McDaniel and Leicht Split Twins 50's ”

6/29/2019 - After a thrilling night of races last weekend the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series rolled back into Hickory Motor Speedway for another thrilling evening of racing action at America's Most Famous Short Track.

Leading off the festivities for the night would be the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Late Models in race one of their twin 50 lap doubleheader. Vince Midas in the #14 would set fast time in qualifying and Taylor Gray in the #17 would be second fast and start to his outside. Austin McDaniel in the #12 and Landon Huffman in the #2 would make up row two for the green flag. Midas and Gray would have a furious battle for the top spot as McDaniel was looking inside to make the lead duo a trio. Gray would nose ahead as the caution would fly for an incident involving the #97 of Kyle Lockrow and the #19 of Jessie Cann. The restart would see Gray and Midas battle once again. Midas would nose ahead for the position and bring McDaniel with him to second place on lap 6. McDaniel would look for the lead and pull alongside of Midas for the top spot. Dillon Houser in the #11 would spin on lap 11 after contact with another racer bringing out the caution. McDaniel and Midas would duel it out on the restart with the 2-time Hickory Motor Speedway Champion McDaniel nosing ahead for the lead. Gray would take the opportunity to attempt the pass on Midas for second, but the duo would have a thrilling 10 lap side by side battle for the spot. Midas would finally take the spot around the midpoint of the race and hope to chase down the leader, McDaniel. Chris Hudspeth in the #28 would have other plans and challenge Midas for second. As the pair of hot shoes battled Huffman would make it a three-way battle for position. Hudspeth would complete the pass for second and immediately face a challenge from Huffman. Huffman would complete the pass around lap 41 and give chase to the leader McDaniel. McDaniel would prove too tough to catch and take the checkered flag, in his first race after the loss of his longtime crew chief, Jonathon Morrison, to a tragic accident two months earlier. Morrison's widow and children would join the team's celebration in their first time back to the track since their loss. Huffman would finish 2nd and Hudspeth would take 3rd. Thomas Beane in the #31 would work his way through the field to finish 4th and Gray would hang on for 5th.

The Carolina Custom Golf Cart Super Trucks would be the next to hit the track for 35 laps of racing excitement. The #51 of Allen Huffman would top the charts in qualifying to start from the point while Robert Tyler in the #88 would be next fastest and start on the outside of row one. Charlie Neill in the #26 and Joey Shuryan in the #30 would make up row two. Huffman and Tyler would drag race down the front stretch but Huffman would nose ahead when they would make it to the backstretch. Neill would pressure Tyler for second for several laps until Tyler pulled ahead for the spot. Huffman built a several truck length lead as the pair behind battled for second but Tyler would soon reel him in for the top spot. Lap 18 would see Tyler move past Huffman to take the top spot from Huffman. Neill would draw up to Huffman's bumper and give him pressure for second. Contact between Neill and Huffman would send Huffman spinning coming off of turn four and bring out the caution. The restart would see Tyler leading with Travis Baity in the #70 to his outside. Huffman and Neill would have to restart in the rear of the field. Tyler would get the top spot on the restart. The caution would fly on lap 28 as Baity would spin collecting Brett Suggs in the #33 and Zach Hale in the #97. Suggs would need repairs on pit road, but all would rejoin the field. Tyler and Neill would restart at the front with Tyler pulling ahead for the lead. The caution would quickly fly for a spin on the backstretch by Hale. The restart would once again see Tyler and Neill pacing the field. Tyler would pull to the lead with the field giving chase. Tyler would hang on and drive on to the win. Neill would finish 2nd while Huffman would finish 3rd. Baity would finish 4th and Trivette would come home in 5th.

Next up would see the Paramount Auto Group Limited Late Models roll off of pit road in Round 6 of the Paramount Kia ‘Big 10' Racing Challenge. Mitch Walker in the #2 would set fast time in qualifying and start from the point with Steve Johns Jr in the #91 to his outside. The #44 of Josh Kossek and the #18 of Cody DeMarmels would make up row two. Johns would get the better start and move to the lead as the field made it to the backstretch on lap one. DeMarmels would move around Kossek to take third place and the field would settle into single file for a few laps. Brendan Doyle in the #23 would get around Todd Midas in the #50 to break into the top five. Johns would set a torrid pace and drive out to an early lead. Doyle would work his way around Kossek for fourth. DeMarmels would put pressure on Walker for the second spot, with the pair running side by side until the caution would fly for a spin by Josh Stark in the #32. Under the caution DeMarmels car would coast to a stop on the front stretch and require a push to pit road from the Midnight Special Wrecker Service. Walker would also pull to the pits for repairs, but unlike DeMarmels, he would rejoin the field. The restart would see Johns and Doyle at the front with Johns moving back to the top spot. The caution would quickly fly on lap 28 fly as contact between Kosma Guznyakov in the #33 and Stark would send Stark spinning and both to the rear for the restart. Johns and Doyle would lead the field to the green with Johns once again pulling to the lead. Kossek would move under Doyle for second and a hard race for the spot. Kossek would spin coming off turn two and collect Walker, Todd Midas, and Stark. Kossek would suffer the most damage and have to make repairs while the field would prepare to go back to green as would Walker also. DeMarmels would return to the field, not losing a lap after making lengthy repairs. Johns would quickly jump out to the lead as the green flag would fly. DeMarmels would waste no time working his way to third and pressuring Doyle for second. The pair would put on a thrilling show for the fans for the second position with a ten lap side by side battle. Johns would cap off a strong performance by taking the win and parking in Victory Lane. DeMarmels would make the pass and finish 2nd and Doyle would have a great finish in 3rd. Todd Midas would finish 4th and J.P. Dyar would round out the top five in 5th.

