“ Painter and Swaim split Twin 40s ”

321 Lawnmower Sales & Service Night

5/25/2019 - With a heat wave raging off and on the track Hickory Motor Speedway would be the place to be on Saturday for 321 Lawnmower Sales and Service Night at the Races.

Leading off the evening's action would be 40 laps in race one of a scheduled doubleheader for the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Late Models. Travis Swaim in the #21 would grab the top spot in qualifying with Gage Painter in the #12 moving to the Late Model division and starting to his outside with the second fastest qualifying speed. Row two would be made up of Landon Huffman in the #2 and Taylor Gray in the #17. The green flag would see the front row duo drag race down the front stretch and dive into turn one side by side. Painter would use the high line to his advantage and finally nose ahead at the end of lap one. Swaim would keep continual pressure on the leader until lap 18 when Huffman would start pressuring him for the second spot. Lap 22 would see Huffman complete the pass and set his sights on the leader. Battles would rage throughout the field with positions swapped every lap. Huffman would narrow the gap but Painter would seal the deal and grab his first ever Late Model Victory. Huffman would grab 2nd and points leader Thomas Beane in the #31 would work his way up for another 3rd place finish. Two-time 2019 Hickory Motor Speedway winner Vince Midas in the #14 would finish 4th and Swaim would hold on to finish 5th.

The always popular Hickory Vintage Racers would roll off next for 25 laps of racing action and strolling down memory lane with the cars of yesteryear. Bob Hapeman in the #8 would start from the top spot with Eddie Gilbert in the #00 to his outside. Hapeman would pull to the lead after a side by side battle with Eddie Gilbert at the start of the race. Attrition would set in early as several cars would sidelined, but that would'nt stop the hard charging Hapeman and Gilbert as they clicked off blistering fast laps. Hapeman would hold on for the win with Gilbert finishing 2nd. Bill Webb in the #16 would finish 3rd, Bill Powell in the #71 would take 4th, and Larry Benz in the #4 would bounce back from early mechanical problems to finish 5th.

Hitting the track next would be the Street Stocks for 30 laps of door to door racing. The top spot in qualifying would be taken by Drew Cox in the #21 as he would start from the point with Ethan Johnson in the #2 to his outside. Lap 20 would see Johnson move around for the lead as Cox got sideways coming off turn four. The caution would fly on lap 25 for contact between Kevin Eby in the #03 and Mark Whitten in the #77. The incident would also collect Marshall Sutton in the #64. The restart would see mechanical problems for Johnson as he would slow when the green flag flew. Johnson would park, with mechanical problems ending his evening on the trailer. This would rack the field for another restart with Cox at the point and the #361 of Cliff Gaumond to his outside. The front pair would have a furious battle over the last 5 laps with Cox making one last move on the final lap coming off of turn four, but would come up short as he would spin while the checkered flag flew a scant 100 yards away. Gaumond would drive on to the win in his first Hickory Motor Speedway visit. Whitten and Eby would bounce back from the lap 25 spin to finish 2nd and 3rd respectively. Jesse Clark in the #5 would bounce back from an early spin to finish 4th and Derek Fowler in the #31 would finish 5th.


The Paramount Auto Group Limited Late Models would roll off next for 50 laps in Round 5 of the Paramount Kia ‘Big 10' Racing Challenge. Cody DeMarmels in the #18 would set fast time in qualifying and start from the point with Mitch Walker in the #2 to his outside. The #99 of Kyle Mansch and last week's winner Josh Kossek in the #44 would make up row two. The start would see DeMarmels and Kossek battle side by side through turn one, but DeMarmels' car would turn sideways coming off turn two. DeMarmels would make the save before and the caution would fly as rain had begun to fall on the backstretch, causing slick conditions. The cars were parked on pit road for a lengthy red flag while the rain moved through. Racing would resume with a complete restart. The front row would battle side by side at the drop of the green flag but Kossek would use the high line to take the early lead. Lap 11 would see Mansch get around Kossek for the top spot. Kossek would move under Mansch to attempt to retake the lead on lap 12, but contact would send Mansch spinning and both drivers to the rear of the field. DeMarmels and Stevie Johns in the #91 would make up the front row on the restart and would put on an exciting door to door battle until the caution would fly again on lap 16 for a fender laying on the track. DeMarmels and Johns would do battle on the restart once again on lap 16. Contact between the #32 of Josh Stark and the #6 of Clark Houston would bring out the caution once again before another lap would be completed. The restart would see DeMarmels and Johns duel for the lead until DeMarmels would finally nose ahead. The midpoint of the race would see Walker work his way into second place getting around Johns. DeMarmels and Walker would put on a great race for 10 laps running side by side and door to door. Lap 48 would see the two make the least bit of contact but being on the ragged edge they would both spin in unison coming off of turn four. The restart would see Johns and Mansch up front. Johns would move to the lead and Mansch would lose spots on the high side. Contact between Mansch and Todd Midas in the #50 would cause a pileup leaving Houston's car resting atop Mansch's car. Under the caution Mansch would exit his car and discuss the incident as Johns car slowly drove by. Johns and Kossek would restart on the front row. Johns would move to the lead and drive on to the win, holding off a hard charging Kossek who would finish 2nd. A furious battle for the third position would be fought between the #14 of Solchiro Yoshiba and DeMarmels. Yoshiba would make the most out of his Hickory Motor Speedway debut taking 3rd with DeMarmels bouncing back from the early spin and finishing 4th. Midas would have a good finish in 5th considering he was spun a few laps earlier.

