Beane Breaks into Winners Circle, Painter Claims Second Victory

6/22/2019 - Racing returned to America's Most Famous Short Track on Saturday night as the Catawba Valley heard the NASCAR Whelen All-American weekly racing series roar back to life at Hickory Motor Speedway.

Leading off the night's racing action would be the NASCAR Whelen All American Series Late Models in the first of two 40 lap features for the premiere division. Gage Painter in the #12 would set fast time in qualifying and start from the pole position with Pat Rachels in the #34 to his outside. The #28 of Chris Hudspeth and the #14 of Vince Midas would make up the second row for the green flag. Painter would take the early lead as Rachels struggled on the start. The action would begin early as Charlie Watson in the #9 would move past Nolan Pope in the #1 and Hickory Motor Speedway points leader Thomas Beane in the #31 would be three wide on lap 2. Beane would spin, avoiding damage, but bring out the caution. The restart would see Painter get a great restart and move back to the top spot. Battles would rage throughout the field as Watson would be charging toward the front, while Beane would methodically attempt to pick his way back through the field. Hudspeth would real in Painter and set up a thrilling 10 lap shootout for the win. Painter and Hudspeth would go side by side for several laps dueling for the win, while allowing Travis Swaim in the #21 to make it a three way battle for the win. The final corner of the last lap would see Hudspeth looking under Painter and Swaim looking under Hudspeth. The young hot shoe Painter would show skills well beyond his age and hang on for the win. Hudspeth would nose ahead to take 2nd with Swaim finishing 3rd. Kevin Leicht in the #25 would finish 4th and Rachels would hang on for 5th.

The Carolina Custom Super Trucks would roll off next for their 35 lap slugfest. Charlie Neill in the #26 would take top spot in qualifying with Joey Shuryan in the #30 to his outside. Travis Baity in the #70 and Dennis Trivette in the #28 would make up row two. Before the green flag would fall Neill would pull in the pits with mechanical issues. Neill would rejoin the field to take the green flag from the rear. The reshuffled lineup would see Baity starting first and Shuryan to his outside of row one. The #97 of Zach Hale would start third and Trivette starting fourth. The field would make one lap before contact would send Hale spinning and bring out the caution. Neill would head back to the pits and restart from the rear. Baity and Shuryan would pave the field to the green flag. Shuryan would take the early lead. Huffman would work his way up to second behind the leader. Lap 5 would see Huffman make his move around Shuryan down the backstretch. Neill would work his way to Shuryan, but make contact on the next lap sending Shuryan spinning. Shuryan would have to restart from the rear after spinning, but so would Neill as a result of his role in the incident.

The restart would see Huffman move back to the point as Neill and Shuryan would look to work their way back to the front. Shuryan would make contact with Hale on lap 13 bringing out the caution and Hale would spin again. Hale would have to work his way from the back as would Shuryan as he came to pit road to make repairs. The restart would see Huffman and Neill side by side. Huffman would get the better restart and move back to the top spot. Lap 17 would see Baity spin after contact with Trivette bringing out the caution once more. Huffman and Neill would bring the field to the green for the restart. Neill would give chase to the leader as Shuryan would give chase to Neill. The #86 of Joe Simpson would spin on lap 26 bringing out the caution once again. The restart would see Huffman and Neill at the front. Huffman would move to the front while Shuryan would look under Neill for second. The caution would fly on lap 32 as Hale would spin while trying to make pass for fourth under Baity. Huffman would move back to the front on the restart and cooler heads would prevail the rest of the race. The 2018 Hickory Motor Speedway Carolina Custom Super Trucks Champion,  Huffman would drive on to the win. Neill would grab 2nd while Shuryan would take 3rd. Baity would finish 4th and Trivette would round out the top five with 5th.

The Paramount Auto Group Limited Late Models would pound the pavement next for their 35 lap feature. The #18 of Cody DeMarmels would set fast lap in time trials and start from the point with the #44 of Josh Kossek to his outside. Todd Midas in the #50 and Akinori Ogata in the #14 would make up the second row. Kossek would take the early lead with DeMarmels giving close chase. The #32 of Josh Stark would move under the #33 of Kosma Guznyakov when contact would send them spinning. Both cars would be able to continue with minimal damage.