The Street Stocks would be the next to hit the famed 3/8 mile oval. The pole position would taken by Drew Cox in the #21 with Jonathon Smith in the #16 to his outside. Cox and Smith would battle side by side to first turn but mechanical issues would force Smith up the track and be bypassed by the entire field. Smith would coast to a stop and bring out the caution. The restart would see Cox and Whitten side by side for the green flag. Cox would pull to the lead while Whitten would soon pull to the pits with mechanical issues. Jesse Clark in the #5 and the #2 of Ethan Johnson would put on a furious battle for second when the caution would fly on lap 7 for a spin involving the #64 of Marshall Sutton. Cox and Clark would bring the field back to green flag and race for the top spot. The caution would soon fly as the cars of Kevin Eby in the #03 and Todd Bradburry in the #00 would make heavy contact on the backstretch. The #31 of Derek Fowler would also get collected in the incident and require assistance from the tow truck. Eby would the only out of the three able to continue. Cox and Clark would start from the front once again but this time Cox would pull out to the top spot. Johnson would move around Clark for second and bring Sutton with him to third. Cox would hang on for the win, his fifth on the year. Johnson would take 2nd and Sutton would finish 3rd. Trey Buff in the #69 would debut a new car and finish 4th with Eby bouncing back to finish 5th.

A blast from the past, the Hickory Vintage Racers would roll off next for 25 laps. The #0 of Bob Hapeman would set fast time, but have to start from the rear due to series rules about returning winners. The top spot would then be the #16 of Bill Webb with Bill Powell in the #71 to his outside. Bill Webb would take the early lead with Powell close behind. Hapeman would move up to third after passing Mackie Webb in the #16W. Hapeman would draw close to Powell and move around him to give chase to the leader, Bill Webb. Lap 10 would see Hapeman make his move for the top spot and move around Bill Webb for the lead. Hapeman would hang on for the win with Bill Webb in 2nd. Powell would finish 3rd and Mackie Webb would finish 4th.

The 4-Cylinders would take their turn on center stage next for 25 laps of racing action. Brian Mundy in the #6 would take the pole position in qualifying with Curtis Pardue in the #17 to his outside. Pardue would get the better start and nose ahead on the opening lap. Mundy would continuously pressure Pardue for the top spot until he would make the pass on lap 7. Cody Combs in the #9 would give chase to the lead duo. Robert Trivette in the #11 and Ashton Trivette in the #21 would put on a spirited battle for 4th and reel in Combs as well for 3rd. Contact between Robert Trivette and Combs in turn four of lap 20 would bring out the caution. Combs would be the only car unable to continue. Mundy would take the lead on the restart with Pardue close behind. Mundy, the 2018 Hickory Motor Speedway Champion, would hold on and take the win. Pardue would finish 2nd and Ashton Trivette would finish 3rd. Robbie Trivette would finish 4th and Robbie Lewis in the #98 would finish 5th.