Next up would see the always exciting Carolina Custom Golf Cart Super Trucks pound the pavement for their 35 lap slugfest. 2018 division champion Allen Huffman in the #51 would start from the pole position with Charlie Neill in the #26 to his outside. Jody Measamer in the #98 and Joey Shuryan in the #30 would make up row two. Neill would get the jump on the start and take the early lead with Huffman close behind. Measamer's truck would have mechanical issues and come to a stop on the track, bringing out the caution on lap 2. Measamer would be unable to continue and park his truck for the night. The restart would see Neill once again get the lead on the restart with Huffman hot on his heels. Robert Tyler in the #88 would work his way up into the top three at lap 15. Neill would set a torrid pace but Huffman would give close chase the entire run. Travis Baity in the #70 would make his move under Tyler for third on lap 30 and they would duke it out until Baity would finally nose ahead on the white flag lap. Neill would drive on to another 2019 win. Huffman would hold on for 2nd and Baity would take 3rd. Tyler would finish 4th and Shuryan would finish 5th.

Closing out the night with a bang would be the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Late Models in the second race of their doubleheader. Following the 10 car invert from race one Jacob Heafner in the #95 would start from the top spot with Chris Hudspeth in the #28 to his outside. The #25 of Kevin Leicht and Taylor Gray in the #17 would make up row two for the green flag. Heafner would get the jump on the start and move to the lead. Leicht would make his move to get under Heafner in turn three, but at the same time Gray and Hudspeth would make contact bringing out the first caution. Hudspeth would come to a stop in turns three and four while Gray would continue and make contact with the #11 of Dillon Houser going into turn one. Multiple cars would be in and out of pit road for repairs during the caution period, with Gray's being the only car unable to continue. With no official laps on the board a complete restart would be in store. Heafner and Travis Swaim in the #21 would start on the front row with Leicht and Thomas Beane in the #31 comprising row two. Heafner and Swaim would duel it out for the top spot but Swaim would nose ahead. Leicht would quickly look under Heafner as well, taking the second running spot. Beane would work his way into the top three a few laps later. Lap 25 would see Beane look under Leicht for position and take second place on the track. Beane would methodically track down Swaim and make one look to the inside as the checkers would fly, but fall one spot short as Swaim would make the trip to victory lane. Beane would finish a charging 2nd and Leicht would finish 3rd. Landon Huffman in the #2 would overcome a rough starting spot to finish 4th as also would Gage Painter in the #12 would finish 5th.

Next week will see the ever popular Knights of Destruction rolling into America's Most Famous Short Track for a fun filled night of automotive carnage.

The NASCAR Whelen All-American Series returns to action in two weeks, June 8th, with the running of the 84 Lumber Night at the Races.

Hickory Motor Speedway Results 5/25/19

Late Model Race #1

1  #12 Gage Painter

2  #2 Landon Huffman

3  #31 Thomas Beane

4  #14 Vince Midas

5  #21T Travis Swaim

6  #18 Connor Mosack ( r )

7  #17 Taylor Gray

8  #25 Kevin Leicht

9  #28H Chris Hudspeth

10  #95H Jacob Heafner

11  #11 Dillon Houser

12  #34 Pat Rachels ( r )

13  #18R David Roberts

14  #6 Brian Mundy

15  #71 Curtis Pardue

16  #6B Travis Byrd - DNS

Late Model Race #2

1  #21 Travis Swim

2  #31 Thomas Beane

3  #25 Kevin Leicht

4  #2 Landon Huffman

5  #12 Gage Painter

6  #95 Jacob Heafner

7  #14 Vince Midas

8  #18 Connor Mosack ( r )

9  #28H Chris Hudspeth

10  #34 Pat Rachels ( r )

11  #6B Travis Byrd

12  #18R David Roberts

13  #11 Dillon Houser

14  #17 Taylor Gray

15  #71 Curtis Pardue

16  #6 Brian Mundy - DNS

Limited Late Model – Big 10

1  #91 Stevie Johns Jr.

2  #44 K Josh Kossek

3  #14 Solchiro Yoshiba

4  #18D Cody DeMarmels

5  #50 Todd Midas

6  #33G Kosma Guznyakov ( r )

7  #32 Josh Stark ( r )

8  #2 Mitch Walker

9  #99 Kyle Mansch

10  #6 Clark Houston

11  #27 Ben Campbell ( r )

12  #17 Curtis Pardue

Street Stocks

1  #361 Cliff Gaumond

2 #77 Mark Whitten

3  #03 Kevin Eby

4  #5 Jesse Clark

5  #31 Derek Fowler

6  #64 Marshall Sutton

7 #21C Drew Cox

8  #2 Ethan Johnson

9  #18 Adam Rogers - DNS

Super Trucks

1  #26 Charlie Neill

2  #51 Allen Huffman

3  #70B Travis Baity

4  #88T Robert Tyler

5  #30 Joey Shuryan

6  #28T Dennis Trivette

7  #98 Jody Measamer

Hickory Vintage Racing Series

1  #0 Bob Hapeman

2  #00 Eddie Gilbert

3  #16 Bill Webb

4  #71P Bill Powell

5  #4 Larry Benz

6  #90 Tim Gilbert