Kossek and DeMarmels would battle it out for the top spot on the restart. DeMarmels would nose ahead but the front duo would swap the position every turn or two for the next seven laps. The caution would fly on lap 10 when the #53 of Austin Chalman would have a major mechanical problem leaving a trail of debris that would necessitate a red flag to allow for track cleanup.

Kossek and DeMarmels would continue the battle for the lead until lap 16 when the #71 of Nathan Lineback would spin, bringing out the caution. DeMarmels and Kossek would go back to their thrilling battle once again until the caution would fly for debris on lap 22. Kossek would move to the lead on the restart with DeMarmels facing a challenge from Midas. The battle for second would be the race to watch as Midas and DeMarmels would slug it out until Starks and Ogata would battle for fourth. Lap 28 would see Starks and Ogata make contact and spin, bringing out the caution. Kossek and DeMarmels would battle it out for the win as the green flag would fly on the restart. Kossek would prove to be a little better on this night and drive on to the win. DeMarmels would finish 2nd with Todd Midas finishing 3rd. Starks and Ogata would battle back from their spin to finish 4th and 5th respectively.

The Street Stocks rose to life next for another exciting 30 lap installment that has seen some great racing this year. Fast qualifier would be Drew Cox in the #21 and Jesse Clark in the #5 would start to his outside. Jonathon Smith in the #16 and Mark Whitten in the #77 would make up row two. Cox and Clark would battle side by side until Cox finally nosed slightly ahead. Smith would work his way into the mix and move around for second on lap 5. Smith would give chase to the leader Cox in his bid to head to the top spot. Smith would pull to Cox's bumper and look to outside several times over the last fifteen laps. Cox would prove to strong and drive on to the win. Smith would finish 2nd and Clark would take 3rd. The battle for fourth would be exciting with Kevin Eby in the #03 taking 4th and Derek Fowler in the #31 finishing 5th.

Hitting the track next would be the Renegades for their 20 lap feature. Justin Austin in the #1 would start from the top spot with Robbie Hollifield in the #51 to his outside. Austin and Hollifield would duel it out side by side until Austin would pull ahead for the lead. Spencer Dickinson in the #6 would move around Hollifield to give chase to the top spot. Lap 8 would see Hollifield and Dickinson side by side on Austin's bumper. As the trio battled through turn four they would encounter lap traffic and Dickinson would spin, collecting the # 81 of Matthew Chambers. Neither car would be able to continue as the green flag would fly on the restart. Austin and Hollifield would go right back to where they left off battling for the lead. Brian Larkin in the #7 would get into the fray on lap 17 passing Hollifield for second. Larkin would spend the remaining laps giving his all to make the pass or the win but would come up just a couple feet short with Austin taking the win. Larkin would finish 2nd and Hollifield finished 3rd. Rodney Elkins in the #95 would finish 4th and Zachary Mullins in the #72 would finish 5th. 

Closing out the night's action would be race two of the doubleheader for the NASCAR Whelen All American Series Late Models. After the invert from the race one finishing order Nolan Pope in the #1 and Thomas Beane in the #31 would make up the front row. Row two would see Charlie Watson in the #9 and Connor Mosack in the #18. Beane would get a good start and lead coming off of turn two. Pope would move up the track at the end of the backstretch on his entry to turn three, Pope and Mosack would make contact, sending them both into the outside wall. Travis Swaim in the #21 and Pat Rachels in the #34 would also sustain damage in the accident. Pope's car would be the only one to be eliminated as a result of the damage.

The restart would see Watson and Beane sharing row one while Vince Midas in the #14 and Swaim would share row two. Beane would once again master the restart and pull to the lead by the time he got to the backstretch. Midas would work his way to second on lap 7 and go looking for the lead. Lap 10 would see Gage Painter in the #12 move into fourth after starting tenth. Midas would pull up to Beane's bumper on lap 15 and give him constant pressure for several laps. Midas would make the pass for the lead on lap 24 but Beane would take the lead back with a perfectly executed crossover. Lap 26 would see the caution fly as contact would send Beane and Midas spinning. Both cars would be able to continue, but have to restart from the rear.