Closing out the night's festivities would be the second 50 lap feature of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Late Model doubleheader. The invert from the finishing order of race one would see the front row made up of Dawson Cram in the #4 and Dillon Houser in the #11. Row two would see the #14 of Vince Midas and the #54 of Drew Dollar for the initial green flag. The start would see Houser move to the lead as DGR competitors Dollar and Taylor Gray in the #17 would move to second and third. Lap 5 would see the caution fly as Kyle Lockrow in the #97 would spin. Houser and Dollar would restart on the front row but the caution would quickly fly as Jessie Cann in the #19 would spin on the front stretch. Dawson Cram in the #4 and Lockrow would be collected and unable to continue. Race one winner Austin McDaniel in the #12 would make it all the way up to third on lap 6 after starting 10th. The caution would fly again on lap 8 as for another spin on the backstretch. Houser and Gray would bring the field back to the green flag. Lap 9 would see McDaniel move to the lead as Houser and Gray battled for position. Contact between Gray and Houser would send Houser spinning and bring out the caution. Both drivers would have to restart from the rear. McDaniel and Hudspeth would make up the front row on the restart. McDaniel would pull to the lead as the scramble for position was three wide behind them. Midas would get bumped sideways in front of the field, seemingly spurring a huge wreck. But Midas held on and drifted his car sideways all the way around turns one and two with a tremendous save. The caution would fly when contact between Houser and Dollar would bottleneck the field and see Midas' car go climbing the door Houser's #11. McDaniel and Hudspeth would restart from the front with McDaniel pulling to the lead. Kevin Leicht in the #25 would work his way up to second after starting in the rear. The caution would fly again on lap 19 as Jake Crum in the #12 would come to a stop in turn one. The restart would see McDaniel and Leicht side by side and they would stay that way for six laps when the caution would fly for Midas' car stopped in turn three. Leicht and McDaniel would make up the front row for the green flag once more. Leicht would pull ahead on the backstretch as McDaniel would fall close in behind. Lap 30 would see McDaniel look under Leicht and the pair start an epic side by side battle for the lead. The lead duo would put on a show the fans will not soon forget. Both drivers would push their equipment to the limit, but maintain control for a 20 lap door to door battle that would bring the fans to their feet for the remainder of the race. As the lead cars came off of turn four on the final lap McDaniel and Leicht would make contact. Leicht would spin sideways across the finish line to take the win as McDaniel would stay in the gas to finish 2nd. Gray would finish 3rd, Hudspeth would take 4th, and Connor Mosack in the #18 would round out the top five in 5th. For the second straight week the fans stood in amazement at the finish and listened to the driver's passion filled interviews over the public address system.

With all the excitement over the last two weeks the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series will take a week off. The track will not be closed however as next week will see the Sweet Leaf Map Festival at Hickory Motor Speedway. Details will be on their website,

Racing will return to the historic short track in two weeks as the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series roars back to action in Coca-Cola Night at the Races.

Hickory Motor Speedway Results 6/29/19

Late Model Race #1

1                     #12                 Austin McDaniel

2                     #2                   Landon Huffman

3                     #28H              Chris Hudspeth

4                     #31                 Thomas Beane

5                     #17                 Taylor Gray

6                     #18                 Connor Mosack ( r )

7                     #54                 Drew Dollar

8                     #14                 Vince Midas

9                     #11                 Dillon Houser

10                 #4                   Dawson Cram

11                 #97                 Kyle Lockrow

12                 #12C              Jake Crum

13                 #25L               Kevin Leicht

14                 #19                 Jessie Cann ( r )

15                 #71                 Curtis Pardue

Late Model Race #2

1                     #25L               Kevin Leicht

2                     #12                 Austin McDaniel

3                     #17                 Taylor Gray

4                     #28H              Chris Hudspeth

5                     #18                 Connor Mosack ( r )

6                     #31                 Thomas Beane

7                     #14                 Vince Midas

8                     #19                 Jessie Cann ( r )

9                     #54                 Drew Dollar

10                 #12C              Jake Crum

11                 #11                 Dillon Houser

12                 #4                   Dawson Cram

13                 #97                 Kyle Lockrow

14                 #2                   Landon Huffman

15                 #71                 Curtis Pardue

Limited Late Model

1                     #91                 Stevie Johns Jr.

2                     #18D              Cody DeMarmels

3                     #23                 Brendan Doyle

4                     #50                 Todd Midas

5                     #21                 JP Dyar

6                     #33G             Kosma Guznyakov ( r )

7                     #88                 Alexx Brezeale

8                     #2                   Mitch Walker

9                     #44K              Josh Kossek

10                 #32                 Josh Stark ( r )

Street Stocks

1                     #21C              Drew Cox

2                     #2                   Ethan Johnson

3                     #64                 Marshall Sutton

4                     #69                 Trey Buff

5                     #03                 Kevin Eby

6                     #5                   Jesse Clark

7                     #00                 Todd Bradburry

8                     #31                 Derek Fowler

9                     #77                 Mark Whitten

10                 #23                 Emily Tracy

11                 #16S              Jonathon Smith

Super Trucks

1                     #88T              Robert Tyler

2                     #26                 Charlie Neill

3                     #51                 Allen Huffman

4                     #70B              Travis Baity

5                     #28T              Dennis Trivette

6                     #97                 Zach Hale

7                     #33                 Brett Suggs ( r )

8                     #30                 Joey Shuryan

4 Cylinders

1                     #6                   Brian Mundy     

2                     #17                 Curtis Pardue

3                     #21                 Ashton Trivette

4                     #98                 Robbie Lewis

5                     #11                 Robbie Trivette

6                     #88                 Alex Posey

7                     #9                   Cody Combs

8                     #59                 Donn Wardo      DNS


Hickory Vintage Racing Series

1                     #8                   Bob Hapeman  

2                     #16                 Bill Webb

3                     #71P              Bill Powell

4                     #16W            Mackie Webb