“Gray Dominates at the Fall Brawl”
presented by Calico Coatings

10/20/2019 - Hickory Motor Speedway would be the location for 380 laps of exciting racing action this weekend with the running of the Calico Coatings Fall Brawl. After a rain delay on Saturday night, Sunday brought forth a beautiful sunny day for racing and the only place to be was Hickory Motor Speedway.

The Street Stocks would lead off the action with their 30 lap feature. 2019 Hickory Motor Speedway Street Stock Champion Drew Cox in the #21 would set fast time and start from the pole position with Jesse Clark in the #5 to his outside. Drew Cox would take the early lead with Clark hot on his heels in second. Mark Whitten in the #77 would put constant and steady pressure on Clark for the second position. Derek Fowler in the #31 would move up to fourth with Jordan McGregor in the #30 also wanting the spot. Drew Cox would prove too tough for the competition on this night and drive on to the win. Clark would finish 2nd with Whitten taking 3rd. McGregor in 4th and Fowler in 5th would round out the top five.

The Carolina Custom Golf Cart Super Trucks would be the next to roll onto the famed 3/8 mile oval for their 50 lap battle. Jody Measamer in the #98 would take the top spot in qualifying with Charlie Watson in the #6 to his outside. Robert Tyler in the #88 and Dakota Slagle in the #13 would make up row two. The skies would open up during pace laps and delay the start of the race with all events moved to Sunday afternoon. Sunday afternoon would bring beautiful skies and great racing weather as the Carolina Custom Golf Cart Super Trucks would once again hit the track.

The green flag would see Measamer and Watson roll off into turn one with Watson nosing ahead on the backstretch after Measamer would be loose coming off of turn two. Lap six would see contact between the #70 of Travis Baity and the #28 of Dennis Trivette as the first caution would fly for the incident. Both teams would make quick repairs and get their drivers back into the fray.

Watson and Measamer would bring the field to the green flag with Watson pulling back to the top spot. The caution would quickly fly again on lap six for debris on the track. Watson and Measamer would once again bring the field back to the green flag. Watson would move back to the top spot, as Tyler would struggle on the start and drop to sixth. Tyler would come back with a vengeance battling Slagle for third within five laps of the restart. The caution would fly again on lap 15 as one truck would drive through a water puddle at the inside of turn on, spraying water into the preferred lane on the race track. Watson and Measamer would lead the field back to the green flag. Watson would move to the lead with Measamer close behind. Tyler would move around Slagle for third.

The caution would fly again on lap 18 when Trivette would spin on the front stretch. Watson and Measamer would bring the field back to the green flag. Watson would move back to the lead and bring Tyler with him to second. Slagle and Measamer would battle for third for several laps until Slagle would make the pass on lap 32. Tyler’s day would seem to come to an end on lap 41 as he would stop on the backstretch, bringing out the caution with a cut tire.

Tylers crew would make quick repairs, but he would have to restart shotgun on the field. Watson and Slagle would bring the field to the green flag. Watson would drive back to the top spot with Slagle in tow. Watson would drive on to take the win. Slagle would finish 2nd with Measamer finishing 3rd. Tyler would battle back and finish 4th while Tanner Long in the #45 would finish 5th.

Hitting the track next would be the Paramount Auto Group Limited Late Models for their 100 lap event for the Fall Brawl and they would not disappoint the fans. Josh Kossek in the #44 would take the point position in qualifying with Stevie Johns Jr in the #91 to his outside.

Monty Cox in the #21 and 2019 Hickory Motor Speedway Paramount Auto Group Limited Late Model Champion Cody DeMarmels in the #18 would make up row two. Kossek and Johns would battle for the top spot with Kossek moving ahead on lap two and setting the pace. DeMarmels would move to third on the start with Monty Cox close behind. Kossek and Johns would be single file in the front. Monty Cox would look under and get around DeMarmels for third on lap 15. Lap 20 would see Kossek, Johns, Monty Cox, DeMarmels, and Mitch Walker in the #43 making up the top five.

Kyle Barnes in the #0 would move around Walker for fifth as would Ryan Rackley in the Lee Faulk Racing #1 by lap 25. Johns would make his move for the top spot on lap 25, getting by Kossek for the lead. Monty Cox would begin to chase down the lead duo as he would slowly chip away at the leaders. Kossek would draw up to the rear bumper of Johns and apply constant pressure for the point position. Lap 35 would see Barnes move around DeMarmels for fourth and Rackley would follow him for fifth on lap 45. Lap 50 would see the two car battle for the lead become a three way battle as Monty Cox would move up to the rear bumpers of Kossek and Johns.

With the increased pressure coming from behind, Johns would begin putting some distance between himself and the cars of Kossek and Cox. Lap 80 would see Kossek start cutting into the lead, until the caution would fly on lap 86 for a spin by the #42 of Ricky Bruce. Johns and Kossek would lead the field to the green flag with only 14 laps left to go. Johns and Kossek would duke it out for the top spot swapping positions every corner until Johns would spin after contact with Kossek’s car on the backstretch on lap 88, bringing out the yellow flag. Cox and Barnes would bring the field to the green flag with Rackley and Walker in row two. Cox and Barnes would battle hard for the lead until a three wide battle between Walker, Rackley, and Johns would bring out the caution as contact would send Walker spinning.

