot and win by half a car length. Johns would have to settle for 2nd and Hickory Motor Speedway points leader DeMarmels would finish 3rd. Walker would battle his way back after the pit stop to finish 4th while Mason Ludwig in the #12 would finish 5th.

The Street Stocks would be the next to hit the famed 3/8 mile oval for their 30 lap feature. The front row would be made up of Jesse Clark in the #5, who would set fast time in qualifying, and Kevin Eby in the #03. Clark and Eby would duel for the point with Clark pulling ahead after several laps. Clark would flex his muscle and build a sizable advantage as the field would battle for second and on back. Mark Johnson in the #28 would break free from the pack and set his sights on the leader, Clark. With five laps to go Johnson would catch Clark and pressure him for the win. The lead pair would go side by side for the closing laps and as the checkered flag would fall only a few inches would be the margin of victory as Johnson would take the win. Clark would settle for 2nd and Derek Fowler would finish 3rd after a hard fought battle with Kevin Eby in the #03. Eby would finish 4th and Drew Cox in the #21 would round out the top five in 5th.

The Renegades would be the next to hit the track for 20 exciting laps. Spencer Dickinson in the #6 and Robbie Hollifield in the #51 would make up the front row for the start. Before the race could start Dickinson would withdraw from the event. Justin Austin in the #1 would lead the field to the green flag with Hollifield to his outside. The front row would battle hard and lap 2 would see Hollifield spin and collect the #72 of Zachary Mullins. Both cars would require the assistance of the wrecker crew and Mullins would be done racing for the night. Austin and Kyle DiVanna in the #71 would be the front row for the restart. Austin would get the better start, but see DiVanna make his way around for the top spot on lap five. Lap seven would see the caution fly as Rodney Elkins in the #95 would spin. Austin would pull in under caution as he would experience mechanical issues. DiVanna and Charlie Neill, who replaced Dickenson in the #6, would make up the front row for the restart. Neill would move to the lead on lap 9. Neill would drive on to the win with DiVanna finishing 2nd. Brian Larkin in the #7 would finish 3rd, Austin would finish 4th, and Elkins would finish 5th.

The NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Late Models would finish out the night’s events with the second of their twin 40 lap features. The invert from the finishing order of race one would see Nolan Pope in the #1 and Chris Honeycutt in the #83 make up row one. Row two would see the #2 of Gracie Trotter and the #18 of Connor Mosack taking the green flag side by side. Pope would get the better start and take the early lead. The #31 of Thomas Beane and the #28 of Chris Hudspeth would work their way into the top three on lap 9 and begin to give chase to the leader Pope. Beane would catch the leader with three laps to go and pull up to his rear bumper. Beane would look to make a move under Pope coming off of turn two, but get sideways on corner exit. Beane would save the car, but give Pope enough breathing room to drive on to the victory. Beane would finish 2nd while Hudspeth would finish 3rd. Trotter would finish 4th and Mosack would round out the top five in 5th.

The NASCAR Whelen All-American Series is back in action next week with a full slate of racing excitement.

Hickory Motor Speedway Results 7/13/19 (Unofficial)

Late Model Race #1

1                     #28 H             Chris Hudspeth

2                     #31                 Thomas Beane

3                     #18                 Connor Mosack ( r )

4                     #2T                 Gracie Trotter

5                     #83                 Chris Honeycutt

6                     #1                   Nolan Pope

7                     #71                 Kevin Leicht

8                     #18M            Bradley McCaskill             DNS

9                     #43                 Mitch Walker                     DNS

Late Model Race #2

1                     #1                   Nolan Pope

2                     #31                 Thomas Beane

3                     #28                 Chris Hudspeth

4                     #2T                 Gracie Trotter

5                     #18                 Connor Mosack ( r )

6                     #83                 Chris Honeycutt

7                     #71                 Kevin Leicht

8                     #18M            Bradley McCaskill             DNS

9                     #43                 Mitch Walker                     DNS

Limited Late Model

1                     #5                   Dexter Canipe Jr.

2                     #91                 Stevie Johns Jr.

3                     #18D              Cody DeMarmels

4                     #43                 Mitch Walker

5                     #12                 Mason Ludwig

6                     #47                 Chase Janes

7                     #44K              Josh Kossek

8                     #32                 Josh Stark ( r )

9                     #21                 Toni Breidinger#19

10                 #33G             Kosma Guznyakov ( r )

11                 #19                 Benji Woodward

 Street Stocks

1                     #28                 Mark Johnson

2                     #5                   Jesse Clark

3                     #31                 Derek Fowler

4                     #03                 Kevin Eby

5                     #21C              Drew Cox

6                     #64                 Marshall Sutton

7                     #2                   Ethan Johnson

8                     #77                 Mark Whitten

9                     #52                 Daniel Smith

Super Trucks

1                     #26                 Charlie Neill

2                     #28T              Dennis Trivette

3                     #97                 Zach Hale

4                     #70B              Travis Baity

5                     #86                 Joe Simpson

6                     #30                 Joey Shuryan

7                     #51                 Allen Huffman


1                     #6N                Charlie Neill       

2                     #71K              Kyle DiVanna

3                     #7                   Brian Larkin

4                     #1                   Jusitn Austin

5                     #95                 Rodney Elkins ( r )

6                     #69                 Megan Campbell ( r )

7                     #81                 Matthew Chambers

8                     #51                 Robbie Hollifield

9                     #72                 Zachary Mullins ( r )