The restart would see Kevin Leicht in the #25 and Gage Painter in the #12 make up the front row for the restart. Leicht would move to the front but pressure from Painter would come quickly. Painter would get around for the top spot however, Leicht would jump back under him to fight for the lead. Contact between the lead duo on lap 28 would send the entire field into an incident on the back stretch with most of the field sustaining some type of damage. With steam pouring out, Midas would appear to have a damaged radiator and have to park for the remainder of the event. Swaim would be forced to the pits by track officials to do service on his damaged racer. Swaim would park and not return to action. Watson and the #25 of Ryan Vargas would make up the front row for the restart. Vargas would get the better of Watson on the green flag and would pull to the lead. Watson's car would start trailing huge amounts of smoke prompting a black flag.

The caution would fly as Watson slowed to come to the pits on lap 31 with drivers complaining of oil on the track. After a short red flag for track cleanup Vargas and Matt Leicht in the #2 would make up the front row for the restart. Vargas would move to the front but soon see Painter make a three wide pass to take the lead. Leicht would pressure Painter over the closing laps. Coming off turn four on the final lap Leicht would make contact with Painter, as Painter would spin just feet from the checkered flag. Leicht would drive thru the smoke and appear to take the checkered flag and the win. However, track officials would take a moment to look at a replay of the incident and Leicht would be penalized to the last car on the lead lap. Beane would end up taking the win after an earlier spin earlier in the race. Chris Hudspeth in the #28 would finish 2 nd after starting 9 th . The #34 of Pat Rachels would finish 3 rd after receiving damage in an earlier altercation. Painter would get the 4 th position and Vargas would round out the top five in 5 th .

The NASCAR Whelen All-American Series returns to action next week with a full slate of action at the Birthplace of the NASCAR Stars.

Hickory Motor Speedway Results 6/22/19 (Unofficial)

Late Model Race #1

1  #12 Gage Painter

2  #28H Chris Hudspeth

3  #21T Travis Swaim

4  #25L Kevin Leicht

5  #34 Pat Rachels ( r )

6  #14 Vince Midas

7  #18 Connor Mosack ( r )

8  #9 Charlie Watson

9  #31 Thomas Beane

10 #1 Nolan Pope

11  #25 Ryan Vargas

12  #2L Matt Leicht

13 #71 Monty Cox - DNS

Late Model Race #2

1  #31 Thomas Beane

2  #28H Chris Hudspeth

3 #34 Pat Rachels ( r )

4  #12 Gage Painter

5  #25 Ryan Vargas

6  #2L Matt Leicht

7  #25L Kevin Leicht

8  #9 Charlie Watson

9  #21T Travis Swaim

10  #14 Vince Midas

11  #1 Nolan Pope

12  #18 Connor Mosack ( r )

13  #71 Monty Cox

Limited Late Model

1  #44K Josh Kossek

2  #18 Cody DeMarmels

3  #50 Todd Midas

4  #32 Josh Stark ( r )

5  #14 Akinori Ogata

6 #33G Kosma Guznyakov ( r )

7  #71 Nathan Lineback

8  #53 Austin Chalman

Street Stocks

1  #21C Drew Cox

2  #16S Jonathon Smith

3  #5 Jesse Clark

4  #03 Kevin Eby

5  #31 Derek Fowler

6  #77 Mark Whitten

7  #2 Ethan Johnson

8  #64 Marshall Sutton

Super Trucks

1  #51 Allen Huffman

2  #26 Charlie Neill

3  #30 Joey Shuryan

4  #70B Travis Baity

5  #28T Dennis Trivette

6  #97 Zach Hale

7  #86 Joe Simpson


1  #1 Justin Austin

2  #7 Brian Larkin

3 #51 Robbie Hollifield

4  #95 Rodney Elkins ( r )

5  #72 Zach Mullins ( r )

6  #69 Megan Campbell ( r )

7  #21 RJ Williams

8  #6 Spencer Dickinson ( r )

9  #81 Matthew Chambers

10  #86 Steve Griffith