The restart would see Cox and Barnes door to door once again with Rackley and Johns making up row two. Cox and Barnes would take up right where they left off at the last caution swapping paint for the honor to be the Fall Brawl winner. The yellow would fly once again after contact with Monty Cox would send Barnes spinning. The restart would see Rackley and Johns up front while Kossek and Benji Woodward in the #19 would make up row two.

Rackley would get a good start and take the top spot. Kossek and Barnes would make contact on the backstretch on lap 92 and continue until they both spun and ended up in the wall on the front stretch, bringing out the red flag for track cleanup. Kossek’s car would end the day on the jack stands, but Barnes would fight back and return after pit road repairs. Rackley and Johns would bring the field back to the green flag with Walker and Monty Cox in row two. Rackley and Johns would battle hard swapping the top spot until Johns would move to the lead on lap 97. Johns would drive on to take the win. Walker would move around to take 2nd and Rackley would finish 3rd. Monty Cox would finish 4th and Woodward would finish 5th.

Closing out the event would be the NASCAR Whelen All American Late Models with 200 laps paint swapping action. Taylor Gray in the #17 would set the fast time and start from the point with Mike Darne in the #6 to his outside.

The second row would be made up of Gage Painter in the #12 and Nolan Pope in the #1p. Gray would move to the early lead with Darne, Painter, Landon Huffman in the #2, and Gracie Trotter in the #2T making up the top five. Painter would challenge Darne for second with both going door to door for nearly 10 laps. Painter would take the spot on lap 13.

Gray would set his DGR Crosley racer on cruise control and turn some consistent laps as he paced the field up front. Painter and Darne would keep pace with the leader, not letting him out of striking distance. Trotter would look under Huffman for fourth and have a spirited side by side battle for several laps before taking the spot. Sam Mayer in the #88 would also move around Huffman. Huffman would appear to be saving his left side tires for later in the 200 lap feature as Nolan Pope in the #1 would also get around for position.

Lap 50 would see Gray, Painter, Darne, Trotter, and Mayer making up the top five. Vince Midas in the #14 would challenge Huffman for seventh with both drivers wanting the spot. As those two would battle, Ryan Vargas in the #25, Jeremy Pelfrey in the #51, and Jonathan Shafer in the #98 would also look for a piece of that action. Gray would lead to the halfway break at lap 100 with Painter, Darne, Trotter, and Pope making up the top five. Mayer, Vargas, Midas, Shafer, and Pelfrey would make up spots six through ten.

The green flag would see Gray and Painter in row one while Darne and Trotter would make up row two. Gray would pull to the early lead but Painter would haunt the leader at every turn. Pope would use the preferred lower line to move by Trotter for fourth. Pope would also move around Darne for third as he was really liking the changes made on his car at the halftime break. Vargas and Mayer would put on an exciting ten lap battle for position until Vargas would nose ahead for sixth. Midas would follow Vargas around Mayer for seventh. Midas would also get around Vargas for sixth. Darne and Trotter would have a hard fought battle with both drivers wanting the spot until Darne would slip in turns three and four.

Trotter would move to fourth and Midas would follow to fifth. Pope would stick his nose under Painter in a battle for second. Lap traffic would come into play as Painter, Trotter, Vargas, and Midas would all move around Pope. Lap 160 would see Trotter move around Painter for second. Gray, Trotter, Painter, Vargas, and Midas would make up the top five on lap 165. Lap 170 would see Pope move around Midas to get back in to the top five. With twenty laps to go Vargas would pressure Painter for third. Trotter would come charging her way to the leader Gray with laps winding down, catching him on the final corner of the final lap. She would impress the Fall Brawl crowd with her charge to the front, but would have to settle for 2nd as Gray would take the checkered flag. Painter would finish 3rd, Vargas would grab 4th, and Pope would get a hard fought 5th.

Next week will see the Southeast Super Trucks at Hickory Motor Speedway. November 7-9 will see the North-South Shootout at America’s Most Famous Short Track.

Hickory Motor Speedway Fall Brawl Results 10/20/19

Late Model Race
1 #17 Taylor Gray

2 #2T Gracie Trotter

3 #12 Gage Painter

4 #25V Ryan Vargas

5 #1P Nolan Pope

6 #88 Sam Mayer

7 #98 Jonathan Shafer

8 #14 Vince Midas

9 #2 Landon Huffman

10 #51 Jeremy Pelfrey

11 #66 Zack Wells

12 #1 Zeke Shell

13 #19 Jessie Cann

14 #6 Mike Darne

15 #29 Mitch Walker

Limited Late Models
1 #91 Stevie Johns Jr.

2 #43 Mitch Walker

3 #1 Ryan Rackley

4 #21 Monty Cox

5 #19 Benji Woodward

6 #0 Kyle Barnes

7 #44 Ron Hall

8 #10 Wyatt Underwood

9 #44K Josh Kossek

10 #18 Cody DeMarmels

11 #42 Ricky Bruce

Super Trucks
1 #6 Charlie Watson

2 #13 Dakota Slagle

3 #98 Jody Measamer

4 #88T Robert Tyler

5 #45 Tanner Long

6 #97H Zach Hale

7 #70B Travis Baity

8 #28T Dennis Trivette ( r )

9 #30 Joey Shuryan

Street Stocks
1 #21 Drew Cox

2 #5 Jesse Clark ( r )

3 #77 Mark Whitten

4 #30 Jordan McGregor

5 #31 Derek Fowler ( r )

6 #97 Michael Bumgarner

7 #64B Jeff Byers